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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is “Patient Advocate” Angela Newberry out of a job at Small Smiles Dental Centers?

Here is a listing for a job opening at Church Street Health Management dated June 17, 2011.  Pity the poor fool who takes this job! YIKES!  I hope any applicant takes time to read the Corporate Integrity Agreement this company has signed with the Department of Justice and Inspector General’s Office.  Read it carefully!  Smell the jail?

Director/Patient Advocate

Duties include:
Reporting to the SVP, Chief Compliance Officer, the selected individual will be responsible for recording, remedying, and responding to comments, concerns and complaints by patients of CSHM Associated Dental Practices. The Patient Advocate is also charged with ensuring that patients and, for minor patients, patients' parents and/or legal guardians are informed of CSHM's commitment to quality care and provided with contact information for submitting complaints. The Patient Advocate will report to the Chief Compliance Officer. The Patient Advocate will also be a key member of the Compliance Department and a member of CSHM's Compliance Committee.

Angela has been the topic of conversation of late at CSHM due to her prior association with Universal Health Services (UHS) and it’s string of “youth education” treatment centers.  UHS has complaints out the wazoo about the abuses that goes on behind the doors to pre-teens and young adults.