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Thursday, May 01, 2008

DeRose's Attorney Blames Parents For The Tortue Done By His Clients

DeRose's, Ballance's and Berkheimer's attorney representing them in the Medicaid Dental Clinic (Smile Starters) lawsuit filed for preforming 14-17 root canals and caps says it' the parents fault for letting the children's teeth get that bad in the first place and says it's all silly!

What as asshole!

Here is the quote:

James Wyatt, MDC's attorney, called the allegations "silly" and added that all parents have to give written consent for any procedures at the clinics. "The children not only needed that work, it was imperative. The real question is why did the parents let their children's teeth get in such a horrible condition?"

What is silly is that this man would say such a thing and wonder if it were his child he would think it was so silly!!! I'd give anything for one of his kids to be taken back to the dungeon and tied up, and drilled on for hours and see if he thought it was "silly"

Must be a bit more than silly. After all DeRose and Ballance paid 10 million dollars to get out of a federal trail. I'd say it's pretty serious. Wonder how much they are willing to pay to get out of this trail.

We know they in no way want all their back ally dental practices brought out in a public trial. This could lead to an old fashion lynching and there's not been one of those is years!

I just wonder if I did those things to children I would have gotten off so easy, something tells me I'd be in jail, if I lived that long.