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Thursday, October 25, 2012

You just can’t make sense out of nonsense.

Kool Smiles senior district manger tries to explain dental service organization to Texas lawmakers. Hope this wasn’t under oath. Ooops, it was. See Witness Affirmation Form

Pop the corn and watch a train wreck.

Diane Earle, DDS’s testimony October 15, 2012:

Here is the “raw” clip of Earle’s testimony

Didn’t the tones in their voices say, “Bless her hearts” ?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

NCDR, LLC’s clinics - Kool Smiles Dental - pitch to Texas House of Representatives

On Monday October 15, 2012, Dr. Diane Coopwood Earle, DDS, Senior Regional Dental Director of Kool Smiles Dental centers gave a 4 page statement, and subsequent testimony before the Texas House of Representatives committee on Public Health.
Summary of her statement:
- She’s been a licensed dentist in Texas for 30 years.
- Kool Smiles has 38 offices in Texas.They employee 85 dentists in 38 offices in Texas (only 34 show up in 2011 data).
- All 38 Kool Smiles are owned by dentists.(Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!)
- All clinical and patient treatment decisions are made by the treating dentist
- NCDR, LLC handles non-clinical administrative, critical business support and purchasing. (more lies including the fact, only licensed medical professionals are legally able to purchase many medical supplies)
- DSO’s are “innovative” business models. (Bernie Madoff too was “innovative”)
- As a dentist, DSO’s help her do what she “does best – providing high quality dental care to my patients and spending more time with them.” (she billed Texas for performing 833 procedures on 643 patients in 2011, that’s about 12 patients a week.)
- Non-clinical leaders DO NOT interfere with clinical decisions of the dentists
- She has “NEVER been told by a corporation or corporate entity how to treat our patients.” (I bet that statement comes back to bite her in the ass)
- “Without that necessary separation between delivery of professional quality dental care and administrative support, the model would not work.” (this will be another bite on the back side, I bet)