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Monday, March 10, 2014

FINALLY! Small Smiles Dental Centers are EXCLUDED from Medicaid and other Federal health programs!


After 7 long years of persistence, it’s finally happened! Small Smiles Dental Centers are excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid and all Federal Health Care Programs!

Small Smiles Dental Centers - CSHM Exclusion Letter by Dentist The Menace

Let us not forget, the dental centers Quality and Compliance was overseen by:

Dr. Paul Casamassimo
Dr. Arthur Nowak
Dr. Joe Bernat
Dr. Anupama Tate
Dr. Steve Adair

Quality & Compliance - Dental Centers - CSHM by Dentist The Menace


I can’t woo hoo and OMG enough—I’m shaking from head to toe with glee!!!!!

Now, where can I locate a bottle of the “good stuff” Champaign!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dental X-Rays causing tumors? Highly likely, but Medicaid Dental mills don’t care, it’s part of their bread and butter or it is?

I’m highly suspicious about articles like the one below or the latest sedation dentistry media blitz. I have to wonder if these are meant to drive home the request the ADA and the AAPD made to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid dated July 12, 2011 where they were crying and whining about the audits being “too aggressive”.  Evidently they made a home run in NY since it was recently announced NY relaxing it’s audit.
Are Dental X-Rays Causing Brain Tumors?


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(NEW YORK) -- “It’s time for your annual X-rays.”  This is what millions of Americans are told when they visit the dentist.  But new research out of Yale finds dental X-rays may be linked to increased rates of brain tumors.

Meningioma is the most common type of brain tumors that originate in the brain and spinal cord, making up one third of these.  People who were diagnosed with meningioma were compared with healthy individuals.  They were asked how often they had the most common type of dental X-ray, called a bitewing, which involves placing an X-ray film between the teeth and shooting the film from outside of your cheek.  In those who reported having this type of X-ray once a year or more the risk for meningioma was 1.4-1.9 times increased depending on their age.

Another type of dental X-ray, called the Panorex, that rotates around your head taking a picture of all of your teeth from outside your mouth was associated with an almost five-fold increase in rates of meningioma when the X-ray was performed before age 10.  For those older than 10 there was a 2.7 to 3 fold increased risk when this X-ray was performed once a year or more.

Current recommendations by the American Dental Association do admit that there is little use for dental X-rays in healthy people without any symptoms, but still recommends X-rays of healthy children be taken every 1-2 years and every 2-3 years for healthy adults.  The authors think these guidelines may need to be reevaluated in the wake of their findings.

Reactions to the study have been mixed. For critics, the design of the study has some serious flaws. The main weakness is the failure of the researchers to obtain any of the patient’s dental records to verify that the number of X-rays they reported having was true, says Dr. Richard Besser, ABC News' chief health and medical editor.

“People with cancer are more likely to remember having dental X-rays,” explains Besser. “They are searching for some cause of their cancer and may incorrectly attribute it to any number of factors.”  Dr. Besser also points out that the study failed to find any connection between having braces and risk for meningioma.  “When you have braces you remember that clearly, and people who have braces on average undergo more x-rays than people without braces,” says Besser.

Dr. Alan G. Lurie, a Ph.D. radiation biologist who specializes in cancer induction and is president of the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, agrees with Dr. Besser that the study has a serious flaw.

“They’re asking people to remember (in some cases) a couple of radiographs they had 30 years earlier when they were kids. They’re not going to be able to tell you what kind of X-ray machine was used…what kind of film, were there any retakes?" Lurie says.

Other doctors see this as a strong study and think that it raises valid concerns.  “The current study is well-done and confirms that even in the ‘modern era’ radiation exposure from repeated dental X-rays conveys an increased risk of these tumors,” says Dr. David Schiff of the Neuro-Oncology Center at the University of Virginia.

Overall, doctors are not surprised that dental X-rays could cause this type of tumor because the type of radiation that X-rays give off is known to be associated with brain tumors. “Ionizing radiation is the only well-accepted environmental risk factor for development of meningiomas," says Dr. Schiff.

However they warn that this study cannot prove that dental X-rays cause brain tumors.  It can only reveal a possible association between dental X-rays and tumors.

Still, there are some important things people can do to minimize their exposure to dental X-rays.  For example, patients can ask their doctors whether X-rays are completely necessary, or how much radiation will be delivered by the various options available.

“All health professionals should be thinking that for our patients, each exposure must be beneficial and we should be of a mindset to do the fewest exposures possible to obtain needed diagnostic information," explains Paul Casamassimo DDS, professor and chair of pediatric dentistry at the Ohio State University College of Dentistry and chief of dentistry at Nationwide Children's.

Overall, experts hope that as a result of this study the public gains new awareness of a potential risk and will take their concerns to their dentist.  

Dr. Paul Casamassimo is on the Advisory board of one of the nations worst offenders- Small Smiles Dental Centers, owned and operated by the bankrupt Church Street Health Management.  Dr. Casamassimo should heed his own warnings!

He should be asking his colleague, Dr. Steven Adair about the unnecessary x-rays taken at the Small Smiles Dental centers, and the fraud involved in said unnecessary x-rays, especially at the Denver dental centers with Dr. Minh Tia and his office manager! I believe that amounted to some $200k between June 2010 and June 2011! Just saying….


In an article about “Dental Therapist” dated April 10, 2012, it mentions Dr. Paul Casamassimo is the AAPD Pediatric Oral Health Research and Policy Center Director.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Responds to Kellogg Foundation Report on Dental Therapists

Academy of General Dentistry  Responds to Dental X-Ray Warning:
Thursday April 12, 2012

CHICAGO, April 12, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On Tuesday, April 10, 2012, in the journal Cancer, the American Cancer Society published an article entitled "Dental X-Rays and Risk of Meningioma," which summarized a study that sought to develop a correlation between dental radiographs and brain cancer.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), a professional association of more than 37,000 general dentists dedicated to providing quality dental care and oral health information to the public, the study's findings are not applicable to modern dentistry because the study was based upon an examination of outdated radiographic techniques, which produced considerably more radiation than patients would be exposed to today.

"Modern radiographic techniques and equipment provide the narrowest beam and shortest exposure, thereby limiting the area and time of exposure and reducing any possible risks while providing the highest level of diagnostic benefits," said AGD President Howard Gamble, DMD, FAGD. "Today, patient safety is always maintained with the recommended use of thyroid collars and aprons."

The article from the American Cancer Society, which received attention from many reputable news outlets, could cause the public to decide to limit or even refuse X-rays in an effort to keep their families safe.

"It is regrettable to think that an article based on outdated technology could scare the public and cause them to avoid needed treatment," said Dr. Gamble. "With the radiography techniques in use today, the amount of radiation exposure is reduced and more controlled than it was in years past."

The AGD supports radiographic guidelines provided by the American Dental Association (ADA) and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, and concurs with the ADA that dentists should order dental radiographs for patients only when necessary for diagnosis and treatment.

The AGD encourages patients to discuss their concerns with their dentists in order to determine what's best for them. The AGD also encourages dentists to communicate with their patients and address any unexpressed concerns of radiographic risks in order to reduce fear and promote a better understanding of the benefits and the risks associated with the specific needs of each patient.

"Neglecting one's oral health has serious oral and systemic risks," said Dr. Gamble. "Radiographs play an important role in improving the oral health of the public, and patients should not be deterred from seeking oral health care due to misperceptions from this study."

The Cancer study contained many inconsistencies and possibilities for error, including the fact that its findings were based upon a population-based case-control study. This means that it relied upon the patients themselves to recall and self-report past events, many of which were from decades earlier.

The AGD supports ongoing scientific research on any correlations between dental radiographs and incidents of disease in an effort to provide the most accurate information to the public and to correct any misperceptions created by the Cancer study.

About the Academy of General Dentistry
The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is a professional association of more than 37,000 general dentists dedicated to providing quality dental care and oral health education to the public. AGD members stay up-to-date in their profession through a commitment to continuing education. Founded in 1952, the AGD is the second largest dental association in the United States, and it is the only association that exclusively represents the needs and interests of general dentists. A general dentist is the primary care provider for patients of all ages and is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, management, and overall coordination of services related to patients' oral health needs. For more information about the AGD, visit

SOURCE Academy of General Dentistry

All I have to say here is that the AGD or any other of the D’s are not to quick to come out against reports that are loaded to the brim with “old” and “outdated” studies if it could possibly generate revenue.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Pediatric Dentistry’s Revolving Door

We hear a lot about the “revolving” door in Washington, but seldom does anyone talk about the revolving door within agencies and professional organizations.  The same organizations that write the rules, regulations, tests, and guidelines that effect each of us in a more personal way. The same organizations that states and lawmakers trust to protect the public from harm. Chances of corruption are 100% when there are no checks and balances.

Their Publications and Studies

Looking are various websites including the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), you find publication after publication, study after study, dating as far back as the early 1990’s to the present.  Just about all of them are, rewritten and republished studies that are merely mashups of their own previous written articles and studies.

Here is just one of hundreds of examples :

Journal of Dental Education – Vol. 68, Number 1

General Dentists’ Perceptions of Educational and Treatment Issues Affecting Access to Care for Children with Special Needs. 
Written by:
Paul Casamassimo, DDS, MS;
N. Sue Seale, DDS, MS;
Kelley Ruehs, DDS

Casamassimo PS. The great educational experiment: has
it worked?
Spec Care Dentist 1983;3:103-6.

Seale NS, Casamassimo PS. Access to dental care for
children: profiling the general practitioner who treats
young and low-income children.
J Am Dent Assoc

If you get to looking at all the professional opinions, publications, studies, and continuing education courses concerning pediatric dentistry, the same names are there over and over.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who are on these committees and subcommittees making these guidelines? Who are they cozy with?


2011 Behavioral Management Guidelines

The link above contains the latest version, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD). It’s written and revised by the AAPD Clinical Affairs Committee – Behavior Management Subcommittee. I want to know who is on this committees, don’t you?

In fact, I think it is extremely important to know who is on each of these committees and subcommittees. They are setting guidelines and standards that our federal and state government rely heavily on. Most of the time these guidelines are 100% relied upon.

We certainly demand to know who is making our laws and just who these lawmakers are all cozied up with, well, what’s the difference?! NONE!

I’ve found a helpful little website where you can check guidelines for various healthcare professions. It’s at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). It’s the National Guideline Clearing House.

I’ve not tried it, but it appears you can compare guidelines, now isn’t that cool.  Well, if it works anyway.

You can check past guidelines going back to 1997, that seems handy: browse by Organization,Topic,Guidelines in progress, get expert commentaries and much more.

Of course in checking this place out I got fired up over reading all the guidelines for Behavioral Management (D9920). Various terms for it are used; Behavior Guidance, Behavior Management, Behavior Control. The latest term, “Guidance” sounds so much nicer doesn’t it.

I don’t care what they call it, it’s worse than a straight jacket. In a straight jacket you can at least have use of your legs, but not in the papoose board, rainbow wrap, blankets or whatever cuddly term is thrown at the damn thing.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Top 5 Ways Small Smiles Dental Centers has violated their Corporate Integrity Agreement

I knew they would disregard each and every word of the Corporate Integrity Agreement.  I said so right here, the very day it was announced.  As for the $24 million paid to the Federal government, and just over $2 million to the state of New York, to them it was going to be nothing more than the cost of doing business.  Pay to play-simply another business expense.  Hey, do they get to deduct that from their income tax return?

The current CSHM crew took over the operation of the Small Smiles dental clinics after they purchased all of them in the fall of 2006-actually they hired the old bunch to do it for a while. 

The arrogance shined like a beacon from the start. The investigation by the Justice Department started in the fall of 2007, just about the time Alberto Gonzales resigned.  All the while, thumbing their very long-and continually growing-nose directly at the entire United States Department of Justice, the US Attorney General and about 23 state Attorneys General and the public at large. No settlement was announced and signed until January 2010.   During which time, they didn’t slow down, skip a beat, miss a step-or any other idiom you want to use.  The child abuse and Medicaid fraud continued-business as usual. 
I originally planned to take all 65+ of the Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) that Church Street Health Management (CSHM)- formerly FORBA – signed in January 2010 and mark all the ways, I knew for sure, CSHM had violated said agreement.
I had not got past Section III before I was overwhelmed. No, that’s not right, I was pissed off! Why? Because of the continued arrogance.
So I decided to pick out my top five
1.  Continue with bonus program that is based on “production” or in CSHM speak, “Collections”  To this day, everyone gets bonus if they meet “collections” goals, and it gets bigger if they meet set intervals, no max they can make.  See below.  BTW the Lead Dentist gets 12.5 times the said amount.  Lead Dental Assistant gets 1.5 times set amount.
Munci bonus structure June 2011
2.  They are not supposed to base any compensation that would create an atmosphere for overtreatment and fraud, i.e. no % based pay.  Well, continuing with the bonus program didn’t thumb their nose to the CIA enough, no, they created a whole new contract for new and current dentists called “Collection Based Compensation”.   It’s all set out in a 30+ page contract that most CPA’s can’t figure out.
3.  Compliance Officer is not supposed to be the Chief Financial Officer – so they put the SVP of Financial Operations, Lorri Steiner in that position.  No, she’s not the CFO, but c’mon!
4. Appoint Compliance Liaisons at each center who are not afraid to report compliance breach to the board of directors, the compliance officer or anyone else.  So, what dose CSHM do, they make the Compliance Liaison the Office Manager!  Guess who gets a nice size bonus if all things go well at the center and they make their production goals, yep, the Office Manager!!!

5.  Hire an Independent Monitor to “monitor” their misbehaving.  So what does CSHM do, they have amazing made sure that N. Sue Seale, DDS, a great buddy and colleague of their Chief Financial Officer, Steven Adair, is the “pediatric dental professional” to check in on things with the Independent Monitor.   Reports to me are Sue and Steven come to some of the centers together and are quite cozy!

There you have it, my top five.  Well, the top five I picked out in the first few pages of the CIA anyway. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Small Smiles Quality Initiatives Are Rubbish

FORBA’s 3 page statement released  Jan, 18, 2010 entitled:
Safeguarding Children’s Dental Health:
FORBA Quality Initiatives Since 2006
…is nothing but rubbish and says little more than they have said time and again.  The only part in the whole statement that is note worthy as being honest and factual is “since 2006”, that’s pretty much it.

You would think by reading it they had put all kinds of great new policies in place but you would be mistaken. The pledge, the hotline, the Advisory Board, etc, all that is R & R (Rinse and Repeat) bull!

At their own website there is a press release, dated March 7, 2008 (over 2 years ago) where they had put Dr. Steven Adair on the payroll, opened the ‘not line’, posted the “Pledge” and admit they have 70 clinics, not 69.  (and note that it was only after Roberta Baskin’s explosive expose’ before they even gave any thought to pretending to clean up their act.

(a company with out these serious allegation of fraud and abuse wouldn’t really need a hotline, advisory board, a pledge or a Quality Initiative statement would they?)

Then there is the November 5, 2008 press release where they talk about their new “Compliance Officer”, Allison Luke.  She was really gonna whip things into shape, according to them.  I’m giving her a big fat F.

By reading the ‘quality initiatives’ BS you would come away thinking they had put a new Advisory Board together too, but that would be a wrong assumption as well.

March 7, 2008 - Dr. Steven Adair was put on the payroll to send out memos on occasion and completely ruin his reputation among his peers. There are reports as late as February 2010  of the same treatment happening.  So, Dr. Adair is not new and he gets a big fat F as well.

2007- FORBA established it’s Pediatric Dental Advisory Board with;

Dr. Paul Casamassimo, Dr. Arthur Nowak, and Dr. Joe Bernat.  Other than adding Dr. Anupama Rao Tate to the mystery board, there is nothing new here either. If the dentists on this board can’t do any better than they’ve done in 3 years, they need to turn in their dental licenses.  So each one of them get a big fat F too!

The only thing ‘new’ they have done is move Angela Newberry from Keystone Education and Youth/Universal Health payroll to FORBA payroll and finally admit to being associated with several clinics they previously denied having anything to do with, like the clinic in Gary, IN, the clinics in Oklahoma and Kansas, but they still continue to lie like junkyard dogs and say they don’t “own’ the clinics.  But we all know that is the biggest lie of all.  Anyone seen a clinic for sale lately?  

On November 6, 2007, FORBA’s CEO, Michael Lindley issued a statement to Good Morning America mentioning:
“Small Smiles has no policy that prohibits parents in the treatment area. Allowing a parent in the treatment area is up to the treating dentist in collaboration with the parents based on their belief of the best way to treat the child. Such a family-friendly policy encourages our dentists to allow parents in the treatment area to be part of the patient's treatment experience.”
(choke and gag) Even though a memo entitled Tips From Others In The Field had been issued on October 12, 2007 by Lisa Mullinix (3 weeks earlier) stating the following:
Unsure how to tell parents we do not want them in the back, here are some suggestions from others:
"For your child's safety and your safety, we do no allow parents in the Hygiene and OP room. We want your child to focus on the dentist, hygienist, and assistants directions." 
You can also go on to say:

"We promise to come and get you if your child needs you."
You also can continue to say the following:

"Usually when parents are in the room with their children, they tend to cry and get upset and look at you to save them. That usually places you in a difficult position because your child won't understand why you are not taking them away. We have found that when they are alone they focus better and normally don't cry." (
larger view of memo)
or what about the bottom part of page 4 of the Small Smiles Dental Clinic Manual!

He also said FORBA;
“has no reason to believe services were needed that actually were not” and that they take seriously ANY allegations which calls into question our commitment to deliver quality care.  That is why we are taking such extraordinary steps to share with you our values, our commitments and to do so in as transparent a way as possible”
See Statement from Michael Lindley here.
(choke and gag) I guess the 10,000 reports phoned into that ‘not line’ didn’t raise any red flags worth looking into, did they?  This so called ‘hot line’ is nothing more than a ‘gotta cover our ass fast’ line.  As a parent, the only phone call you need to make is to any attorney, ASAP.

And we can't forget that just a little more than a month after Lindley made this statement, they updated the bonus program so employees in the front office could get bonuses too, they were being cheated out of the 'production' bonuses. 

Bonus page 1
Bonus page 2
Bonus page 3

Even more scary..  the “Community Partnerships” they want to create.  God Help Us All.

In conclusion, no there is nothing new to FORBA’s Small Smiles clinics or the quality of care and quality of their work.  

All these so called initiatives have been in place for a long time, some for 3 years and look at all the reports of torture than has been reported in those 2 years!  They still have not had their ‘come to Jesus moment’. .. but it’s coming, rest assured, it’s coming.

I’m not so sure the Federal and State governments should not also be on the hot seat here, for allowing the doors to remain open, knowing full well what they are doing.  At the very least state Dental Boards have let the public down!

What’s going to happen when the next child is hurt or another one dies from being treated at one of these clinics?  What then? 

Friday, February 26, 2010

Roanoke Virginia Small Smiles Report

WDBJ 7 Roanoke, Virginia
February 25, 2010
News7 has discovered a local dental clinic that caters to low-income children was at the center of a national fraud investigation.

The parent company of Small Smiles recently agreed to a $24 million settlement regarding those allegations.

A former Roanoke Small Smiles employee triggered the national investigation. This employee was one of three whistleblowers that lead to a two-year investigation.

Jan Broetsky believes her son, Stephen, may have been one of the victims.

She was surprised what a Small Smiles dentist recommended for her five-year-old son during a visit in September.

"They told me Stephen had three severe cavities. All three were so severe that they needed root canals and they would also need silver crowns," said Jan.

When Stephen was three-years-old, the same Small Smiles office performed two fillings on him.

"Of course I felt like a bad mom," said Jan.

So, Jan Broetsky decided to get a second opinion just days later from dentist David Bittel, who is not affiliated with Small Smiles. She also brought him Stephen's x-ray from Small Smiles.

"The medicaid was the reason I went to small smiles. For me to get that second opinion cost me 100 plus dollars. But I was just so convinced my son had been intentionally misdiagnosed and it turned out to be true," said Jan

In his report, Dr. Bittel stated, "I see no decay anywhere that can be detected with explore or visually or with dental floss,".

He told News7, he's now been contacted by the Department of Health Professions as part of an investigation into the mother's complaint against Small Smiles.

As far as Stephen's case with the small smiles office in Roanoke, the chief dental officer reviewed his records. He released his findings to News7, which basically agreed with the original diagnosis from Small Smiles.

"There is no doubt in my mind I'm not the only person they are doing this to," said Jan.

The U.S. Attorney for the Western District agrees she is probably not the only parent.

" A lot of cases we documented those procedures were not necessary. Yet they performed them anyway and billed medicaid, "said U.S. Attorney Timothy Heaphy.

Heaphy was involved in the government's investigation of the Small Smiles office in Roanoke and helped negotiate a settlement with the parent company FORBA.

"Children are obviously especially vulnerable. The prospect that children were administered anesthesia that they didn't need or had that invasive dental surgery that was unnecessary, it's shocking and disappointing," said Heaphy.

But Small Smiles Parent company, FORBA has admitted no fault. A statement following the national settlement said, "Despite implications to the contrary in the government's press release, we entered into the recently announced settlement to avoid the delay, uncertainty, inconvenience, and expense of litigation, and did not admit any liability."

FORBA's practices were still concerning to U.S. Attorney Heaphy.

"There were strong incentives in place that the company acknowledged that forced unscrupulous people in facilities like in Roanoke to cheat. To get more of that public money," he said.

As part of the national settlement, Small Smiles' parent company FORBA has to follow some new guidelines. Which includes having a third party monitor its practices.

The government's investigation against individual Small Smile dentists is still ongoing.

We are not sure if that includes any of the dentists from the Roanoke location.

Parents should contact the OIG Hotline to report concerns. For more information click here.

Here are the finding of the Great Dr. Adair after he reviewed the patient's chart, x-ray and consulted with the Roanoke Small Smiles Dentist:

"The cavities on the two upper baby first molars (teeth #B and I) are large and clearly evident on the x-rays. One of them (#B) had been restored previously, and the filling had failed because of the patient's decay rate. Given that failure and the size of the cavities in these small teeth, a stainless steel crown would by an appropriate way to restore these teeth.
"The cavity on the mesial surface (side of tooth facing the front of the mouth) of the lower second baby molar (#K) is smaller, but it is evident on the x-ray as a vertical line in the enamel of that surface, which is adjacent to the baby first molar next to it. This cavity could not be detected without an x-ray. Even though it is small on the x-ray, clinical science tells us that it is larger in the mouth than on the film.
"Given this child's history of decay, and given that other surfaces of #K were also diagnosed with decay, a stainless steel crown would be an appropriate way to restore this tooth. A filling could also be done, but it would have a higher likelihood of failure."

Dr. Steven Adair, Chief Medical Officer

What I always find telling are the comments after the story has run.

Lisa Says: Well GOODIE!! I took my granddaughter there2 times & the last time I was there, I felt VERY uncomfortable about their practice. They do the check up & then tell you to initial here, here & sign there but they DON'T tell you what you are initialing or signing. So, being a nosey old woman, I asked them about it & they told me that she needed 2 fillings & to have a front tooth capped. I didn't see the need since she was almost at the age where she will loose her baby teeth, so I took her to another dentist for a second opinion, he found NO CAVITIES, agreed with me that her baby teeth will come out soon, no capping was necessary!
We had already been through he 77 with two other "cavities" she had to have filled. They restrained her, drugged her & it traumatized her against any other dental visits. I am so glad I took her to another dentist!! This place is fleecing the government & making money off of unnecessary procedures!!!
Most parents are just wanting to do the best they can for their kids & have little knowledge about dental process so they just allow the "professional" to advise!! ASK QUESTIONS!!! ASK FOR PROOF!! Yes, it does make a difference!!

Here is a link so you can read all about FORBA's New Practices, but I thought they were great before paying the government $24 million dollars and being forced to sign a Corporate Integrity Agreement, among other things. Guess they really did SUCK!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dr. Steven Adair Talk Tooth Decay to USA Today

This one just cracks me up. Seems Dr. Adair talks to USA today about tooth decay and children drinking so much soda.

That would be all fine and good except he should tell that to the co-owners of FORBA: Dr. Michael DeRose, Ed DeRose and mostly Dan DeRose. Dan because he's the guy who marries school systems with cola and junk food companies to put those drink machines in the schools.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Complaints Still Coming In: Little To No Improvement Since Steven Adair Joins FORBA/Small Smiles

What exactly is Dr. Steven Adair doing to stop the abusive and poor quality dental care at FORBA/Small Smiles clinics?

A few months ago FORBA announced he was Chief Dental Officer. However I've been told that he's really just a part time advisor and sends out emails now and then. I don't really know exactly what he's supposed to be doing, but so far I'm not seeing much. Maybe he needs to send his emails to me as well.

Rochester, NY, Massachusetts and Cincinnati, Ohio came in over the weekend. Actually all on Sunday. Three emails from three different states and clinics and they all sound pretty much the same. It's hard to deny the fact that this abuse is widespread, isn't it?

Below are three emails I received over the weekend. Actually I got all three of these on Sunday. Just when I thought things might have gotten a bit better I find the same complaints just keep coming in.

Of course my advice to these people were to file complaint with Federal and State authorizes as well as dental boards.

I would also like to offer this:

1. Get copies of ALL of the patient chart including x-rays and make sure the parents compare the original chart to the copied records to make sure they get them all. Our office mgr is famous for only copying the pages she wanted copied which just made me furious.

2. Get those records to another dentist for a 2nd opinion or even to the medicaid office or whatever insurance they have.

3. Check with the insurance carrier or medicaid to see what was actually billed and make sure it all adds up. If it doesn't add up file a complaint with your state Attorney General and Board of Insurance as well as the agency who oversees your medicaid program.

My name is M***** C*********** and I am the grandfather of a three year old girl (A******* *******) that has had a traumatic incident with the Small Smiles clinic here in Rochester NY. A********* had in our opinion been traumatized at the dentist. She was restrained, intimidated and tortured to the point her capillaries in her eyes broke! This so called dentist insisted on capping her baby teeth to reduce further damage to her teeth!!! Her baby teeth!

This procedure resulted with my granddaughter’s gums becoming enflamed and swollen. When my step daughter (Sarah Minor) returned her to little smiles for an emergency visit she described the resident dentist as “jamming” an inspection mirror into her mouth in an attempt to PRY it open! When she freaked he exclaimed “he was bitten earlier in the day and didn’t want it to happen again”. After a short visual exam (not even five minutes) she stated “he did not see anything and for her to brush more”!

That night the pain became so unbearable for her that she was rushed to the emergency department at Rochester General. It was here that the ER dentist told Sarah she had a bad infection and required immediate surgery before it turned into a health issue!! To date she has had one such surgery and is scheduled for another due to the depth of the infection around the capped teeth!

When I did an Internet search to see if this company had any other complaints I could not believe what I read. Everything that was written by other parents – word for word- was what happened to A********. This is how I was directed to your office and am filing an official complaint!

I am going to try and contact the other parents as well as legal counsel to see the extent of our rights but someone from your end has got to do something also .All these new parents are trying to do the best they can and are being taken advantage of.

There needs to be tighter laws and regulations regarding medical practitioners dealing with children. If they think they can tie up our children and torture them with no consequences they have another thing coming!


M******** L. C*******

For S******* M******** mother of A******* *********


I don't know exactly where to begin...but myself and a friend are looking into the Small Smiles practices in MA, after both of our sons had questionable experiences. Her son was put in a papoose restraint for a non-emergency visit. We are serious about doing something, but are looking for advice as to where to begin. Any thoughts?


i read somewhere to contact you about small smiles. I am a former employee of the clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio and for the rest of my life i will be ashamed of the things i was made to do. i attended a dental assisting school and right after that i was sent to work at small smiles i hardly knew anything about dentistry and the laws and regulations in the dental field. small smiles told us we had to do this we don't talk about that we work fast fast fast and do as much as we can but it was never good enough! ever morning they would have a meeting about how we have to make more money in order to keep the place open. i know now that was a lie! things got so bad i watched as a doctor place a mirror so far back into a three year olds mouth that he gagged and then the doctor leaned down by his ear and told him to shut up or he will do it again!! i reported the man to the cooperate office and they promoted the doctor to regional manager!!! i couldn't take it anymore and i wanted to make dental my career and i knew i couldn't stay with small smiles and have a good conscience. Please feel free to email me back or anything I feel an obligation to help shut them down.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Dr. Steven Adair Is Small Smiles New Cheif Dental Officer-Ya Gotta Love it!

See how smart these people are:

They hired the one doctor who wrote an article for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentist on how papoose boards need to be modified for use in dental practice.

(chew on that in a minute...)

Small Smiles hired a Papoose Board Expert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click Here

Doesn't sound like they plan on doing away with tied kinds down now does it?!

What surprises me is that someone with Dr. Adair's credentials would going up with such a child abusing company as FORBA/Small Smiles. If he thinks he's going to ride in on his white horse and "clean things" up that certainly will not happen. The DeRose's have been doing this since for darn near 20 years, they are set in their ways. Plus I'd say within the next year, this place will be in even worse shape in the eyes of the public, and that's all that really counts isn't it?

Funny how I just posted his article yesterday. Then I see where someone on my site had searched Dr. Adair, so I followed that link and low and behold there was this........... click here.

At the link above is a press release where Dr. Tara Schafer was appointed as the Medical College of Georgia's interim chair by the School of Dentistry Dean, Connie Drisko, a position previously held by Dr. Steven Adair.  

Dr. Tara Schafer, associate professor in the Medical College of Georgia Department of Pediatric Dentistry and an MCG alumna, has been appointed as the department’s interim chair by School of Dentistry Dean Connie Drisko.

“Dr. Schafer is a highly skilled pediatric dentist,” Dr. Drisko says. “I am certain her leadership and forward thinking will continue to advance the department in its mission of providing quality training for students and residents while maintaining a focus on patient- and family-centered care.”

Dr. Steven Adair, the department’s chair since 1990, has reduced his work commitment in the school to assume the position of chief dental officer for FORBA, Inc., the parent company of Small Smiles Dental Clinics, which treats underserved children.

God works in mysterious ways!