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Monday, June 01, 2015

2004 Cease and Desist Letter from Colorado Dental Board: Michael A. DeRose, Eddie DeRose, William (Bill) Mueller

I've heard the Michael DeRose out there in Pueblo under oath say he did not "train" dentists. They were simply there to "observe" for a few days.  Yet, here is the 2007 C & D letter from the Colorado dental board where he admits the dentists performed general dentistry and it was the program offered by his father, Eddie DeRose and William Mueller as well as himself.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

NYT fell for the bullshit - Rise in Preschool Cavities Prompts Anesthesia Use

Rise in Preschool Cavities Prompts Anesthesia Use - – Pure bullshit!


Front page? 

Imagine, the story comes out of Seattle!  DOCS Education’s home town!

The story quotes:

"Dr. Megann Smiley, a dentist-anesthesiologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio"  SURPRISE! - Home of one of Small  Smiles advisory board members and former/current office of the corrupt AAPD -Paul Cassamassmino .

The NYT is playing with the lives of children, shameful!!

Another great quote:

“We have had a huge increase in kids going to the operating room,” said Dr. Jonathan Shenkin, a pediatric dentist in Augusta, Me., and a spokesman for the American Dental Association. “We’re treating more kids more aggressively earlier.”

No shit, Sherlock!  That’s why Texas is going broke, from the over aggressive fraud being committed!  At least you admitted it, Dr. Shenkin!

You gotta love the last line:

"Multiple studies have shown that even children who undergo general anesthesia to treat dental decay end up with cavities again. Janine Costantini, the ambulatory practice director at Children’s Hospital Colorado, said the staff treated a 3-year-old who was making his second visit to the operating room for dental work. The boy arrived with a bottle of Coca-Cola. " 

Yes, the exact same hospital where Randall Ellis of Small Smiles fame resides, as well as where Small Smiles Founder, William Mueller was head of the department!  Oh and let's not forget, that Coca Cola he probably got it at pre-school...  After all it was Small Smiles other founder, Dan DeRose who made that happen for the kiddies. 

It’s a shame the powers that be don’t pay attention to these Pew studies.  They are 3 years old or more before they release them! Half the report quoted stuff from 2007!  It’s 2012 people!!! 

Funny the title is The Cost of Delay” since the data in it is so friggin “delayed” !!

Me..  FURIOUS!!  Not good!

Not good at all!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Where Was The Colorado Dental Board?

It took the Colorado Dental Board until June 2009 to finally order Michael A. DeRose ‘retire’ his license to practice dentistry and tell  him he is never to apply for a new license anytime in the future.

In the Order from the board it cites the two disciplinary actions taken against DeRose in North Carolina.  In December 2005 his license was suspended for 180 days for doing more than 6 pulpotomies in one visit on children at his Medicaid Dental Centers, now called Smile Starters in North Carolina.

I’m thinking 6 is still outrageous!  Think you could have 6 teeth worked on in one session?  How about being tied down, and given 6 root canals??!!  The level of lidocaine alone to keep a patient pain free seems to me would be at a dangerous level.  But they don’t worry about that, since they could care less if they even have a supply of lidocaine on hand it appears.

Then in April 2007 settled with the government for $10 million with Dr. Tish Ballance, and still every state where he was licensed let him keep his licenses.

Michael’s dad, Dr. Eddie let his licenses just expire.

William Mueller, one of the original cast of characters was forced to ‘surrender’ his licenses, but not until 2009!

Over the years these three had ‘actions’ taken against them on a few occasions in more than one state, but only the latest is currently on file at DORA, Colorado’s records search.

Some of the documents mention referring problems to the state Attorney General’s office for further review.  But I can’t find one time any of them were ever seriously considered for prosecution.

The laws in Colorado were changed at least twice to curtail these guys from abusing children for profit, but the Dental Board never revoked their licenses as they should have.  They allowed Dr. Michael DeRose continue with this abuse from 1982 until 2009!  That’s 27 years!!!!!!

Now look where we are.

Had the Colorado Dental Board done their job, there would be no Small Smiles, Kool Smiles or Adventure Dental out there tying up children and drilling out perfectly good teeth, causing horrific trauma to small children, devastating the trust children have in their parents and adults and scamming Medicaid (you tax dollars) out of 100’s of millions of dollars.

Somehow through all of this the uncle, Dr. Adolph Ralph Padula came away unscathed.  His license is as pure as the white driven snow.

Dr. William Mueller (UPIN# 64458) was finally locked out of the medicaid program March 18, 2010.

Monday, May 26, 2008

DeRose's Keep It "All In The Family"

Meet Brad Padula. Does the last name ring any bells with my regular readers. It should.

Brad is associated with DD Marketing (, Dan DeRose's company that hooks up schools with vendor to put junk food machines in your schools. (fatten up the kids and help rot the teeth...sorry, I was thinking to myself)

Brad is Dan DeRose's cousin, via Brad's dad, Dr. Adolph Padula. Remember Adolph, he's the dentist of record with FORBA/Small Smiles in New York, Ohio and a few other states.

Brad is also the director, executive producer and writer of the documentary Beyond The Metal of Honor. Here is the cast of characters involved in the making of the film:

  • Brad Padula - Director Executive Producer Writer
  • Peter C. Lemon - Co-Producer and Executive Producer
  • Rudy Padula - Co-Producer and Executive Producer
  • Dan DeRose - Public Relations and Executive Producer
  • Frank Provenza - Co-Producer Writer Narrator
  • John Schymos - Director of Photography

Adolph Padula, Michael DeRose, Ed DeRose, William Mueller and Dan DeRose have their names all over documents at the Colorado Secretary of State's office in regards to various dental clinics including Small Smiles, Smile High, DeRose Children's Dental Center and 6th Street of Denver Dental Center.

I will say they sure keep it "All In The Family"

(if you checked out the website, you'll see it's the same address as DD Marketing and this same address shows up on some of those documents I mentioned above.)

Anyone know a thing about Nicole Padula, Pueblo, CO?

Wonder what this is exactly, what are they maintaining? I found it an an announcement in the Colorado Tribune January 2008.

R & R Maintenance, LLC (DLLC, 01/07/08,
Perpetual) Adolph R Padula, 409 N. Grand
Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81003

It's North Grand Street where DD Marketing is located? Hmmm.....

I found it here click

Friday, May 23, 2008

Colorado Children a Bit Safer: Two DeRose's No Longer Torturing Them

Well it appears that children in Colorado are a tiny bit safer. Dr. Michael Anthony DeRose's Dental Licenses (Number DEN-5133) has retired those licenses to torture children at least in Colorado, not sure about other states and dad has let his licenses expire.

However if states are staying on top of things he shouldn't be allowed a licenses in any state! But so far, (and I'm sorry about this guys,) state Dental Boards are not exactly the sharpest bit in the drawer.

Now,ole, Ed, (the master mind behind the Torture Children For Medicaid Dollars Scheme) has let his licenses (
DEN-2931)in Colorado lapse. They expired in February and bless his heart, he didn't renew them. God Bless Us Every One.

HOWEVER::::::: There are still DeRose's in the dental community with active licenses in the state:

Louis A DeRose-Dentist-License number DEN-104507-Wheatridge, CO
Kerry Jean DeRose-Dental Hygienist-License number DH-201929-Pueblo, CO

Louis or Kerry seem to have any "actions" against them in Colorado at this time but I sure would be interested in what these two think of Ed and Michael, and most of all I'd like to hear how they've kept their names out of all of this, cause ole Dan sure hasn't!

Maybe Ed and Michael can head on over to Bahrain and open up some clinics, like in palace compound or something. Treat them'thar royal kids....

but be careful folks, William Mueller still has his licenses.... be on the lookout.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

DeRoses, Mueller Reprimand over Dental Management

Osama Bin DeRose Terrorist Training Camp!

This explains why they have so many so called “Dental Management” companies in various states in which they operate.
Up until 2004 the DeRose/Mueller company FORBA, LLC opened up clinics in various states, hired dentists fresh out of school, brought them to Colorado for 2-4 weeks of “training”, taught them their “drilling for dollars” “techniques”, not just in classroom settings but had them in actual clinics tying up children in restraints and teaching them how to con parents into letting them have at their children, taught them how to over bill Medicaid and other various illegal and unethical practices. Dr. Adolph Padula DDS is also a part of this mess, his name in on the Articles of Incorporation of 6th Street of Denver Dental Clinic. Was he the main trainer? Hmmm I just love it when I see new names cropping up.
For this the only thing the Colorado State Board of Dental Examiners could only get them on participating, aiding and abetting the unlawful practice of dentistry without a licenses since the dentist they brought in did not have a valid Colorado Dental License.
According to documents at Colorado Department of Regulatory Agency website (search by last name, “DeRose & Mueller) Edward DeRose is/was President and Vice President of FORBA, LLC. Documents reveal that Edward DeRose, Michael A. DeRose and William Mueller all were reprimanded for bringing dentist from all over the country to Colorado, letting them work (training them to tie down and abuse children) without a licenses.
In a Cease and Desist Order case number 2004-000131 is says:
“The Respondent (Edward DeRose, D.D.S participates and trains dentists in the “new hire orientation and education program” for dentists hired to perform dentistry in the clinics owned by Respondent, and by Michael DeRose, D.D.S. and William Mueller, D.D.S. This program is only offered to dentists hired to perform dental services at these clinics. Respondent states that the purpose of the orientation/education program “is to ensure that all newly hired dentists are comfortable and professionally competent with the operation of the clinic and that they can successfully provide routine general dental care for our children.” According to Respondent, this program provides “all newly hired dentists into our organization an opportunity to spend 2 to 4 weeks in one of our Colorado clinics to observe, understand and perform routine general dental services for children.” Once the dentist completes the program “they will be moved to the appropriate clinic where they were hired to work”
The dentists in the “new hire orientations and education program” are employees of DeRose Children’s Dental Clinic and 6th Street of Denver Dental Clinic and many of these dentists are NOT licensed to practice in the State of Colorado.”

Monday, April 07, 2008

Very Graphic Interview -Children Leave Dentist Office With Extreme Bruising


This video is extremely graphic and may be very disturbing!

Click Here To See Video 
Sorry, the video has been removed.

These Clinics were owned/are by Dr. Michael DeRose and Dr. William Mueller.

A child died being treated by Dr. Matthew C. Nolen, trained at clinic owned by Dr. William Mueller.

Dr. Ed DeRose owned the one clinic named "Smile High Dentistry"

According to public records, Dr. Tu Tran from "Smile High Dentistry" in Colorado moved on to become Chief Dentist for Kool Smiles.