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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's A Field Of Dreams... Ah...NO It's NOT!

Meet Dental Dreams, another chain claiming to be in business only to bring dental care to the "underserved"!  OMG!

Dental Dreams, LLC is owned and operated by Sameera Hussain, a licensed dentist. She graduated summa cum laude from Boston University's Goldman School of Dentistry in 1997. She has practiced dentistry almost exclusively in underserved neighborhoods, and now oversees all clinical operations for the Dental Dreams clinics. Her responsibilities include managing all vendor relations, overseeing lab work and dental supplies, and evaluating the compliance and performance of each dentist.

You know the drill, pardon the pun.  "Underserved" "Free Screenings" "Medicaid" "Fulfilling Important Needs" "Fill The Void" and all the other keywords.  They are making their way across the US now in Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut.

RICO suit filed in 2009 against Khurram Hussain, Peter Stathakis and Sameera Hussain.  Their fantastic management portion of the company is called "Field Of Dreams Dental Management, LLC.