Friday, April 27, 2012

Phoenix dental mill Kidz Connextion expanding, connections to the God Father of dental mill, Eddie DeRose.

Dr. Lee Harding, another Colorado DeRose family associate and buddy of Dr. Tran of Kool Smiles has opened up two clinics in Phoenix called Kidz Connextion. He’s now set to take over the old Small Smiles clinic that shut down recently. In fact he’s put a large sign in the window of Small Smiles asking patients to come on down to his Kidz Connextion office on 75th Avenue.

I’m told a new cooperate office is up and running and he’s hiring specialist including the orthodontist across the street, while he gets his new 7th Street Kidz Connextion up and running.

I’m told he was the original owner of the Phoenix Small Smiles back in the day.