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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Louisville Small Smiles Clinic Owner Not Mentioned in Press Release

Over at FORBA's weblog they have an entry where they had an open house for the Small Smiles Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky.

Melanie Abrams was mentioned as Co-Lead Dentist ('lead dentist': a term used a lot at Small Smiles) but through the whole article the owner of the clinic wasn't mentioned, just Forba and lead dentists.

You would think if a dentist opened a new dental clinic his name would be mentioned.

According to Kentucky Revised Statues (KRS) 313.240 states:

(1)(a)"No person shall practice or offer to practice dentistry or dental surgery under the name of any company, association or corporation except the name of a professional service corporation. Any person practicing or offering to practice dentistry or dental surgery shall practice under his or her own name; the name of the professional service corporation, professional limited liability company or partnership which includes his or her name, or the name of the deceased or incapacitated dentist for whom the person practicing dentistry has contracted to perform continuing operations."

(b) No such person shall conduct a dental office in his or her name nor advertise his or her name in connection with any dental office unless he or she personally performs services as a dentist or dental surgeon in such office or personally supervises such services as are performed in such office during a portion of the time such office is operated by him or her, and shall not use his or her name in connection with that of any other dentist, except as provided for deceased or incapacitated dentists in KRS 313.197

(c) No person shall be an incorporator, director, officer, member, manager or shareholder in more than three (3) professional service corporations, three (3) professional limited liability companies, or three (3) partnerships, or any three (3) of these business entities, rendering dental or dental surgery services. No dentist or dental surgeon or group of dentists or dental surgeons shall practice in more than three (3) locations.

So Jodi Kuhn couldn't possibly be the owner of this clinic, it's said she owns 4 or so in Ohio. Who could be the owner of this Louisville clinic?