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Monday, June 18, 2012

How do you feel about Swiss bankers pushing your child’s dental treatment?

Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) has holdings throughout the world, including dental clinics in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona.

UBS’s subsidiary PDA HoldCo, LLC appears to own and operate Magic Smiles. PDA is the Nasdaq symbol for Perdigao SA, a chicken company in Brazil, owned by UBS. Reports say it is the “Purdue of Brazil”.

Magic Smiles is where at least one parent was referred when Reachout Healthcare America’s mobile dental van preyed upon the children at their Phoenix area school.

I am told, if a child is seen by the Reachout Healthcare America Dental monsters and has private insurance they referred the child to Magic Smiles. RHC must be all warm and cozy with Magic Smiles,

Parents were told by RHC representatives - Magic Smiles will bill their insurance, and Reachout Healthcare will pick up the tab on the rest, or work out a payment plan. It was a payment plan, by the way.

One first graders parents seem to be having problems they can’t get anyone interested in enough to resolve. They are receiving bills for the remainder of the child’s likely over treatment from both, Dr. Ralph Green, the fake owner of the RHC’s mobile van, as well as getting bills from Magic Smiles.

Their calls to Morgan Stanley owned, Reachout Healthcare America have been no help.

[I would like to learn more about this if anyone has anything to share.]

On November 1, 2011, John Momtazee and Chris Ripley of UBS registered PDA HoldCo, LLC. HoldCo is listed as the owner of Magic Smiles, LLC, with Momtazee as the Managing Partner.

There is also a company - PDA Holdings, LLC - registered with the Arizona Secretary of State, which was registered in February 2005. The type of business - “Operation of Dental Clinics”. The company was registered by Craig Frances of Summit Partners. Craig, along John Momtazee are the executives of PDA Holdings, LLC.

Summit Partners once held American Dental Partners in its portfolio.

I can not seem to find a dental licenses for John Momtazee, Chris Ripley or Craig France anywhere. Imagine that.

Chris Ripley

Craig Frances, MD

John Momtazee (see page 3)

Magic Smiles NPI Record

PDA Holdings, LLC NPI Record - Arkadius Jaszcz, from Zurich is listed as President on the NPI Record