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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Akasmse Rose Tecumseh died in August 2010, Brayden was the lucky one that day. Here is Brayden's story.

Brayden’s mom sent me this yesterday, August 30, 2011 and asked that I tell this story and help how ever I can.  With that said, here is her son’s brush with death.


Hello my name is Ashley and I am writing in hopes that you might be able to inform your readers and possibly direct me as to where to go . You see my son Brayden was also having work done on his teeth Aug. 12,  2010 at Dr. Charles Keithline's office, Tulsa Oklahoma,  although it was not Dr. Keithline that did Brayden’s or the little girls procedure.  He was supposed to but decided last minute to go on some sort of retreat with his wife also his office manage .

Dr. Ryan Roberts, Dr. Keithline’s associate in the office performed the procedures,  There was only 2 patients they were seeing that day her and my son. I can not get that day out of my head no matter how hard I try. The little girl was already in the room having her teeth worked on but I seen her being carried out by her mother and she was soooo- limp ...... I blame myself as well because I had a nagging feeling to just cancel his appointment and go home but I thought it is his first year in school and I wouldn't want him to have to miss school better to get it over with ( I will NEVER not listen to my instincts again ).