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Friday, September 17, 2010

New Kool Smiles TV Ad – Don't Fall For It

Just caught the new Kool Smiles ad.  It's lovely, and you know I'm puking and gagging.

Apparently since Kool Smiles is involved in multiple lawsuits for abusing children, and they are trying to unload this company to some Private Equity firms, they have decided to put out updated propaganda.

The two little happy face o's jump out of the Kool Smiles logo and take you one a whirl-a-way adventure through a Kool Smiles clinic.

"Fun way to keep your family's teeth healthy"

"Our office is built for the whole family, especially kids." as children slide down an indoor slide and climb all over a play yard.

"Plus, everyone is friendly, not just us. (speaking of themselves, those jolly little o's) If you want mommy can come back with you or watch through a window," showing the tiny port hole only allowing direct sight of children in they hygiene area. 

Do you want strangers gawking at you through a window while you get your medical treatment done?  Hell NO!

"We see everyone in the family, even kids as young as one," they boast. 

Yes, those one year olds where they drill and cap all 8 teeth they have just in case they might get some decay between 1 and 6.  Prevention you know.

"If you want quality dental care, in a clean, safe and fun environment, come to Kool Smiles."

It's just an ad folks, still stay far far away.