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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Are you a Pacific Dental “owner” or “employee”?

This is to all the poor souls who have found themselves in Pacific Dental Hell.

If you are associated with Pacific Dental and one of their many clinics and feel you are not getting your cut as promised by the company, I would love to hear from you.  If you are a member of the support staff and notice things that just don’t seem right, I.E. taking too many x-rays, over-treatment, etc., I would love to hear from you.

If you know of—or even suspect—fraud taking place in any clinics associated with Pacific Dental, remember Whistleblowers, get a piece of the pie so to speak when they file a Qui Tam lawsuit.

Be that as it may, I’m gathering information—that I will post later— where I will shed more light on the full scope of the scam and how they are screwing their “owner” dentists.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dr. Kristie Ayn Liebau-Grassi receives 4 month in federal prison, 8 months of house arrest and 3 years of supervised release

February 14, 2013

How many more mommy’s are going to go to the slammer before they stop participating in the fraud at dental clinics across the country. is reporting Dr. Kristi Ayn Liebau-Grassi is going to be spending 4 months in federal prison, 8 months of house arrest then 3 years of supervised release. She admitted guilt to defrauding Medicaid out of $289,000 between 2008 and 2011. 

After the Medicaid fraud in Pennsylvania, suspiciously, Kristi moved her family to Texas to practice dentistry. Did she hear that’s where to make the big bucks in Medicaid dental fraud? She ended up working for Pacific Dental’s Sienna Modern Dentistry in Missouri City, Texas.

I bet she would like to go back and rethink all those decisions she made back then, don’t you?  It’s not just the fine, the restitution, the prison time, etc., it’s the pain and stress of her entire family which will continue well past the time her supervision ends, something in 2017.

Counting the 3 years of waiting for the Feds to come knocking, it will be a total of 7 years by the time this is tragedy can even begin to heal. Her children’s lives where thrown away, for $289,000!  

What a shame Kristi didn’t think about her children, all under 7 years old including a 2 year old who has a serious heart problem, BEFORE, she decided Medicaid fraud was the path to wealth.

It’s ironic she tried to use the needs of her own children to stay out of prison, when screwing over other people’s children sent her there. 



goerieDentist gets 4 months in prison, plus house arrest, for fraud in Erie

By ED PALATTELLA, Erie Times-News

A 40-year-old dentist who defrauded Medicaid while treating children in the Erie area asked a judge to consider her own children at her sentencing.

The judge took Kristi Ayn Liebau-Grassi's concerns into account on Wednesday as he ordered her incarcerated for four months, followed by eight months of house arrest.

Liebau-Grassi, a married mother of five children who now lives near Houston, faced a recommended sentence of a year to 18 months in prison under the federal sentencing guidelines.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pacific Dental dentist charged with Medicaid fraud.

Here is the story that is out there about Dr. Liebau. As Paul Harvey would have said, “the rest of the story” is at the end.


GoErieFormer Erie-area dentist charged with Medicaid fraud

On Aug. 27, 2008, Kristi Ayn Liebau, then a dentist with an office in Lawrence Park Township, billed Medicaid for services she said she provided to a young patient.

That day, Liebau said, she had used composites to repair six teeth of the patient, identified in court records as M.J.

Federal investigators, however, found a problem with the procedures.

M.J.'s teeth were virtually brand new, raising questions about why Liebau would need to fix them.

The bill Liebau submitted for M.J.'s dental work, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Erie said, turned out to be false.

"None of the teeth that were billed for had yet to even erupt in the patient's mouth on July 23, 2008," the government alleged in court records.

Using the case of M.J. and 13 other patients -- most of them children -- the government on Friday charged Liebau with 14 felony counts of false statements relating to health-care matters.

Investigators said the fraudulent billings to Medicaid occurred from January 2008 through March 2011, when Liebau, 39, was practicing at 4010 East Lake Road in Lawrence Park, according to court records.

Liebau, who now lives in Texas, will end the case with a plea deal, her lawyer, David Ridge, said Tuesday.

"My client has decided to take full responsibility for any and all billing problems that existed while she was running her practice in Erie," Ridge said. "That is why we thought the best way to resolve this was by a negotiated plea as opposed to proceeding to trial."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pacific Dental – Wordmarks, Trademarks and Servicemarks

If you see these, it’s probably Pacific Dental:

1  PPE










Friday, May 25, 2012

America's ToothFairy forms partnership to help at-risk children

America's ToothFairy forms partnership to help at-risk children


May 25, 2012

In an effort to expand oral health services for children, My Kid’s Dentist/Every Kid’s Dentist (MKD/EKD) announced a partnership with National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s ToothFairy (NCOHF) through the Students United for America’s ToothFairy (SUAT) Pediatric Dental Residency Program. As a result of this alliance, NCOHF will become the primary charitable partner for the Pacific Dental Services-affiliated MKD/EKD offices.

Designed to provide critical oral health educational and preventive services for at-risk children, this new program also cultivates interest in the oral health field and unites future dental professionals in a concerted effort to break the cycle of pediatric dental disease in their communities. Guiding chapter activities, members of the SUAT Pediatric Dental Residency Program will serve as mentors for dental, pre-dental, dental hygiene, dental assisting and high school student volunteers.

“We are proud to partner with My Kid’s Dentist/Every Kid’s Dentist through this exciting program and applaud their commitment to children’s oral health,” said Fern Ingber, NCOHF President and CEO. “Their support will enable NCOHF to mobilize graduate, undergraduate and high school students throughout the country in an effort to reach thousands of underserved children with the resources, services and education necessary to prevent pediatric dental disease.”

Stephen Thorne, Founder, President and CEO of Pacific Dental Services, will also join the NCOHF Board of Directors. The NCOHF Board of Directors consists of highly respected and dedicated leaders of national and international organizations, universities and corporations concerned with children’s oral health and elimination of oral health disparities.

“I’m honored to be joining the NCOHF Board of Directors,” said Stephen Thorne, Founder, President and CEO of Pacific Dental Services. “NCOHF provides unparalleled oral health care education and support services for at-risk children and I’m looking forward to working with my fellow board members to shed light on pediatric dental disease and to help break its cycle.”

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A dentist and a vet want their corporate dental clinics- Pacific Dental-to have more access to the teeth of New Mexico citizens and taxpayer coffers.

By “vet” I don’t mean “veteran” of the military, I mean “veterinarian”!!!

Pacific Dental-Smile Care-Coast Dental-InterDent, wants to open more than just the current 2 clinic limit in New Mexico. They want in there in a bad way, and Derek and Adam Diasti are willing to go to the mat to get that access. Brother, Derek is the veterinarian.

Best known as Pacific Dental, it seems to be financed by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) or at least Coast Dental was before the merger.

DFA website

Below is a letter sent to the New Mexico Dental Board, dated March, 2012.  In it, they actually say it would be unconstitutional to refuse to allow the company to violate the state Dental Practice Act. Yep! Pure madness!

And unless there is a real and serious pushback, the state laws are likely to be changed to allow them in. New Mexico citizens are sitting at home right now, not knowing the danger to their public health that is taking place. Scary!

Of course corporate dentistry is being pushed throughout the land. As we learned last week at the Texas hearings, the states say have they no authority over the entities. It’s the Wild West! Unchecked and unregulated, or should I say,not regulated.

Pacific Dental Services, Inc

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Was this the meeting that started the corporate dentistry phenom?

Here is a 2004 picture of the group it appears may have been the one who planned the take over of modern dentistry. They called this meeting a “CEO Consortium “ and it took place June 10, 2004 at the “Institute at Heartland Dental Care”. All but one or two went on to become the founders of the Dental Group Practice Association which now includes corporate CEO’s in Canada and Australia as well as dental supply companies, products companies and our favorite corporate dentistry law firm, Waller Lansden  Dortch and Davis.


Pictured above is: Dr. Rick Workman, Mike Bileca, Steve Thorne, Mitchell B. Olan, Mark Freidman, Bob Fontana, Kirk Huntsman, Dr. Jeff Moos, Douglas W. Brown.

Was this the meeting where the idea to sell this illegal business model to Private Equity was born? What were the Dental Practice Acts in 2004? How many of these guys should have been in jail then? What about now?
Where are they now
Dr. Rick Workman – still with Heartland Dental, Vice President of the Dental Group Practice Association, not in jail.
Mike Bileca – Florida State Representative, still with Towncare Dental, Treasurer of the Dental Group Practice Association and not in jail.
Stephen (Steve) E. Thorne lV – remains at Pacific Dental, President of the Dental Group Practice Association and not in jail.
Mitchell B. Olan -  Still CEO of Dental Care Alliance/Gentle Dental Group Services, not in jail.
Mark E. Friedman – CEO of UAI Technology, Inc. President of Mid-Jersey Realty, LLC, Board of Directors of Klein Decisions, and not in jail.
Bob Fontana – Still reigning king at Aspen Dental, wanting to bring dental service to the “underserved” and not in jail.
R. Kirk Huntsman – Dental One, which was supported by ABN AMRO Private Equity, merged with DentalCare Partners to become DentalOne Partners, with Kirk as joined up with the disgusting Reachout Healthcare America crew, recently wrote an article on how to beat the Dental Practice Management groups he largely assisted in creating, when at the same time he started Nexus Dental Alliance, which is not a Dental Practice Management, it’s even better, it’s his Dental Practice Management Group, he has the R. Kirk and Julie M. Huntsman Foundation, he is not in jail.
Dr. Jeff Moos – Still with Mid-West Dental that merged with Mountain Dental and backed by Private Equity firm Friedman, Fleischer & Lowe of Kool Smiles fame, he is not in jail.
Douglas W. Brown – Mr. Brown is eyeball deep in a number of the dental mills, Affordable Care, DentalOne Partners, Dental Works, Dental Care Partners, Secretary of the Dental Group Practice Association, not in jail.