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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dental Licenses Expired, No Problem!

Last week I shot off an email to a state dental board bringing to their attention and looking to filing a complaint about a dental facility whose licenses had expired over 2 years ago.  The facility has been in operation for years.  Its doors have never closed, and they are treating patients as I write this post.

Here is the response I got:

"You are correct in that the facility license has expired and we therefore do not have jurisdiction over this facility.


Can you believe it.  If the state dental board does not have jurisdiction after a licenses expires then WHO THE HELL DOES! (I'm not just yelling, I'm screaming!!!!)

So if a dentists license expires, and he/she continues to practice dentistry, no worries in this particular state.  You're good to go!

What a screwed up mess! 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the state dental boards are there to protect you!  As is evident in the letter I mailed (snail mail) to the Kentucky Dental Board in April and have not heard one word, not had one question answered!  Kentucky state legislators don't give a shit either, I didn't get a response from any of them either.

Yet these lawmakers will sure show up to a grand opening for a photo opt at a dental mill who abuses children won't they?  This happened just months ago in Louisville, KY and in less then two months complaints were coming in, and law suits have been filed. 

Where are those lawmakers now?  Hiding, that's where!

Open Letter To Kentucky Dental Board