Friday, July 22, 2016

Daisy Lynn Torres’ Needless Death Raises Questions

In March, Daisy Lynn Torres’ parents took her to Austin Children’s Dentistry in Austin, Texas to have stainless steel crowns placed on two teeth. After the dentist got his hands on Daisy, he suddenly found she needed a total of 6 crowns. This is the classic bait and switch dentistry I hear so often which sadly has become the norm.

During the procedure something went terribly wrong and baby Daisy went into cardiac arrest. 911 was dispatched and Daisy was taken to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead. According to the heart wrenching story in People Magazine, Daisy’s mother, says her daughter was “dead before she even left the dentist office”.

Fast forward to July 15, 2016, NBC affiliate KXAN in Austin published a story suggesting Daisy Lynn, didn’t need the procedure. Not exactly a shocker. 

“One can only speculate as to why any treatment was performed considering no indication of dental disease or pathology was seen in the dental radiographs (x-rays) in the dental visit dated 03/29/2016,” writes Robert Williams, a forensic odontologist. While the initial x-rays prior to work being done showed no disease, the report does note that x-rays taken after the child’s death indicated four teeth appear to have dental work performed on them. According to the report, the child’s teeth had been prepared to have stainless steel crowns placed on them.

“It is possible that the partially erupted teeth may have had a congenital enamel defects but not necessarily requiring treatment with a child of this age,” the report notes. “No evidence that the child was in any type of pain was ever notated in the dental record and no pulp vitality test was ever performed.”

According to KXAN, the initial report from the Travis County Medical Examiner mentioned a difference of opinion between Dr. Michael Melanson and the forensic odontologist, and it wasn’t until the station requested the entire report was it revealed just exactly how much those opinions differed.

The report also states Austin Children’s Dentistry has suspended Dr. Michael Melanson. However, I find no evidence of the any disciplinary actions taken by the TSBDE. In fact, as of July 22, 2016 Dr. Michael P. Melanson’s dental license shows no Disciplinary Actions whatsoever.

160722 Michael Melanson dental lic-clean

Of course Austin’s Children’s Dentistry says of course no evidence was found that the child needed the procedures, it had been removed; the standard boilerplate statement. 

“The report reveals no surprises to us. By the time the forensic odontologist evaluated Daisy, all evidence of dental disease had already been removed by the dentist, as expected. A treating dentist always has the advantage of pre-treatment visual exams, clinical findings, and x-rays on the patient; as well as knowing the patient’s dental history, unlike a forensic odontologist. The treating dentist in Daisy’s case will present all of the evidence that justified Daisy’s treatment if called on to do so.”

Well, I’m certainly waiting for Austin Children’s Dentistry and Dr. Michael Melanson to be “called on to do so”.

Just two months prior to Daisy Lynn’s death, 4 year old Navaeh Hall had gone to Diamond Dentistry in Houston where Dr. Bethaniel Jefferson's treatment left Navaeh severely brain damaged. The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners placed Dr. Bethaniel Jefferson’s license on temporary suspension. “In essence what happened is this child was chemically and physically suffocated,” stated Jim Moriarty, the attorney reprsenting Navaeh Hall and her family. Was this also what happenedd to Daisy Lynn Torres?

Here are my questions:

1. Was little Daisy and these parents victims of Bait and Switch Dentistry at Austin Children’s Dentistry? I believe they were.

2. Who owns Austin Children’s Dentistry? There is substantial evidence to suggest it is owned and operated by Tal Shohomy, a Wall Street trader, who also owns/operates White Angel Veterinarian Clinic. where his wife is a veterinarian.

Tal Shohamy Bio from White Angel Verterinarian Clinic:

Tal Shohamy Bio

3. Was Dr. Melanson being pressured to overtreat in order to bilk Medicaid/Insurance? We know it is common these days to “milk the cow dry” as it was so eloquently stated by Small Smiles dentists.

4. Where was this anesthesiologist who was supposedly monitoring Daisy? Chatter in the dental community suggests he wasn’t even in the room with Daisy.

5. Is anyone suing this dentist, owners and clinic? If not, why the hell not!

6. Has a complaint been filed with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners? I would hope so!