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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FORBA Holding, requesting donations from employees due to hard times. Passing On The Smiles

This is a great one!  Ya just gotta love some of the cool things FORBA comes up with…
So far turnover in 2010  is at a record high is some of it's clinics…and now we have the "Hardship Contribution Fund".  Its official name is "Pass The Smiles" .

I'm told FORBA is asking their employees to contribute a percentage of their paychecks to a 'fund' that will go to employees who suffer hardships and it will be at FORBA's discretion on who gets it and when.

Of course not a soul is buying that this 'fund' is for anything other than to help FORBA with fines, legal expenses and keep money in the bank.  

So far FORBA has not crossed the line in 'forcing' employees to contribute, but I'm hearing those who decided not to participate are being frowned and seen as not being a team player in their respective offices.   Sounds like duress to me.  

FORBA doesn't care about employees having hard times!  They don't care if children are abused and mistreated, tied up and chocked so they sure as hell don't care about Jenny in Macon whose house is flooded.  

Who is tracking all these donations?  How are employees supposed to trust you…75% hate going to work everyday!  How many have quite in the last month, this week?  A crap load!
Do you honestly think they believe you want to help out employees, noooooooooooo they think you want to steal money from them as you did Medicaid!