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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Dr. George C. Brain: Another Terrorist Dentist In Tacoma Washington

The state Department of Health has opened a new investigation into a Tacoma dentist accused of mistreating young patients.That action comes on the heels of an exclusive KIRO Team 7 Investigation into Dr. George C. Brain.

Children have repeatedly complained over the years that Brain choked, shoved, assaulted or grabbed them by the throat.Now, Investigative Reporter Chris Halsne pins down the Dental Board about its handling of Dr. Brain.Dr. Brain's resume includes nine police reports from kids who claim to have been assaulted during dental work.

Those resulted in a charge of assault on a child, but no criminal convictions.However, in addition, for the first time, we dig inside Dr. Brain's licensing file to discover more accusations of assaultive or threatening behavior.Pediatric dentist Dr. George Brain has been under scrutiny for professional misconduct for years.

Records at the Dental Quality Assurance Commission show seven complaints of assault, abuse or verbal threats towards children.One led to disciplinary action. A 2006 case shows a girl complained Dr. Brain choked her and pulled some teeth without permission. The board assigned Dr. Brain to a "monitoring" program and required an "anger management evaluation."Laurie Jinkins, an Assistant Secretary at the state Department of Health, oversees dental licensing complaints.She tells KIRO Team 7 Investigators, “That would not be a typical number of complaints. That is a high number and it is something that causes us concern.”Jinkins defends the state’s disciplinary process, saying Dr. Brain has been on their radar and they’re watching him.“We're concerned when any patient has a bad experience with their health care provider, but especially with kids or vulnerable people.

That makes us especially concerned because kids can't protect themselves.”Five-year-old Cameron Laducer and his sister, Courtney, are the latest kids to accuse Dr. George Brain of hurting them. A complaint, on file with the dental board this week, alleges Dr. Brain overmedicated Courtney, yanked a tooth, and filled a cavity in another tooth without parental permission.It also accuses Dr. Brain of creating scratches on Cameron's face and causing a grossly infected lip.The children’s mother, Brooke Laducer, tells KIRO Team 7 Investigative Reporter Chris Halsne, “I'm very, very angry with the State of Washington. Number one, I want to know why this man still holds a license. I want to know why he can still work on children. “Laurie Jinkins says she can't talk about the Lacuder's new complaint; it's under active investigation.

She did, however, address another of our questions.We discovered Dr. Brain made around $1.5 million last year from the state in return for treating low-income children and their families.Halsne: “Does a patient who doesn't have any money, who has to use a state welfare voucher to get that work done -- should they receive any lesser care than someone with premium insurance?”Jinkins: “Everyone in this state, no matter how rich or how poor they are, whether they have insurance or don't have insurance, they are entitled to the same level of care, the same quality of care in this state."

Dr. Brain has chosen to remain silent and is not speaking with us regarding our investigation.Others are not so quiet.Dozens of people have called and e-mailed Tuesday, wanting to tell KIRO Team 7 Investigators about their treatment inside Dr. Brain's office.If you have any concerns about his conduct or the conduct of any other dentist in Washington, the state Health Department wants to hear from you.

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