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Kool Smiles Dentist in Kentucky

Dr. Kumar Shalesh - left KS a year ago, according to commenter.
Dr. Jennifer Board
Dr. Jing Jing Zhang
Dr. Sara Trombetti (she's been with Kool Smiles and Small Smiles)
Dr. Alia Main
Jennifer Thomasson - according to commenter she is office manager
Dr. Polly Buckey (regional manager and one who refuse to show reporter the papoose boards)
Dr. Anne E. Smothers
Dr. Tu Tran ( stinking founder)
Dr. Solitaire S. Wix

Where is David Strange, he's usually registered in every state like he actually practiced dentistry.  What about Pham, oh yeah, he's not there any longer.

Dr. Roy Shelburne's Warning To Dentist After His Release From Prison

Dr. Roy Shelburne was convicted on Medicaid Fraud charges in 2008.  Here, Dr. Shelburne, released from prison in May 2010, warns dentists.(Interview by Kevin Henry)

  • If you work for a dental mill, do you know exactly what was billed by the Office Manager or Corporate after that file left your hands? 
  • Did they change your files, did they change your treatment plan? 
  • Are the details of what you did and WHY you did it well documented? 
  • Do you review your files to see that no one has altered your patients files, you should! 
  • Do you use a portable voice recorder after seeing patients to keep a record of your treatment? 
  • Do you think the corporate heads really have your best interest in mind? They do NOT!

Raven Marie Blanco Foundation

Raven Marie Blanco was killed by an overdose of drugs at the dental office of Dr. Michael Hechtkopf on March 7, 2007.  She left behind a grieving family who have taken their grief and are using it to awaken the dental community, who have been sleeping at the wheel.  

Children are dying, one a month since April 2010.  The RMBF is asking the ADA and other Dental Organization to take a stronger look at the reasons children are dying in droves.  The RMBF has created common sense solutions that will saves lives in the future. 

So far the American Dental Association has failed in protecting citizens, especially children, from deaths at the hands of dentists here in the United States. 


From The Raven Marie Blanco Foundation:

The recent rise in pediatric deaths due to dental visit complications is absolutely getting out of control!

RMBF needs your support now more than ever.

We are partnering with Dr. Larry Sangrik, DDS to bring a Continuing Education Memorial Lecture on the "Six Links of Survival" to the dental community in an effort to better prepare them to handle Medical Emergencies.

To honor Raven’s life and perpetuate her memory, we established RMBF. The mission of RMBF is two-fold. Financially, we seek to raise funds for causes which directly impact children.

Our 5-year plan calls for us to place 5000 automatic electronic defibrillators (AEDs) in areas of need across the country, give a grant to assist the dental health needs of underserved children and provide financial assistance for a building project to a South African orphanage.

The second mission of RMBF is to raise awareness within the dental profession about the need for medical emergency preparedness in dental offices. That objective has proved to be even more challenging than raising funds.

When RMBF began, our initial goal was to get dentists to purchase an AED for their office. As we have become more knowledgeable about medical emergency preparedness, we have learned that many of the leading authorities base dental office preparations around a concept called the Six Links of Survival. The Six Links of Survival was developed the Institute of Medical Emergency Preparedness [IMEP] as a medical emergency preparedness program and teaching tool for dentists.

RMBF partnered with Dr. Larry Sangrik to bring a Continuing Education Memorial Lecture on the Six Links of Survival to the dental community in hopes of reducing the amount of unprepared reactions to medical emergencies.

Dr. Sangrik is a nationally renowned speaker, who has lectured to over 7500 dental professionals on this topic.

Our intention is to raise awareness in the minds of dentists about the need to prepare their offices for medical emergencies. 

Six Links of Survival
-Regular dentist training
-Staff training
-Written office emergency manual
-Periodic mock emergency drills
-Proper emergency equipment
-Proper emergency medications
Since 1996 there have been 18 pediatric deaths related to dental complications. Mind you these are only the ones we know about.
That is 18 deaths in 14 years. At first glance the number is sad, but do you want to know something shocking? FOUR of the deaths occurred in the last FOUR months!
Yes, 22% of the deaths occurred in the last four months - add in Maddoux Cordova the 22-month old boy who died in December and you can clearly see that 1/3 of the deaths have happened within the last eight months!
The American Dental Association must update its medical emergency guidelines for dentists and they cannot deny our request that they hold a symposium to study the issue and the 6 Links concept in particular.

Pediatric deaths resulting from complications related to dental procedures are not a rarity people – they are an EPIDEMIC! RMBF will not take no for an answer.
RMBF sent out letters to the American Dental Association (ADA)
requesting that they pursue an update of its 2002 guidelines based on current knowledge, make the information easily accessible to dentists and to commit to regular monitoring of the recommendations to keep them timely.

  Raven Marie Blanco Foundation on Facebook - Keep up with the progress

  Raven Marie Blanco Foundation Website - You can help protect pediatric dental patients.

  Raven's Memorial Website


More children have died since the government has included dental care under Medicaid/SCHIP programs.  Of course this will be explained away as due to the increase in dental care.

If we are going to have those programs, of course dental as well as vision care should be included in Medicaid/SCHIP programs.

The argument to include dental care was that one child had died due to infection.  

Take a minute and meet the children who are now dead.  Many could have been prevented had common sense precautions been taken.

The ADA has not updated their guidelines since 2002!   With the increase in pediatric treatments and skyrocketing deaths this is just unacceptable.

It is hard to believe this foundation needs to exist, but the dental community is resisting adding lifesaving equipment, as an Automatic Electronic Defibrillators (AED) to their repertoire. 

Illinois and Florida have had to pass laws requiring AED's in dental offices, which cost between $1200 - $1800.  However, many dentists are not maintaining or inspecting them on a regular basis, nor is the training in their use sufficient.  Read more here. 

As a side note here:  Papoose boards range from $300 - $500 each

Here is a comment from a dental forum regarding AED's:

I don't agree with making AEDs mandatory in ALL dental offices. When was the last time you went to a general practitioner MD's office and he had an AED on hand? It's ludicrous. Now, if you're doing sedation procedures, as this dentist was, then, you are a FOOL to not have such equipment, along with a pulse oximeter. I can't believe he didn't have one. He obviously didn't know how to titrate his dosage properly either, seeing that her blood levels were 3 times the level considered safe for a child her weight. Does the board in his state not regulate who can and who cannot practice sedation??? Here, in Louisiana, we can't even write for Valium for oral sedation as of a couple of years ago without first being re-certified in oral conscious sedation, regardless of how long you have been in practice and doing so.

In Illinois, the law will not apply to dentists who use only local anesthetics such as lidocaine or articaine.  The original legislation included ALL office, but thanks to the Illinois State Dental Society, it was amended.  Thank you so much ISDS. (sarcasm) Read more here.

Dental office can purchase one through the drive-thru sedation training called DOCS

Woman Arrested For Kool Smiles Prescription Forgery

I'm wondering a couple things here:
1. Does Bianca work for Kool Smiles
2. Why do they still use prescription "pads".  Even Small Smiles uses electronic prescriptions!  Even though they were stupid enough to put them online.
3. Wonder why it took so long for the CVS on South Cherry to get a clue that Kool Smiles dental clinics probably shouldn't/wouldn't be writing scripts for "large" amounts of Oxycodone?

A woman was arrested last night after trying to pass what city police said was a fraudulent prescription for oxycodone at an Annapolis-area drugstore.
Bianca Vivian Robinson, 21, of Poplar Grove St. in Baltimore, was arrested after she tried to get 90 tablets of the painkiller from the CVS pharmacy in Hillsmere at 7:53 p.m. using a prescription from Kool Smiles of Baltimore-Westside, ostensibly for a cousin residing in Baltimore.
The dental office told police a prescription pad had recently been stolen.
The same prescription had been presented at the CVS store on South Cherry Grove Avenue 30 minutes earlier, police said. A pharmacist there said she had been getting scripts for large amounts of oxycodone from Kool Smiles recently.
Police said Robinson was arrested on prescription fraud and other charges.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Potential New Hire Asking Question On Dental Forum About Compensation Based On Production at Small Smiles Clinics

July 7 and July 8, 2010 conversation between members of a forum for new dentists.  Wonder if it was "internal and confidential" then too?  Oh, wait, that was long before I wrote anything about the bait and switch contract for Small Smiles dentists.

New Graduate asks:
I will be interviewing for a position with Small Smiles. Here are the major pointers of the compensation and contract:
- Mon to Fri, 8 to 5
- 3 other dentists and 4 hygienists already working there.
- Production based compensation (22% of everything; xrays, hygiene exams, operative, exams, etc)
- Daily minimum $360 (but obviously this hardly happens, as I am told)
- $10k sign-on bonus.
- Average patient is billed $200 per visit, so I am told that I can see two patients at the same time, as well as hygiene exams too.
- 4 weeks paid holiday
- Did I mention this is a chain office?
Any pointers about this opportunity? Is this a good or bad deal for a new grad?

Run for the hills

If it's truly a 'daily minimum,' get it in writing.  But. c'mon - a franchise just for low-income with an average per visit charge of $200, and making the offer they are making you?  If that doesn't sound fishy enough.....read this ( http://abcnews.go.com/2020/dental-chain-reaches-settlement-medical-fraud-performing-unnecessary/story?id=9615119 ) and then do as previously posted - run for the hills.

I don't recommend franchise dental clinics for patients or people who are looking for work.  I looked at the link above and I thought it was "sensational".  Who really knows what shape the kids were in before getting in the chair.  Most of the mothers look like trailer trash and probably couldn't tell the difference between a cavity and a raisin their kid just ate that happened to get jammed into a hole in their kids "toof".   Sad that this is the only care available.  I suspect their are at least a few who work in these places that truly do care and are trying to do the best with a very bad situation and make a difference in the lives of these unfortunate kids.    
Catch a glimpse of the upper right quadrant of the kid early in this video that was not treated.  Mom says his teeth were perfect before he got in the chair.  Ignorant people see this stuff and think the dentists are evil.   Ed

Small Smile mainly takes Medicaid and Chips insurance patients. They only way to squeeze 200$ out of these low reimbursment insurances is by aggressively over-treatment planning every case ( Which of course they are notorious for) 
The worst part of working at Koolsmiles or SmallSmiles is that you will an office manager who will ensure that you meet these ridiculous production goals. If you do not produce you will called into the office and someone without a dental license will be telling you how to practice. "Dr. New Grad, Why don't start using the Papoose board. We have some Dentists producing 10,000$/ day." They don't give a crap that these kids are screaming in the back rooms and urinating on themselves out of sheer fear from the traumatic experiences they are subjected to.
The other worst part of working at the Smile Center/ Koolsmiles is that they set up the clinic so that the doctors will be fighting for production. You get a bonus if you produce X amount of dollars in operative. This will #1) lead to aggressive treatment planning #2) the doctors camp out in the operative rooms and fight over op patients.
Don't work for these guys or any smile-o-rama.
Medicaid offices REQUIRE speed and efficiently to handle the volume of patients needed to offset the low compensation and profit margins.  Right out of school, some docs may not have the clinical skill needed.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kool Smiles, Dentist and Assistant Sued For Leaving Burn On Child's Face-Lexington, KY

Map picture
Kool Smiles, a dentist and dental assistant are being sued for injuring a child in Lexington, Kentucky.  According to the complaint the child's mother was refused access to her child and was forced to stay in the waiting room.  Anyone who knows anything about these dental mill knows is this fact.
When the child came out he was crying and told him mommy they hurt him.  There is no telling what all these monsters did, but one thing for sure, the left a serious burn on his cheek.  His mother took him to the University of Kentucky  medical center to have the burn examined and was told it most likely would leave a permanent scar on the little boy's face.

Currently Harris Williams & Company are bidding for the purchase of Kool Smiles.  Honestly, I look forward to this, the deeper the pockets the more the rewards for all the thousands of children lining up for compensation from the abuse of Kool Smiles creepy, slimy, dentists and their assistants.  Expect Kool Smiles  liability insurance company to drop them like hot potatoes just as two have done with Small Smiles.  Then what?

(Harris Williams & Co. appear to be negotiators for Private Equity Firms, according to their website.  Wonder which firm really wants Kool Smiles?)

I hope the dental assistants working in these places do not make the mistake they are innocent bystanders.  This is one of those cases of "if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem".  Personally, I would roll on these creeps.
You either have the chance to stand up and report it, or sit in the defendants chair, it is your choice, choose wisely.  Do not end up like some I know who have tried to ride it out, thinking they "company" will have their lawyers protect you.  This is not likely to happen and you will likely be told to get your own attorney, only after you meet with their attorney's and they get all the evidence they can from you to help cover their ass and lay the blame in your lap.  I've seen it happen over and over again.
Kool Smiles defense to this action - "it was the child's fault."

Friday, August 27, 2010

Corporate Dental A Good Investment? Not for the patients!

I hope you don't want your dentist to have your best interest in mind, those who work for these places only need answer to shareholders and keep the bottom line in the black.  Know what that means, swift, cheap and low quality care and being sold crap you don't need. 
The New York Post

The private-equity barbarians may soon be running a dental office near you.
In recent weeks private-equity firms have been bidding for two of the largest national chains of dentists' offices as they drill further into the space.

In fact, a PE firm is close to winning the auction for Syracuse-based Aspen Dental with a winning bid likely to stretch past $500 million. A separate auction for the slightly larger Kool Smiles chain is well underway, sources said.

Aspen, with its nearly 300 branches, is working with investment bank Moelis & Co. to sell itself. Kool Smiles, which generates $80 million in EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization), has hired investment bank Harris Williams, The Post has learned.

Financially, dental is the old-fashioned piece of the healthcare industry. Most practitioners still work outside a management practice and more than 80 percent work with, at most, one other dentist. Most importantly to private-equity firms, it is one of healthcare's last bastions of fee-based services, according to the American Dental Association.
 Financial consultant Tom Climo said 89 percent of dental services, including preventative care, are covered by insurance, with patients only paying for oral and cosmetic surgery. Healthcare reform that is cutting into reimbursement for medical doctors is not affecting dentists, he said.
An investment banker said private-equity firms like dental offices because they sell for low valuations and one can borrow a fair amount of money against them because of reliable cash flow.

The downside, Climo said, is private-equity firms are likely to work dentists longer once they take over practices to boost profits and that could lead to worse service.
[COULD!?  It has! They also failed to mention in most states they operate Illegally!]
Private equity firms already own the Forba and Bright Now! dental chains. Kool Smiles did not return calls for comment.
[Kool Smiles didn't return phone calls, well hell no, they didn't!]

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things FORBA Small Smiles Don't Want You To Know

In the past two weeks FORBA, for some reason,  after 2 years has decided they don't want anyone to see information or opinions of two subjects.  I received a letter last week asking two be removed and this week they've added a new one to the list.  Until it can be further investigated I will remove them, in accordance to the consent injunction I signed.  However, 2 years ago, I filed a Compliance agreement saying I had removed reference to documents they were stupid enough to post openly on the Internet.  Being they accepted that Compliance statement with no objections, seems to me I had satisfied their request, right?
However, they have decided to pick on me again, I guess I'm the only case in the courts they feel they can truly get a bit of satisfaction beating upon.  I find it amazing in so many ways. 
Here is a quote from their Cease and Desist Letter:

"…a review of recent postings on your website dentistthemenace.com which is directed to debbiehagan.blogspot.com, reveals that you are engaging in clear contempt of the Court's permanent injunction by publishing confidential and internal information about FORBA's contracts with its dentists.  Without limitations, we direct you to your entries dated July 13 … and 20… 2010…" 
I'm not sure how they consider their new deals with the dentists "confidential and internal" since there are ads out the waazoo on the Internet advertising they are hiring and dentists will be paid a commission.  But we know how they operate, put it on the Internet, and cry like a baby if someone who does not like them reads it!
Clearly their standard of "Confidential and Internal" differs greatly from what is normal, instead meaning anything they themselves post on the Internet.  With that being the stick by which they measure, how in the hell would anyone know what they consider "Confidential and Internal"!!??
As for all other lawsuits involving them, I actually have lost count! 
Ohio – 2, or three I think
Virginia – 3, I believe
Tennessee- 1
Oklahoma – 1
New York – Hundreds maybe, who knows
Colorado – untold number but at least 1 or 2 this year
South Carolina – 1, but I think it's settled
Anyway, you get the point…they have mucho legal proceedings going on and mucho legal fees.
Here is the response received from them yesterday.  Yesterday they added a new post they want removed.  I guess I could get one of their letters everyday seeing how they gauge "Confidential and Internal".  Looks like someone has a full time job and the postal service is going to love them!  However, I highly doubt they get another wish list filled.
Back to what they don't want you to know:
1.  Warnings and Pitfalls For Dentists - A post about problems working strictly on commission – After I reviewed this post in full I remembered this wasn't written by me but someone who saw several problems.  So I highly disagree that this information/opinion is or was "Confidential and Internal" to FORBA's business operations. 

2.  Small Smiles Dentists Pay To Be Production Based Only By January 2011-No Vacation-No Holidays-No Paid Time Off – Since this information are in ads Jenna Kochenberger has posted on the Internet, I highly disagree that this is "Confidential and Internal" either and believe they would have a hard time holding this argument. 

Anyway, we all know FORBA by now, whether it's being run by the DeRose bunch or the Arab bunch and their cronies they try to bully their way through, so bully it is.
They manhandle and bully the innocent children, they bully and imprison their employees, in my opinion of course,  so what else does one expect from the famous Bully Dental Company.
And by doing this, they just keep stuff that would have gotten lost in the mix, back to the top. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

4 Year Old Tulsa Child Dead After Sedation At Pediatric Dental Group, Tulsa, Oklahoma – Charles Keithline, DDS! 4 Dead Children In 4 Months!

Is anyone paying attention to this issue. 
I'm thinking no. 
I hope someone takes this up and does NOT leave it to the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry,  they let citizens down every day!  Dental Boards fall far short on protecting the citizens of Oklahoma, but it's not just Oklahoma!

Dr. Charles Russell Keithline III's dental licenses ( # 3942) shows he has been disciplined before!  Why is that not in the report?  Call the  Board of Dentistry (405) 524-9037 for more information.

Here is what I found:

Dr. Charles Keithline # 3942
practiced dentistry in an incompetent and/or negligent manner.
6 month suspension  and 5 yrs. probation. 
(I'm told it was due to drug addiction, but can not verify)

This death happened on August 14, 2010.  The earliest reports I can find are from yesterday, August 20, 2010, and  only from one source.  Why?


Tulsa, OK
By KIM ARCHER World Staff Writer
Published: 8/20/2010  11:00 PM
Last Modified: 8/20/2010  11:00 PM
The Tulsa Police Department and the Oklahoma Dentistry Board are investigating the death of a 4-year-old girl who had been put under sedation for a dental procedure at a Tulsa pediatric dental clinic.
Akasmse Rose Tecumseh of Morris died Aug. 14 after leaving Pediatric Dental Group, 602 S. Utica Ave.

“I can tell you we are working constantly on this,” said Linda Campbell, executive director of the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry. “We are working on the timeline.”
She said investigators have been at the clinic going through records this week to find out how long the sedative was administered and whether proper protocol was followed.
Campbell said the Tulsa Police Department is working with the board’s investigators on the case.
“Certainly one death is too many, but we are looking at this to ensure there is clear and convincing evidence” regarding any potential wrongdoing, she said.
The primary dentist at the clinic is listed on the group’s website as Dr. Charles Keithline, a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and a diplomate of the board.
Keithline’s attorney, Keith Sweet of Oklahoma City, said the dentist could not comment about the patient, citing patient privacy laws. Campbell said an associate of Keithline’s performed the procedure.
Only seven people in Oklahoma are known to have died after being sedated at a dentist’s office, she said. Many were ruled natural deaths after investigations because the patients were found to have had pre-existing medical conditions, such as heart disease or asthma.

Before Akasmse’s death, the last death linked to sedation at a dental office was that of a 6-year-old boy in Muskogee six years ago, Campbell said.

In that case, the investigation found that a pharmacy erred by providing the patient a lethal dose of methadone instead of the prescribed sedative, she said. The dentist was exonerated.
According to the American Dental Association, the use of sedation and general anesthesia has been an integral part of dental practice since the 1840s.

If properly administered by trained personnel, sedation and general anesthesia are safe and effective, allowing millions of people access to comprehensive dental care who otherwise would not get it, the ADA says.

The ADA sets guidelines for the industry regarding the use of sedation and offers continuing education on proper monitoring and airway management during the use of general anesthesia.
Officials with the Oklahoma Dental Association would not comment.

Read more from this Tulsa World article at http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/article.aspx?subjectid=17&articleid=20100820_11_0_TheTul956938

The child was having some restorations done and crowns put on her deciduous teeth, according to Linda Campbell, executive director of the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry.

Update Sept. 2, 2010

One story coming from the community is that Dr. Charles Keithline is charging the child's stepmother with causing the death of this child.  He is saying she left his office and drove the child around in a hot car for three house.  Of course Dr. Charles Keithline isn't planning on taking any responsibility. 
Just because a child has an underlying medical condition does NOT mean the child died of "Natural Causes" and the dentist is off the hook.

It's clear this is what has happened as the article mentions the number of deaths in Oklahoma and all were ruled "natural deaths" because of other health issues. How in the hell does this let the dentist off the hook?

And screw the AAPD or ADA guidelines and comments.  Remember they are the ones who sent out the "talking points" memo after deaths earlier this year to cover their (and their colleagues) asses!

I'm having big issues with this DOCS (Dental Organization For Conscious Sedation) Company, based in Seattle who delivering these "drive-thru" classes for dentists.  They advertise and have testimonials from dentists who talk about how offering Conscious Sedation is another tool to increase their profits! 

Related Articles:

Five Year Old David Liddell Death July 12, 2010

Deaths In Dental Chair On The Rise

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hey Kool Smiles - Time For The Assistant With The Long Green Fingernails To Go! YUK!

Hopewell, VA 

Kool Smiles Complaint:

Me and my 6 yr old went to Kool Smiles because i was looking for a place to take us both for the convience. It was horrible for me and her. She had a dental assistant with 2+ inch fake green nails that she kept stabbing into my daughters mouth.
My experience left me with a sore mouth and a assembly line experience. Now I can't get them to stop calling me to schedule another appointment and sending me post cards. I have called and called and requested they remove all my information and told them the unpleasant experience we had and they are still calling my work and sending things.

 ATTN:  NCDR, LLC (Kool Smiles)

Clean Up Your Act! 
(I know, a pipe dream) 
Stop Calling People At Their Place of Employment! 
(I get this complaint a lot!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New York Ocean Dental Complaint

This was posted in the comment section but thought it deserved some front page space.  Mr. Hoecker, do you have an comments on this! 

I took my daughter to Ocean Dental as it was difficult to find someone close to where I live that would accept medicaid.  They wanted me to watch through a window while they cleaned her teeth and did not let me go back for X-rays or the exam....then I was told after not being explained anything, showed x-rays, etc, that my daughter needed two fillings and a cap, she is 3 and a half, so I made an appt for the first filling, they kept pushing me to sign a waiver for laughing gas but didn't even give me time to read what I was signing, as there were so many people there I just did and that was a mistake, then I wasn't even allowed to stand in the hallway while they filled the cavity, after that someone did talk to me for about two minutes and said that I needed to make sure she brushed I said she does brush and I supervise, then the person said, "well you wouldn't let your three year old wash your dishes so why would you let her brush her own teeth," when that was over I took her out to the car where she proceeded to barf in the backseat and lean her whole body over to the side and said she didn't feel good.  I was so mad that I called there and complained, and decided not to go back, I took her to a far away dentist from my house and to my surprise they went over x-rays and showed me her teeth and proceeded to tell me that she had no cavities, I said well they said she needed another filling and cap and they looked again...same results....I am furious that this is how people are being treated just because they have medicaid..your not entitled a decent dentist unless you drive for at least 45 minutes?  These people need to be investigated in my opinion.....


Ya Gotta See It


A Look At FORBA's Dental Lobbying In Massachusetts

FORBA Holding, LLC
Johnson Haley, LLP
51 Franklin St. Boston, MA  02110
1-1 to 6-30-2010 $54,469.00 No Exp.
$750.00 To Todd R. Cruse
Expenses were only $1500.00, that's pretty darn good net income for the first 6 months from one client.  Todd spent that on May 4, 2010 for a Delta Airline ticket ($1,500 and $400 for the Taj Hotel)
1-1 to 12-31-2009 $124,500.00 $818.70 expenses listed.  Another Todd trip in Aug. 2009.  $318.70 for same hotel and $506.20 for air.
1-1 to 12-31-2008     $112,500.00 No Exp.
1-1 to 12-31-2007 $ 96,000.00 No Exp.
1-1 to 12-31-2006 $120,000.00 No Exp.
1-1 to 12-31-2005 $65.000.00 Contact -Todd Cruse, 415 N. Grand Ave, Pueblo, CO  81003 tcruse@ddmktg.com

Monday, August 16, 2010

FORBA/Small Smiles Job Ad - Advertising New Contract Policy


Forba - Washington, DC 20001

Forba Dental Network is currently searching for a skilled and compassionate Dentist to join our stable and successful offices in Washington DC and Oxon Hill, MD. For years, the primary mission of our offices has been to meet the dental needs of underserved children and young adults.  Dentists on staff enjoy a rewarding work environment without the administrative burdens of operating a practice.  You will have the opportunity to focus on quality care, while we handle the administration responsibilities.  You'll find a rewarding career with purpose, pride and passion when you join the team! 
We provide a competitive compensation and benefits package including Excellent Salary based on a percentage of your production,100% Health Insurance Premium Coverage (Employee & Family), 100% Malpractice Insurance Coverage, 100% Long-Term Disability Insurance Coverage, 100% Reimbursement for Continuing Education, Dues and Licensing Fees, 401(k) Plan with Match, Licensing & Credentialing Support & Relocation Reimbursement.

General Dentists & Pediatric Dentists are encouraged to apply. Please call Jenna direct at 719-562-4462, email jlkochenberger@forba.com, fax 719-584-7696 or visit our website at www.forba.com.


Friday, August 13, 2010

A Great Way To End The Week

Kool Smiles South Side Of Tuscon Tries To Stop Mom From Accompaning Children To No Avail

Friday, August 13, 2010

I should've known at "Kool".

I should've known. When I chose a kids' dentist office whose very name is misspelled (albeit on purpose, in an attempt at being clever I suppose) Kool Smiles. I should've known. When I chose a dentist that was sandwiched between a carniceria and a check cashing/loan shark business. I should've known. When I chose a kids' dentist who strangely decided that rap and an unusual (not in a good way) hybrid of Mariachi and Tejano music would be a nice mix for their patients (who are 10 and under). I should've known. When I chose a dentist that close to the Air Force base. The South side of Tucson is in some ways similar to the South side of Chicago, except that it has better Mexican food and fewer crooked politicians. I should've known. When we go inside and the really great jungle gym, slide, rock climbing, play area thingy appears to have been dipped into a Rotavirus/H1N1 cocktail, followed by a layer of melted popsicle and then topped off by a light coating of dirt and granulated sugar. Yuck. I should've known. When they call the 3 and 4 year-old patients to come back and insist that I wait in the lobby. A part of me thought, "You're crazy if you think I'm going to let my 3 and 4 year-old go back there by themselves. That will be mayhem for them AND you." The other part of me (the more sarcastic one that lives her life with tongue-in-cheek) thought, "You're crazy if you think I'm NOT going to let my 3 and 4 year-old go back by themselves. That will be mayhem for them AND you. Good luck with that..." In the end, the sensible me won (in addition to being sarcastic, the other one tends to throw in the towel way too soon in my opinion) and I did accompany the girls back. However, this was not before they insisted that I NOT accompany them, but rather peer through a two-way "interrogation mirror" while they were being seen. I should've known. When I chose a dentist for my children that uses two-way mirrors....

I will be returning to our previous dentist who sports the lime green Easy Tone Reeboks and Lily the lovely hygienist who was born to work with kids. There is no playland and the music is unremarkable, but I don't feel like I need a shower when I leave. I will however, be returning to that carniceria for their specials on chorizo and queso fresca.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

FORBA Small Smiles - Public Health Hazard? Yes, I sure think so, what about you

FORBA Holding-Small Smiles Dental Center  Better Business Bureau Rating
Public Health Hazard?  Yes, I sure think so, what about you?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

National Union Fire Insurance Company Files Suit Number Two in Tennessee

The latest suit between National Union Fire Insurance Company (NUFI) and FORBA Holding/Small Smiles Holding (New FORBA) was filed August 8, 2010 in Middle Tennessee Federal District Court.

In short, NUFI says FORBA failed to disclose the fraud investigation by the DOJ, HHS and several state Attorney Generals.  Nor did FORBA disclose that American Insurance, the insurance company that previously had them covered, cancelled their coverage due to "claims experience".

This took place through an insurance broker-Affinity Insurance d/b/a Dentist's Advantage.  Affinity secured the policies for FORBA/Small Smiles in the beginning.

Then Affinity told FORBA American Insurance was not renewing their policies due to "claims experience"  At that point FORBA asked Affinity to get them other insurance.  Affinity was an "authorized dealer" so to speak for NUFI.  So, Affinity secured insurance for FORBA, selling them a NUFI policy.  (Affinity knew why FORBA had their insurance canceled, didn't they?)

Affinity wrote the insurance policies in August 2009 and onward they marched, according to the Complaint.

Then, came the investigations results and a multi million dollar settlement with the government.  As well, a Corporate Integrity Agreement with Health and Human Services was made.

When FORBA Holding/Small Smiles Holding (New FORBA) filed suit against "Old FORBA" (The DeRose-Padula-Roump Bunch) crying foul, saying didn't know how bad Old FORBA really was, they ended up spilling the beans on how much they really knew and when they really knew it.  Being Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, it's hard to keep all the deception in order. 

The Complaint against Old FORBA revealed facts that made it clear, the information New FORBA gave NUFI was, at worse, fraudulent and certainly misleading. (surprise surprise)

Basically NUFI is saying they didn't know what dirty rotten scoundrels New FORBA really was either.  Just as New FORBA claimed against Old FORBA.  In the suit New FORBA v Old FORBA, New FORBA admitting knowing in late 2007 they were being investigated.

Wouldn't it be funny if I had evidence NUFI knew or should have known all about the various investigations.  Let's just say for example website visitor logs.  Not saying I do, just saying it would be funny.

New FORBA filed suit against Old FORBA for the same reasons NUFI is filing suit against New FORBA.  Pot, meet Kettle.

NUFI is asking the court to rescind the last two years of liability insurance coverage they had on New FORBA and all of its employees.  Basically they are wanting to not have to pay up on any claims that will arise for the period 8-2008 through 9-26-2010.

Just as New FORBA is wanting to rewrite dentists employment contracts - in case the courts do not rescind and make void the NUFI insurance policies, they want the court to rewrite the policies on what is/was covered would be minimized.

Wonder if FORBA is looking for new insurance?

Good luck with that.

Click here to read the complaint.
The Policies/Exhibits are here;
No. 1 ; No. 2 ; No. 3 ; No. 4

The Tucson Inspection a few weeks ago, did NOT go well.  After all this time, they still can't get it together.  In the suit above, NUFI called it a "Raid"!

Lawsuits Against Kool Smiles Filed In Kentucky

I've found reference to two suits, but I can only locate the actual complaints on one.  Not sure what is going on with that.

One is Taylor vs. Kool Smiles in Lexington, this on is on file with the courts.

The second on was referred to in an online news papers:

Jerrisha Coomer v Kool Smiles, see it listed here.  This one I've not located just yet and found no other mention to it other than in the online paper.

If anyone has info, please email me with the info.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

South Texas Dental -Dr. Kapadia


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Posted on August 10, 2010 at 9:10 PM

Updated Thursday, Aug 12 at 2:02 PM

NEWS 8 INVESTIGATES - South Texas Dental

Taking your child to the dentist can always be tricky. But what if you think a dentist is going do one thing to your child but then he does a lot more?

And what if your son comes out of the office black-and-blue and crying?

Hundreds of times a day, all across Texas, moms and dads take their kids into South Texas Dental to have their teeth worked on. It's a major corporation, employing dozens of dentists in four cities.

The company's long-term success indicates it is providing a valuable service.

But not for Nichole Villareal of Keller, who took her son to a South Texas Dental office in Fort Worth.

Anthony Martinez was left with a welt on his face.

"When I found out this was all done without my consent, and that he was in pain and he was hurt and he was bruised, I was furious," Villareal said. "I knew it was wrong because I work in a medical office, and I know."

The Fort Worth location of South Texas Dental is part of a chain of 23 clinics statewide. The company aims its practice at children.

Nichole Villareal took her son Anthony there because her husband was changing jobs. His company insurance hadn't kicked in yet, and she had to use a dentist who would accept CHIPS state insurance.

Anthony's previous dentist, Dr. Bridget McAnthony, said he did need treatment.

"When I saw him, he only had one cavity. It was on the outside surface of his tooth," McAnthony said.

T0810_south_texas_dentalhe dentist at South Texas Dental, however, said the eight-year-old had two cavities and needed sealant on two more teeth.

Villareal signed a consent form for that work to be done. When she took Anthony in, the dentist would not permit her to be in the room with her son.

When he came out? "It looks like he got punched in the jaw," Villareal said. "He has a bruise on the outside of his face that wasn't even supposed to be done."

Anthony said he was held down in the chair. It turns out that four of his teeth had been drilled.

Villareal said that work was done without her consent.

"And they didn't numb Anthony for the bottom procedure, so two fillings were done on the bottom and he wasn't numbed," she said.

When Villareal went back to complain, the dentist wrote Anthony a prescription for pain medication.

Dr. Kapadia did not respond to three phone calls from News 8 seeking comment.

His notes indicate Anthony was "very uncooperative" in the chair. The child's mom took him back to Dr. McAnthony to examine his mouth.

"It looks like they might have put some kind of intra-oral device in, and maybe they mashed down with their thumb on the inside to bruise him," McAnthony said. "It would have to be something that went from the inside to the outside, because he was bruised on the outside, too."

After we got no response from the dentist at the South Texas Dental office, we called Dr. Chad Park, who supervises three clinics in Fort Worth for the company. He said he is still investigating the matter.

The Texas Administrative Code says a dentist should maintain a consent form signed by a patient, or in the case of a minor, a form signed by his parent.

Villareal said no parent would give a dentist consent to do what was done to her son.

Friday, August 06, 2010

DeRose Buddy Could Be Lt. Governor of Colorado

This is just fantastic news!  (sarcasm)  Colorado State University-Pueblo President Joseph Garcia will be the running mate of John Hickenlooper in the Colorado's race.
Ya know, CSU…  Where the DeRose family plants football stadiums and millions more in various contributions.  It is where Dan DeRose is the football hero.
Here is a glowing blog post devoted to Dan. 
Puke and Gag. 
One comment actually congratulated Dan and his brother Mike calling them "class acts" and "crusaders". 


National Union Fire Insurance files suit against Small Smiles Holding in Tennessee District Court Friday Aug 6, 2010

National Union Fire Insurance files suit against Small Smiles Holding in Tennessee District Court Friday Aug 6, 2010.  Small Smiles Holding is getting the suit since it is the first named in on the policies.  If I were a dentist working for Small Smiles, I would be extremely concerned, that liability insurance you thought would CYA, just may not. 

Seems most of the evidence being cited in the TN suit comes from the New FORBA v Old FORBA case brought back in January, where they were fighting among themselves.  That case was quickly dismissed at the request of the parties.  That lawsuit let a whole lot of worms out of the can that will haunt All FORBA's for years to come.  Wonder what stupid attorney advised that lawsuit.

I'll post more later, I'm only on page 5, and there is 142! 

Oh, and in case you did not know, as I didn't, there was a suit filed against FORBA Holding, who is wholly  owned by Small Smiles Holding in Oklahoma on June 7, 2010 - Hernandez v FORBA (CJ-2010-1632)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Inlaws of Small Smiles Regional Director, Jason Owen, Issues Threat?

I believe I have been threatened by relatives of Debby Owen, Jason Owen's wife.  This comment was posted on the entry about Jason and whether he's quit or not.  The IP is from East Hampton, New York, 13 miles from Shelter Island, New York-home of Debby's family. Read it and you decide.
Mike Lindley, what do you think?  Al Green, how about you?  Dangerous bunch or no?
Nothing but class for FORBA, right?
Brandon <chiefgabbard@optonline.net> (unregistered) wrote:
you are such a loser! since you don't have the balls to take on the government, who runs the medicaid program, you attack private citizens and blast their personal info on the internet. If your problem is with the dentistry, that is one thing. But to blather on pointlessly, about a man doing his job is absurd! If you think these kids are treated "unfairly" get used to it, it's called Obamacare and we all HAVE to have it, as far as I know, no one is ordering you under IRS penalty to take your kids here. It's just like any other government program, best service at the cheapest price. What next, are you going to bitch about no Swiss or Gouda Government Cheese and how the farmers are to blame? I appreciate you are trying to make things better, but picking on the underlings is cheap and petty, call Washington, call your politician, talk to them about your demands, but infiltrating someone's personal life to show what a dirt-bag you can be is very unbecoming. 
It won't be so cool when maybe someone who doens't agree with you or your beliefs, finds your info and shows up on your front porch one dark dreary night to discuss their disapproval of your life choices. Do unto others... Karma's a BITCH!  [
IP address:
Link to comment: http://disq.us/jleyx

I'm guessing Jason will be called on the carpet tomorrow...

That Karma thing is something I'm counting on.   Hook 'em and Cook 'em.


From: Disqus
Date: 08/06/10 15:57:26
Subject: [dentistthemenace] Re: Inlaws of Small Smiles Regional Director, Jason Owen, Issues Threat?
Brandon <chiefgabbard@optonline.net> (unregistered) wrote:
I don't care about your bullshit blog, or anything you have against any company. I have a problem with YOU putting MY name out there. I feel THAT is a DIRECT THREAT to me and my families safety and security you self-righteous bitch! I assure you that all your complaints bother me, not until YOU put MY NAME on your blog did i even know what FORBA was, so don't tie my comments into some way to try and get another man fired. I'm a big boy and I stand behind my words! This is between you and the medicaid dentistry program... KEEP MY NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH AND OFF YOUR BLOG AND WE WON'T HAVE PROBLEMS!
IP address:
Link to comment: http://disq.us/jodpl

One thing for sure, the author what's this to be seen so that is what I've done.  If they wanted it private and didn't want everyone to see it, they would have sent an email.

 Just call me, Karma. 

I want to say here it was apparent that Jason and Debby wanted anyone in the world to read their lovely family blog.  Everyone, but me that is...  

Let this be a warning to all.  Not everyone likes you!

Kool Smiles Employee Warns Of Orange Jumpsuits; Wants Parents

Abileen Texas
Former Kool Smiles Employee


This dental clinic runs a very disorganized child factory. They truly only care to see "NEW" kids ages 4 and up that are well behaved as this is the age group that makes them the most revenue.

If your child is scheduled for a six mo cleaning expect to be rescheduled multiple times. Where is the continuance and quality of care? They rarely follow proper protocols on First Dental Home exams provided by the Medicaid program for babies age 6 mo to 36 mo.

The billing fraud that occurs throughout this company should be grounds for imprisonment or at the very least a through investigation by the OIG. I would high discourage anyone from taking their children to Kool Smiles, and find another employer unless you look good in orange jumpsuits. Not a good company to work for or take your precious kids to.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Smile Starters Still Abusing Children and Keeping Parents From Going Back With Their Child; After The First Two Visits Of Course.

Here is the story of a child who went to Smile Starters in North Carolina.  Her name is Kathy and she's 3 years old.  This is a sad story.  They make the mother feel as though she's a bad parent, they use the usual scare tactics and they've even blamed the child for not behaving properly.
Smiles Starters is part of the DeRose family of clinics, with Dr. Raf Rivera listed as being the owner.  Dr. Raf was a long time employee of Dr. DeRose and Dr. Ballance. 
When they got into trouble in North Carolina, Dr. Raf came to the rescue, offered up his name and they never missed a beat.  Wonder if DeRose and Ballance have paid the $10 million settlement yet?  If you have a child you has suffered at the hands of these ruthless creatures disguised as a dentist, contact Moriarty-Leyendecker.

The place I take my DD (dear daughter)is called smile starters and they pulled my DD's top 4 out . Caps on all but 1 tooth which was sealed and the bottom 4 has porcelain crowns in the back of them. And now her bottom 4 is going bad . And I cut out almost all sugar brush 3 times or more a day and she only has water or milk nothing else.
This place is the only one that takes Medicaid. And this next appointment I was told I can't go back with her that only 2 appointments the parents are allowed. They had to use a papoose each time cause she kicks.
But now I dread the appointment that is coming up this Friday (July 30, 2010) because they talk very stern to me the other times acted as if I was the worst parent in the world.
If I could find another place I would but there isn't a place that will accept Medicaid And I know they would want to put her through another oral surgery to pull those 4 bottom teeth and she had her first surgery last Dec.
I know her teeth are bad from genetics and they looked rough and I am caught in a hard spot cause I don't want them to report me for neglect and it states that they can if I miss a certain amount of appointments and I already rescheduled it .
And the health departments dental clinic is not equipped to  handle my DD's tantrums she has ( she kicks , scratches, cries, and pukes). She even has these when I brush her teeth.
I wish they was more equipped because they are nice to me about everything and didn't talk harsh to me . As soon as she grows out of these tantrums she has she is going to them.




Now what is it they say about needing to put crowns on teeth to hold the place for the permanent teeth?

I've also seen reports lately where parents are being asked to sign a waiver to let their child go back alone!

Mom Tells Of Recent Kool Smiles Experience In Massachusetts

A mom writes about her experience with Kool Smiles in Massachusetts.  This incident happened the week of July 26, 2010.  If you would like to read this and the numerous comments and other experiences, click here.

If your child has been injured from dental treatment such as almost happened to Kelly, contact Moriarty-Leyendecker here.

I took my kids to the dentist and I am in shock!  My kids have state insurance so I can only go to a few dentists that take Mass Heath. 

So we went to Kool Smiles.  I am ON my kids with brushing and flossing, they eat very little sugar and their teeth look pretty good.  My oldest had 2 spots that looked like they might be little cavities starting. But sadly I was not surprised cus the antiviral meds she has been on for 5 yrs has "stripping enamel of teeth" listed as the 2nd common side effect.

Well guess what?? Kool Smiles said my oldest needs 4 fillings, 2 root canals, and five crowns and my 4 yr old they said needed 3 fillings and 4 crowns!  WTH??????? On baby teeth! They are just trying to rob state insurance by doing procedures that do not need to be done.

So, I called my dentist (who does not take Masshealth) and they said they would give me a 2nd opinion for $30.  I am taking the girls in Wednesday.  But, my dentist was appalled!  He said he has never done a crown on a baby tooth and root canals on baby teeth are usually only for extreme cases! 

I am so pissed! If I can prove my kids do not really need all this dental work done i will be reporting Kool Smiles!

GRRR....Okay vent over! LOL!


So we went to my dentist today.  And the verdict is-        Kool Smiles SUCKS! I already knew that though! LOL!

So, Caitlin does have some bad cavities but NOTHING like Kool Smiles said.  She has 2 small cavities on the top that should be filled and she does have 2 bad cavities on the bottom that if they were permanent teeth would need root canals.  But, since they will fall out in less than 2 year it makes more sense to have them taken out and have spacers put in.  Because the cavity is deep it could cause damage to the permanent teeth underneath if not removed.  They are her 1st set of molars and should not cause any movement in her other teeth by being taken out.

The dentist said her teeth had no plaque on them her gums look great and her permanent molors that have came halfway in looked great.  So, she said it was probably the meds that caused these cavities and if we keep doing what we are doing her teeth should be good.

And the best part is she told me about a great private dentist who takes Masshealth.  When I called them they were not taking new patients, but my dentist called them and they are gonna see both my girls!

So, to summarize we went from Kool Smiles saying she needed 4 fillings, 2 root canals, and 5 crowns to my dentist saying she needed 2 fillings and 2 teeth out! Big freakin jump! huh?

And I called Masshealth and reported the abuse and they  and now have to send someone out to investigate.  And they are sending me papers to file a formal complaint.  And I am calling my local news station ( I have several connections there) and am going to try to get them to do an investigative report.  My dentist said they see this often from Kool Smiles or Small Smiles and on a regular basis from there group.  These kid dentist mills HAVE to be stopped!

Thanks for all the support girls!  I am So glad I got my happy ending!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Has Jason Owen Quit, Been Fired or None of The Above?

Did Jason Owen quit or give his notice?   Probably neither. 

There is a new ad out for a Regional Manager in Atlanta.  Maybe he is about to be replaced and just does not know it yet.  As with the Ohio ad, they need this new person because they have "growth plans".  Mmmm....Ok, whatever.  
Jason Owen

It was my understand that Jason Owen was/is in the process of finalizing the "Bait and Switch" contract FORBA is giving serious consideration implementing.  

Maybe Jason is moving on up in the Corporation, he is a real go getter.  Not so kid friendly though.  Reports of him having a melt down on sorts in an AZ clinic because the kids in the waiting room were too rowdy.  

He should hang around for their time in the operatory!  

While I am here, now is as good a time as any to bring a bit more of Jason to light.

Jason Owen -
DOB - May 16

Education - MBA in Finance from Georgia State University 2000Georgia Southern University 1995
Brookwood High School 1991
Parents - Jerry and June
Married - Wife Debbie Ritzler Owen - (DOB August 31)on April 17, 2004 in Maryland where they wre           living.
                 Debby -
                 Former banker in NYC where her and Jason met.
                 Parents - Pete and Jane-Divorced
                 Brothers - Tom - chef and Dan - land steward in Mashomack
                 Sister - name unknown
                 Marathon runner, loves gardening.
Children - 3 (1 girl from former relationship and twins with Debby.  Twins born 2006.
Brother - Brandon  
Pets - Scout and Brooklyn
Illness - Crohn's Disease - had surgery in February 2009 at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN
Moved to Atlanta in February 2007 
Employment - Sun Trust Bank, Atlanta GA  1995-1998
                         Hanger Orthopedic, VP and Treasurer June 1998-November 2007 (9+ years)
                         FORBA Holding SVP Regional Operations - November 2007 to Present
Friends - Thinks he and wife, Debby are besties with Michael and Nina Lindley.
Other Housing - Jason has an apartment in Nashville for he and/or the family to stay in when he's working at the Corporate office.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Ohio Regional Manager Needed At FORBA - July 2010

One just has to love this post for a position with FORBA.  They are planning expansion and now needing regional managers...  Ok, whatever.

Regional Manager, OH

If anyone does apply be sure to ask about contract changes in their future.  Consider permitting an attorney look it over before you sign it, since they are famous for 'imprisoning' employees.  

Check out the Non-Compete section if any, you may be locking yourself out of a job within hundreds of miles if you find you do not like the job.  Then what will you do?  Will you have to uproot your family;  better think about it.

Look closely at any Confidentially Agreement, remember they may require you to keep secrets that should NOT be kept.
Be especially vigilant; watch out for any
Non-Disparagement clauses!  Not good!  I would say in most circumstances it is a gigantic red flag, and I would run like the wind.  It is like signing away your First Amendment right to free speech at a time where it could be the  most crucial.
Also, ask about the contract they are going to need you to sign where you have to answer to the government.  It is their Corporate Integrity Agreement, and it is a doozey.

Related Atricle
Attn: FORBA Small Smiles Employees