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Monday, March 03, 2008

Before You Take You Child To The Dentist, Read This Site

Parents trust medical personnel way too easily. We are somehow assume they must know more than us because they've spent so much time in school, and that is one of the largest mistakes we make. Of course put anyone in a white coat or any kind of uniform and the general public naturally look to those people as being someone in authority, that's why they wear the uniform in the first place. But just because they have a white coats on or any uniform does not mean they know what is best for you, your family or your child!

We have to have a mindset that we are a consumer of their goods. It's imperative!

My son's further explanation sums up what you said about us trusting the professionals.

Here is what he said:

"If they don't tell you there are any other options for the procedure , you go with what the people that are supposed to know what they are doing make the recommendations"

I'm sorry, that still doesn't wash with me. Maybe I'm just too hard, all I know is I would NEVER agree to this so I say:

1.Why don't you ask?
2.Surely anyone with any common sense whatsoever would NOT allow their child to be traumatized.
3.Get your brain out of your pocket and use it!

Of course after they still could not complete the crowns on the baby teeth cause my grandson was fighting for his life, thrashing about and screaming for dear life, they weren't able to do it and then and only then did the dentist suggest putting him under a light sedation and doing it at another time.

So just how bad did this need to be done then? Evidently not that bad, and it most certainly wasn't an emergency situation.

I can't tell you the tears I've cried picturing this trauma happening to my grandson. It was out of this rage and heartbreak I've taken up this cause I will see as much information is out there as possible to save as many children from this as I can.

Spreading the word and bringing this to the forefront on every parent who has a child is the only way this is going to end.

In Europe this is outlawed in many countries and I can't believe it's happening right here in the US to the most innocent of our citizens.

Children depend on us, the parents and grandparent to protect them, it's out JOB. Imagine how any child who has suffered this trauma feels now, and what scars will each of these children carry with them into the future.

You can help by doing exactly what I'm doing. Writing about it, contacting Federal and State Legislators, and exposing dentists who use these papoose boards.

My next step is to call dentists my area of the country, asking what kind of behavior control they use to treat our children, and if they mention a papoose board, pediwrap, or any other kind of restraint, their name, address and phone number will be appearing on my site and other sites on the internet where you can write reviews, and there are a bunch of those!

This has been every time consuming since I'm pretty much at this alone, but I feel it's worth every second of my time and your help is more appreciated that you will ever know.

There are laws out there that protect our elderly from unnecessary and abusive restraining but nothing protecting our children. So far, Colorado is the only state who has stepped up and given the dental community there very "strict" guidelines. However, if the parents of Colorado don't know about this, and don't question their dentists, I feel the dentists will continue to strap children down to speed up the "chair time".

During my research of the use of Papoose Boards is when I found all the information of these "dental mills" that are setting up in low income areas and bilking our medicaid systems for millions and millions of dollars, at the expense of the mental health of our nations children. They decorate the offices to be "kid friendly" which in my opinion misrepresents the clinics as employing "Pediatric Dentists" when in fact few have spent the two extra years training to treat the little ones.

They get away with it by stating under their kid friendly signage "General Dentistry For Kids". The key word being "General Dentistry".
In my opinion this is misleading to parents.

Another way dentist get away with strapping children down in the "blanket" treatment consent form. Parents need to read those forms over very carefully. You may very well be consenting to torture of your children by the "Professionals".

Consumers must be aware at all times! I also worry about these dental buses that come to schools to treat children who are on public assistance. We know the parents are not present when this happens, and surely a consent for treatment form was sent home for parents to sign.

Lord knows what they agreed to, and in you don't know what a Papoose Board is, or a Pediwrap or Rainbow wrap is, (they sound so warm and fuzzy don't they) of course parents are going to sign it. After all these parents are excited and thankful, little Johnny and little Sally are going to get the much needed dental treatment they probably need.