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In reference to Facebook group “Bakersfield Dentist DOES NOT ROCK!!!- Does it begin and end with the dental boards?


I'm finding all kinds of problems with the dental community, most of which starts with state dental boards.  They are not there to keep the public safe, they exist to protect incompetent dentists and wall street corporations.

In most states the Executive Director is NOT a dentist, nor ever has been.  Most are appointed by bureaucratic state administrations; a friend of a friend recommended them to the governor and so forth.  However those "friends" are lobbyist!  After appointment, they are seldom removed from office.

New "board members" are elected, but those member only meet once a month, sometimes less and do the business recommended by the Executive Director, who is there to draw a paycheck and little more.  People are mislead into believing dental boards administer testing for new graduates to measure their competence, that is NOT the case any longer.

I hate Dr. Dove of Bakersfield Facebook Group going viral

September 1, 2011
8:00 CST
Mr. Cook has started another group under a new name – Bakersfield Dentist DOES NOT ROCK!!
Was Dr. Edward Dove trained at one of the Corporate dental mills infecting the nation?
September 1, 2011
6:00 AM CST

I dunno, but I’m thinkin’ this has now become a HUGE story.
It appears as of this morning Facebook decided Free Speech is NOT for them.  After 40 or more complaints about Dr. Dove of Bakersfield reciting the same issues, Facebook took down Mr. Cook’s facebook group!!
If 40 parents posted similar stories about Dr. Dove in a period of a couple of days, imagine the real number of abused patients!  Facebook should be supporting Mr. Cook, not dissuading other victims from speaking out! 
Facebook, you can take down Mr. Cook’s page but it does not change the facts.
Mr. Cook, you have my full support and so do all the other’s who are being silenced! 
Another group has started “Let’s Investigate Dr. Dover”.  You can join it here!
August 31, 2011
A very upset parent has created a facebook group.  Here is the link to the group.
This is the parent’s post:
This past Monday which was August 22nd I took my 5 year old son to have a tooth that I was told needed to be extracted. After arriving at the office my son was given a sedative by mouth in a small cup to drink. He immediately threw up at least 50% of the mixture. I was told to keep an eye on him as he might have vomited it up and it not work.
After approximately 15 minutes a nurse came to me and my son and she wanted to take him in the back for the procedure. He was not ready and he was still very alert. I told the nurse this and she informed me she was only going to be taking x-rays and would be back shortly with him.
Ten to 15 minutes later a nurse comes from the back frantically calling for me and I can now hear my son screaming my name. I rushed to the back and he was being held down by the shoulders by 3-4 nurses and I snatched him up very quickly. He had blood coming from his mouth and was wet from head to toe.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Many dental restraints for young patients are being phased out

Many dental restraints for young patients are being phased out
BY KELLIE SCHMITT, Californian staff writer | Monday, Aug 29 2011 08:03 PM

Last Updated Monday, Aug 29 2011 08:53 PM

As critics of a local dentist who frequently restrains his young patients grew in size and strength Monday, experts said the practice of routinely using a so-called papoose board is being phased out.

The allegations against Dr. Edward Dove center on injuries such as slaps and scratches that reportedly occurred while the children were restrained with Velcro straps, under partial sedation, and while their parents were not allowed in the room.

A representative from Dove's office said staff had been instructed not to talk to the media, and Dove did not return a call Monday. In a prior interview, Dove, whose record is free of disciplinary action, denied allegations of slapping any patients, and said he offered good care to thousands of children.

Using a papoose board and keeping parents out of the operating room aren't necessarily problematic, but pediatric dentistry experts say children should not be injured in the restraining process.

"If the kid thrusts through the whole procedure and cries vociferously, they can come out of a procedure with their face red," said Dr. Ray Stewart, executive director of the California Society of Pediatric Dentistry. "But in terms of scrapes and scratches, no. It's a violation of ethics, and the law and it clearly crosses the line."


Last week, Bakersfield resident Chris Cook was angry about Dove's treatment during his child's tooth extraction. He launched a Facebook site titled "I Hate Dr. Dove of Bakersfield," which has grown to more than 400 members.

Before his 5-year-old's extraction, the child threw up some of his oral sedative, Cook said. During the procedure, which Cook was not permitted to watch, his son urinated on himself. Cook alleges that his child, who was restrained with the papoose board, was not numb, and should not have been operated on.

On that Facebook page, other parents have reported similar incidents involving Dove's care. Cook has created a document on that site listing 21 people who allege mistreatment, many of whom say they're planning to report the claims to the Dental Board of California. Some members posted pictures of facial scratches they say resulted from their child's visit to Dove.

Cook, who said he's also "speechless and dumfounded" that Dove described his children's dental history to the media, organized a protest Monday in front of the dentist's Union Avenue office.

Protester Carol Webb said her daughter, then 3, needed dental work two years ago. Webb wasn't permitted in the back room but heard a "blood curdling scream." Her daughter left Dove's office hysterical, and said the dentist had "told her to hush and hit her," Webb recalled.

At the time, Webb said she called the local dental association, but wasn't aware she could report a complaint to the Dental Board of California -- something she's now planning to do.

"When I heard about this on the news, I turned to my mom and said, 'That's the dentist who hit her,'" she said. "The stories are all the same."


Restraints such as papoose boards are used to reduce or eliminate movement and protect the patient, dentist and staff from injury during dental treatment, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. The academy's guidelines caution against using such stabilization on "patients who have experienced previous physical or psychological trauma" from the device, unless there are no alternatives.

The guidelines call for informed consent before using protective stabilization such as the papoose board. That's because of "the possible aversive nature of the technique."

Dove's office manager said last week that all patients sign a consent form before a papoose board is used.

Dentists say the board can be used in emergencies, or to keep young or uncooperative children stable and immobile during the procedures, which involve sharp instruments -- as an alternative to putting them to sleep.

Before placing a child in a restraint, dentists like Dove typically give an oral sedative to children that leaves them disassociated from their environment, but still conscious with normal protective reflexes. The relaxation can cause the body to lose functions, such as control of urinating, numerous dentists say.

If a patient spits up some of that oral sedation, dentists can either reschedule the procedure or continue if they think the patient is numb enough.

When papoose boards are used, it's essential that parents understand the device and its purpose, Stewart said. In his practice, he showed a video and made sure parents knew they could explore alternatives such as taking their child to a hospital and having general anesthesia instead. Dove said last week that general anesthesia can escalate costs for his patients, some of whom require financial assistance.

Many dentists say they're increasingly putting the child to sleep and using a tube to aid in breathing. Some dentists stay away from the restraint entirely unless it's an emergency, and others, like Dr. Paul Reggiardo, no longer use it at all.

"When I was younger, and it was more commonly used, I found parents were uncomfortable with it," said Reggiardo, public policy advocate at the California Society of Pediatric Dentistry. "When the parents see their child resisting, it's hard on the parent."

Anesthesia is less invasive for children, especially if they're uncooperative, said David Rothman, a San Francisco-based pediatric dentist: "Protecting the child's psyche is the most important part of this."


Dove said last week that anxious parents keep him from getting his work done, which is why he doesn't allow them in the room during procedures. Nationwide, there are no official guidelines on whether parents should be present in the room during dental procedures, and it's left up to the discretion of the dentist.

Rothman says he invites parents to observe his procedures even if they have to stand in the doorway. In the rare situation where he uses a papoose board, parents are always in the room, and they help place the child in the device.

"Parents can be distracting, but you explain what's going on and most of the time they're understanding," he said.

At the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, Dr. Warren Brill tells his students that's a decision they have to make on their own. Parents aren't always a positive influence since their presence might confuse the children as to whose instructions to follow.

Still, in his personal practice, Brill says having parents in the room helps them better understand procedures and instill more trust. And, it helps to clarify any potential miscommunications.

Brill, the vice president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, said he could envision a situation where a dentist was working on a child with a sharp instrument and the child reaches up to grab his hand.

"You might push the hand away, and the child might view that as a slap," Brill said. "Children will perceive things that don't necessarily reflect reality. You have to put it in perspective. If the dentist is trying to hold the child, the child might view that as aggressive action."

But, dentists agree, there's no excuse to ever inflict violence on a child. If a procedure involving a papoose board ever escalated, Stewart said he'd stop the procedure, tell the parent it didn't work out, and suggest general anesthesia in a hospital.

In several decades of practice, he fielded a couple of complaints from parents who said their kids weren't treated well.

"You're going to run into this," he said. "But, if you have dozens stepping up and the allegations are consistent, then I'd say there is a pattern that needs to be investigated."

Why the restraints were ever there in the first place is beyond me!!

I’m guessing Dr. Warren Brill must disagree with this illustrious colleague, Dr. Steven Adair, former editor-in-chief and trustee at the AAPD and Chief Dental Officer at Small Smiles, one of the largest papoose board purchaser in the US.

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Feds to investigate Medicaid orthodontics fraud in Texas

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Posted on August 25, 2011 at 10:37 PM
Updated Thursday, Aug 25 at 10:37 PM


For the past six months, News 8 investigations have revealed hundreds of millions of dollars of questionable Medicaid spending on braces for children in Texas.

Now federal investigators are auditing the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, which controls those funds. Taking the lead in the audit is the Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

In a letter to the state, the inspector general says it will examine the "authorization process for orthodontic treatment" under Texas Medicaid. "The objective of our audit," the letter continues, "is to review the State's controls to ensure that only medically necessary orthodontic cases are paid." The time period covered by the audit is September 1, 2008 through May 28, 2011.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Texas State Dental Board says it can’t stop the dental abuse and Medicaid fraud until someone complains, well someone complain already! Here’s help.

Texas State Board of Dental Examiners
Texas Dental Board Complaint Process
Texas Dental Laws, Rules and Regulations

E-mailing the Board

Indicate the intent of your communication in the subject and body of your email. This will help prevent our Security System from flagging your email as possible spam and deleting it.
Ms. Abigail Gutierrez, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (512) 475-2019
Fax: (512) 463-7452
Ms. Erica Bommarito, Administrative Assistant Phone: (512) 475-1996
Fax: (512) 463-7452
Ms. Jennifer Carriker, Compliance Officer, Administrative Assistant Phone: (512) 305-8991
Fax: (512) 463-7452
Ms. Gutierrez, Ms. Bommarito and Ms. Carriker can assist with:
          Contacting the Director of Enforcement
         How to file a compliant or check on the status of an on-going complaint           Information about a Closed or Dismissed Case
          Board Order Compliance
              (For Conditional Dismissal Compliance - Ms. Debbie Powell, Legal Assistant - (512) 475-0982)
Other Agency divisions and contact information

Texas State Dental Board Information:
Phone:  (512) 463-6400      (8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday, Except Holidays)
Main Fax:  (512) 463-7452
Open Records Fax:  (512) 532-0637
Open Records Requests:

Mailing Address:
Texas State Board of Dental Examiners
333 Guadalupe, Tower 3, Suite 800
Austin, Texas 78701-3942
File a Consumer Complaint with Texas Attorney General here

File a Medicaid fraud complaint with Texas here
Report the fraud, reap the benefits-share in a portion of the recovery here.
Write your state lawmaker here
File a complaint with your local District Attorney or County Attorney, you can find them in the phone book.
Don’t forget to follow up all complaints with further letters and phone calls. 

American Dental Partners, Inc and Tooth Doctor for Kids Spreading from Arizona to Texas

Another dental mill is opening more Texas dental clinics since it appears the Texas State Dental Board of Examiners has opened the doors to the illegal practice of dentistry by corporations and dental Medicaid fraud.  Yes, Texas is open for business indeed, Mr. Perry. 
a  toothdoctor for kids
A Tooth Doctor for Kids/Braces For Less with 5 locations in Arizona and 7 locations in and around Houston and 2 locations in San Antonio Texas is coming to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. 
With 9 locations already at work in Texas, Tooth Doctor for Kids has six more locations scheduled to open between August 2011 and late fall 2011, as seen here on their website.
Their website says they offer; Dental checkups, Cleanings, and x-rays; Dental Fillings and Crowns; Sedation; Sealants; Fluoride Treatment; Space Maintainers.
What is hard to find on their website is the name of the dentists treating the children and if those dentists are general dentists or pediatric dentists.  Website design and clinic décor is the main misleading marketing to parents, implying the dentists spent an extra 2 years of dental school to become pedodontists when they did not.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CSHM–Small Smiles Dental Centers are among exclusive group of 19 under a “Quality of Care” Corporate Integrity Agreement with US government

There are 346 Corporate Integrity Agreements individuals and corporations have signed with the Office of Inspector General (OIG).  Out of those 346 only 19 have the distinguished designation as being “Quality of Care Corporate Integrity Agreements”.  Church Street Health Management (f/k/a FORBA)  is among the exclusive bunch.

According to the OIG Quality of Care CIA’s:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Small Smiles and Corporate Practice of Medicine

Cashing In by Cashing Out

Texas Board Dental of Examiners allows non US residents to scam taxpayers out of $22 million dollars. Cheap labor from across the boarder helps make the Navarro brothers two of the wealthiest Orthodontists in the US. Texas Dental Board refused to answer these questionable practices.

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Posted on August 18, 2011 at 10:00 PM
Updated today at 3:16 PM

DALLAS - Many parents know it can cost as much as $5,000 to put braces on a child's teeth. Despite the high cost, it's a financial sacrifice some families make for a child's appearance.

Rarely are braces a health issue. But, while some families struggle to pay for braces, under Medicaid in Texas, tens of thousands of children get braces for free.

Last year, Texas spent $184 million on braces under Medicaid. And while Texas spent as much as the rest of the nation combined, some states, like Michigan and Kansas, spent zero.

Penny v. OrthAlliance, Jordan v. OrthAlliance & Glower v OrthAlliance- Corporate Dentistry Ruled Illegal


From Hospital and Health Systems Group – June 2008

One example of provider relations going horribly wrong is the OrthAlliance experience. OrthAlliance is an orthodontic practice management company that follows a model common in the industry: the company first purchases the assets and leaseholds held by individual orthodontists or professional orthodontic corporations; then it enters into an agreement with the orthodontist or practice to
provide comprehensive practice management services; and finally, the practice
management company employs the orthodontist’s existing nonprofessional staff. It appears, however, that the arrangements were not as financially successful as several of OrthAlliance’s orthodontists had hoped, and the relationships between OrthAlliance and many of those providers eventually broke down. By 2001, approximatelyfifty-six OrthAlliance-affiliated practitioners and/or  their professional corporations had filed lawsuits in eleven states.


2003 Penny v OrthAlliance
Corporate Dentistry Ruled Illegal

From Orthalliance 10-k Annual Report

On March 26, 2003, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, in ruling on the plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment in a case captioned Penny v. OrthAlliance, Inc. , held that, when construed together, the purchase agreements and service agreements between the plaintiffs and OrthAlliance and the employment agreements between the individual plaintiffs and their practices violated Texas statutes prohibiting the unauthorized practice of dentistry and were therefore invalid. In the court’s view, the interrelationship among these agreements allowed OrthAlliance to own, maintain or operate an office or place of business in which it employs or engages the plaintiffs to practice dentistry, in violation of Texas law. In reaching its conclusion, the court noted that OrthAlliance leases or owns and maintains the office space and tangible assets used in the plaintiffs’ practices and provides comprehensive practice

Terms of Avoidance





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Check the Senators Cardin’s campaign contributions!

Yes, average wait time is 7 minutes!  Yes, 100% approval rating.  Since the asked two people, whom they probably paid!!! 

Senator, you may be a fine man, you may be a smart man.  But no one would know by listening to what you are saying today.

What are you going to say when this company ends up under Federal investigation like Small Smiles?  Will you tell us how great the place is then?  Did you even check to see if they were being investigated before stepping up to that podium? 

Since you want to take credit for this house of horrors, are you going to take the blame as well? 

Maybe we should send all the complaints to your office!!

See: Hey Senator Ben Cardin

Hey Senator Ben Cardin–WAKE UP!


Senator Cardin’s boastful public statement from August 18, 2011. 

Maryland Ranks First In Providing Child Dental Care
Armando Trull

August 18, 2011 - Four years ago, 12-year-old Diamonte Driver from Prince George's County died from a brain infection created by an abscessed tooth because his mother was unable to get him adequate dental care. This death spurred Maryland to address this inadequacy, and now, things in the state are vastly different.


Maryland was ranked first in providing dental care for children in a recent Pew Center study.

Another dentist charged with possession of child porn

White Plains NY

August 12, 2011

A former Mount Kisco resident and Greenburgh dentist is accused of possessing child pornography.

Dr. Henry Webster, of Greenburgh-basedWebster Dental Group (Scarsdale P.O.), was arraigned in Mount Kisco Justice Court on Thursday because he lived in the village when the alleged offense took place, according to DA spokesman Lucian Chalfen.

Now a resident upstate in Elizabethtown, NY, Webster was released on $5,000 bail, the Westchester County District Attorney's office announced.

Webster, 56, was charged with one felony count of child pornography possession (the official term is "Possessing an Obscene Sexual Performance by a Child").

The DA's office announced that it received an external hard drive belonging to Webster on May 6 of this year. After an investigation, the DA office claims, images of children under 16 years old were found. The DA's office also claims that Webster was interviewed on July 22 and admitted to downloading and storing the images.

Webster could not be reached for comment. His next court date is Aug. 25.

Link is here

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mechanicsville, Virginia Kool Smiles still receiving complaints about lies, fraud, root canals, and stainless steel crowns; It’s 2011 folks! Is anyone listening to the people? Apparently not!!!!


I took this pictures in the summer of 2008, 6 months after I began hearing of these dental mills abusing children.

This is the Kool Smiles in Mechanicsville, VA.  Located in a strip mall on Mechanicsville Pike.

Appears they are still using the same ole tactics; make mom feel guilty.  This disgusting!!!



To see all the reports on Kool Smiles click here

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What should mom do?

Below is an email from the mom of the child who had 9 root canals done on Thursday at Kids Dental Place in Phoenix. Now what? The child is sick and traumatized.

Tuesday August 16, 2011

Hi Deb,
My son is not doing good he now has a fever of 102 since 6:30am.

My mother and I took him to the Phoenix Children's Hospital ER department and they did not do anything.

They wanted to strap him down to look in his mouth & I refused. I explained what happened to him & they could not careless.

I do not know what is going on with these doctors! This is horrible. The doctor just refused to help & so we left!

He said there is nothing he can do since my son won't open his mouth. I am so frustrated you have no idea! The doctor literally walked out on me & told me to go back to the dentist! Who the heck does that?!?!


August 16,2011

I just got out of his pediatrician office all he did was look in his mouth & see the inflammation & drooling and he already knew. He even called the hospital and asked what happened & gave them a piece of his mind!

He said those young residents don't know what they are doing & should never put a child thru that! His fever was 104!!!

He prescribed him antibiotics for the infection. Let's hope that helps. If not he might need an IV. I feel so helpless again!

Thank you for ur kind words & all ur helo u are such a life saver I don't know what I would do if I never found ur blog!

Kids Dental Place under fire by upset mom after child received 9 root canals–Here is info on Kids Dental Place

Kids Dental Place – Kids Dental Place is a trade name for NBA Dental Group P.C. with offices in Phoenix, Glendale, and Mesa Arizona.

kidsdentalplace_thumb2NBA Dental Group
d/b/a Kids Dental Place
3910 E. Equestrian T1
Phoenix, AZ 85044
Map picture
The address on NBA Dental Group belongs to:

George R. and Aramouni Ayoub
3910 E. Equestrian T1
Phoenix, AZ  85044
Valuation - $349,000
The dentists’ bios mention their “passion” and “interest” in treating pediatric patients, one dentist has a father who treated children. However, only one dentist in the group is an actual Pediatric Dentist. I have to ask if they are/were so passionate why only one spent the extra 2 years of training to become a pediatric dentist?
Dr. Amy Heil
Dr. Walter Villanueva – pediatric dentist
Dr. Wissam Ayoub (George) (Manta website says this dude is the Principal of the business)
Dr,. Joseph Nielson
Dr. Jay Ayass

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Comment from a Small Smiles patient

I went here and I'm 16, this dumb old whore kept making me bleed all over the place and when i jerked she would say shit like "dont move , maybe if you cleaned more often this wouldnt happen" umm bitch maybe i should stab you in your fuckin gums and see if you dont jerk your damn self.... its pititful and on top of that they did all the wrong shit to my teeth and now im paying for it

Friday, August 12, 2011

Orthodontic treatment increased nearly 50%. Why? Marketing?

From the Wall Street Journal- November 16, 2010
by  Nancy Keates at

The number of children 17 and younger getting orthodontic treatment has grown 46% over the past decade to 3.8 million in 2008,... figure available from the American Association of Orthodontists
The association doesn't break the number down further by age, but Lee W. Graber, the Association's president, estimates that in his own practice 15% to 20% of the 7- to 10-year-olds he sees get treatment.
"Fifteen years ago we rarely saw kids until they were teenagers," Dr. Graber says...
In the U.S., the shift to earlier treatment dates back to around 1990, the year the orthodontists association began encouraging the screening of 7-year-olds, with magazine ads and videos aimed at parents. Better diagnostic technology also has led to more early treatment. Increased insurance coverage has played a role, too...
[ Basically saying a market was created to rake in the dough?  Shocking! 
Question: Who created the market?  Answer: The American Association of Orthodontists. 
Question: Who convinced insurance companies to increase their coverage?  Answer: The AAO?  Question: How did they convince insurance companies to start picking up more of the tab? Answer: False or misleading information, junk science? 

Same questions to go out to Medicaid. ]

Dentist trades drugs for sex

I’m not really sure who is the most disgusting, the dentist or the women.  Geez.

Boston Herald
August 12, 2011
Larue J. Sweet
A disgraced dentist who “lost everything” because he overprescribed prescription painkillers and anxiety medication to at least nine female patients in exchange for fondling their breasts and slapping their bottoms avoided prison but drew six months on house arrest at his sentencing yesterday.

“I left my staffers suddenly unemployed. I left my patients without care. My children are in counseling because of my actions. My grandchildren are embarrassed and have distanced themselves from me. I have lost everything,” Dr. Steven Miller, 69, of Wareham yesterday told U.S. District Court Judge George A. O’Toole Jr. in a breaking voice.


Read full story here