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Monday, October 10, 2011

NYC dentist, Dr. Elan Kaufman, maxed out family’s dental benefits for the entire year of 2011 when he hadn’t seen any of their children. None! It gets worse, much worse.

Also, the high profile dentist and Chief of Pediatric Dentistry at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, Dr. Elan Kaufman billed the family’s insurance company for 5 visits on their 3 year old child whom he has never seen. Dr. Elan Kaufman had never looked inside the child’s mouth-he should not even have a chart or medical record of any kind on this child.  Parents say the child had not been past the waiting room!

Records say in 2009 he did 6 filings on the child- when the child was only one year old.  According to all the bills submitted on the child he had never seen the 3 year old had been seen 5 times and should currently have a total of 14 fillings.  He also billed for cleanings and fluoride treatment. 

Fox 5 took the child to another prominent dentist for examination.  Not only did the child have NO fillings, she had NO cavities.  Troubling to me is the fact the dentist wanted his identity to remain a secret.  Typical and 99.9% of the problem in my opinion.  Everyone wants to remain anonymous!!

Dr. Kaufman blames the “mistake” on staff, calling it a “clerical error”.  HA!

Anyone want to guess what procedures he billed out in 2011, that caused the family to max out it’s benefits with Delta Dental?

It was the “soup of the day”- Pulpotomies (Baby Root Canals) and Stainless Steel Crowns.  I know, I know…

Wednesday September 28, 2011
Fox 5 reporter Arnold Diaz

Dr. Elan Kaufman’s Other reported Credentials:
Director of Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics in Brooklyn
Teaches at Columbia University – Columbia says he no longer teaches there.
President of the non-profit Children’s Dental Foundation (CDF)

Complaints About New York City Dentist: