Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blowing the Whistle Pays

Attorney General Chris Koster said today that his office has awarded $8,239 to a Medicaid fraud whistleblower who alerted the state to fraudulent billings by a group of dental clinics. The award money is 10 percent of $82,000 that the dental provider is paying in restitution and penalties to the state of Missouri, as allowed by Missouri law.

“Medicaid fraud tips are an important part of our efforts to investigate and punish Medicaid fraud,” Koster said. “We encourage anyone who suspects a health care provider is engaged in Medicaid fraud to contact our office so we can investigate.”

Koster said the whistleblower contacted his office in January 2011 with concerns about Ozark Family Dentistry, and the clinics’ owner, Dr. Arrash Ahmadnia. Dr. Ahmadnia, based in Rolla, owns dental clinics in Rolla, Thayer, Osceola and Springfield.

The whistleblower, who worked briefly at one of the clinics, alerted the Attorney General’s Office that Dr. Ahmadnia had instructed him to perform unnecessary work on patients, presumably to bill the costs to Missouri Medicaid. The Attorney General’s investigation found that the clinics had billed Medicaid for treatments under the code for dental fillings, but had actually performed different procedures – preventative resin restorations – which are not covered by Medicaid. The investigation also found some instances of double billing and billing for ineligible adults.

Under a settlement, Dr. Ahmadnia is required to pay more than $208,000 in restitution and penalties to the state and federal Medicaid programs. He is also required to immediately stop submitting reimbursement claims to Medicaid for the preventive resin restoration treatments. The agreement is a compromise of disputed claims and does not contain an admission of wrongdoing by Dr. Ahmadnia. The Attorney General’s Office is continuing to review billing procedures at the clinics.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trueblood Dentistry and their string of Carousel chops shops finally forced to close!

In all the raw data I’ve seen out of Texas, this one would nearly always fall in the top 5.  This one alone is said to have stolen $18 million from taxpayers.  Just imagine the hundreds and hundreds of millions, if not billions stolen from scam dentists and dental companies in the state of Texas!  Perp walk please!!

I’m sure the “pity” party has begun.


statesmanBy Chuck Lindell

American-Statesman Staff

Carousel Pediatrics began shutting down its Austin dental practice Tuesday night, displacing about 28,000 low-income pediatric patients, after state health investigators cut off Medicaid payments over allegations of fraudulent activity.

Carousel’s owner, Dr. Glenn Wood, who disputed the fraud allegations, said the loss of about $400,000 a month in Medicaid payments required him to shut down his dental affiliate, Trueblood Dental Associates, and lay off about 40 staff members and six dentists.

Friday, January 25, 2013

13 more pages of allegations in latest Aspen Dental Complaint

Aspen Dental - Amended Class Action Complaint Filed 1-18-2013 by Dentist The Menace

Two reports on poor quality of care by dentists claiming expertise in implants


A story by the Bakersfield Californian, reports the California Dental Board has filed a complaint against Dr. Robert Tupac, DDs to the state’s department of consumer affairs.

Dr. Tupac reportedly told one patient “not to worry about a thing, I wrote the book on (dental) implants,"

The report says, the complaint was issued by the state Attorney General raises numerous issues that should result in his licenses being revoked or suspended: for discipline" against Tupac, including gross negligence, altering patient records, aiding and abetting an unlicensed person to practice dentistry, incompetence and obtaining fees by fraud. The document requests that the Dental Board revoke or suspend his license and pay restitution.

According to the report, his dental licenses remain squeaky clean, despite his own professional regulatory board having multiple complaints against him on file AND have filed their own complaint to the California Department of Consumer Affairs!!

“The Dental Board issued Tupac's dental license in 1974. The board's website does not show any previous disciplinary actions against him.”

In a report on KGET-TV’s website it says “The California Dental Board wants to suspend or revoke the license of…”  Well, then why don’t they??  

Newspaper report: Bakersfield dentist accused of incompetence, negligence

California AG Marc Greenbaum’s complaint filed against Robert George Tupac, DDS

Dr. Li Skelton

This situation with Dr. Tupac sounds much like a situation with an implant dentist in Texas who says their office “specializes” in dental implants – Dr. Li Skelton.  Heck her new clinic even promotes tourism dentistry, just to see her.

Missouri’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit reclaims $’s from Comfort Dental

January 25, 2013

Today’s Medicaid Fraud Recover story is from Missouri, where Attorney General Chris Koster has announced a $50M recovery by Missouri’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

Of course crowing about the recovery and actually recovering the money are two completely different things. Personally, I read it as “We found $50M we were snookered out of and have they con artists an invoice.”

Of interest to me was this part of the statement:

  • Comfort Dental (3 cases):  Comfort Dental – a franchise dental chain based in Colorado with offices in the Kansas City area – billed Medicaid for services provided to individuals who were not eligible for Medicaid, resulting in a total loss to Medicaid of more than $17,000.  Additionally, the Attorney General’s investigation revealed that each clinic double-billed services to Medicaid, resulting in a loss of more than $4,200, and also charged Medicaid recipients for services paid for by the program.

In three separate settlements, the entities paid $66,265.22 to resolve claims of both the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit and the Consumer Protection Division.  The Consumer Protection Division sent checks totaling $6,265.22 to those Missouri citizens who were improperly billed for Medicaid covered services.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Joseph Bernat, DDS now associated with two dental organization nailed for Medicaid fraud.

New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman released a statement this week saying the state had recovered $335M in Medicaid that has been fraudulently obtained in 2012. 

The part I found interesting was the dental, of course.  Media outlets are reporting $1.6 million recovered from Kaleida Health’s – Buffalo Women’s and Children's Hospital Dental Clinic.

From WGRZ:


The state also recovered $1.6 million for excess Medicaid payments on claims for dental services provided by Kaleida Health through the Buffalo Women's & Children's Hospital Dental Clinic.


“Kaleida” and “Buffalo” rang a bell. Then I did some checking, and low and behold there it was: Dr. Joseph Bernat, DDS – Chair and Program Director of Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.


Chair - Director - Bernat







Amazingly, Dr. Joseph Bernat, DDS — who is was so highly respected; who supposedly carries such influence — now has two organization nailed for Medicaid Fraud under his belt: Small Smiles Dental Centers in 2010 and Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo in 2012.

Way To Go, Dr. Bernat!!

Kool Smiles–NCDR, LLC still mistreating children according to parents complaints

Kool Smiles continues its dirty practices and children still suffer the previous trauma this company brought to millions of children over the last 9 years  according to posts over on Topix.


That’s a long time for authorities and dental boards to allow this.  How can any of them explain their lack of action?  I have to assume they think it’s OK.  What a screw up way of thinking!   


Wednesday January 23, 2013 - Be very leery about fraudulent diagnosis from this office. This facility is only interested in taking advantage of low-income families who have access to Hoosier HeathWise and/or Medicaid ... preying on the fact that most of these parents will not question any diagnosis given; ultimately, this facility is billing the government for services NOT needed.

My personal experience:
First of all, parents are not allowed in the back (a BIG red flag), nor shown x-rays, nor consulted in any way. Took my son to this dentist and was "told" that he had FIVE cavities (mind you, I was never shown his x-rays). The office tried to keep us there to do the fillings right then and there. I had an extremely uneasy feeling; therefore, I declined, and stated that I would schedule another time.

We have since consulted another pediatric dentist. Imagine my surprise being told that my son had NO cavities. None. Zero. Zilch. In fact, they told me that he had done an exceptional job keeping his teeth clean and healthy.

My recommendation: Do NOT give your business to a fraudulent business such as Kool Smiles in Terre Haute. Any facility taking advantage of low-income families and the Indiana state government should be audited and shut down for fraudulent business practices.

Tuesday January 15, 2013 - My daughter went to Kool Smiles when she was four for fillings. They put her in a straight jacket and she screamed until her nose bled.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dr. Kristi Ayn Liebau-Grassi doesn’t want to go to jail.

Remember the Erie, Pennsylvania dentist who headed to Texas for a more lucrative position with Pacific Dental d/b/a Modern Dental?  Well, she’s not wanting to go to jail. Didn’t work very well for Robin Lockwood in Oklahoma, however Lockwood’s dental license still appears squeaky clean! Amazing!




Published: January 22, 2013 12:01 AM EST
Updated: January 22, 2013 1:38 AM EST

Former Erie dentist seeks to avoid prison term

By LISA THOMPSON, Erie Times-News

A former area dentist who pleaded guilty to defrauding Medicaid is hoping a judge will spare her a term in federal prison so she can better care for her family.

Federal sentencing guidelines recommend a prison sentence of a year to 18 months for the dentist, Kristi Ayn Liebau-Grassi, who admitted in September that she repeatedly billed the government for dental work that was unnecessary or never provided.

Her lawyer, however, is hoping to convince a judge to give her a lighter sentence because of her clean prior record, her family's needs and she accepted responsibility.

"The defendant is a loving and devoted parent whose maternal responsibilities may be greater than almost anyone who has stood for sentencing before this Court," the lawyer, David Ridge, wrote in a sentencing memorandum filed in U.S. District Court in Erie.

Bileca sells to Matzkin or Towncare affiliates with Dental Care Alliance, it’s the same either way.

So it was announced last week that Florida State Representative Michael Bileca’s Towncare Dental Partners d/b/a Towncare Dental and Main Street’s Children Dentistry and Orthodontics is now “affiliated” with Dental Care Alliance based in Sarasota, Florida.  Of course that means he unloaded the clinics. Who knows he may stay on as CEO, President or whatever he claims to be.  Wonder if Mr. Bileca has bigger political ambitions and needs to rid himself of the DSO?

So, who is Dental Care Alliance?  Beats the hell outta me!  There’s a timeline after the press release.  You figure it out. 

What I do know is Steven Matzkin and Michael Bileca , their respective CEO’s are founders of that nasty group the Dental Group Practice Association (DGPA). So swapping control of dental clinics they illegally operate among themselves is akin to one of those underground “swingers” clubs.

Dental Care Alliance Press Release

dentalcarealliancehqtrsDental Care Alliance Acquires Towncare Dental Partners

Posted on January 16, 2013 by dca

Sarasota, FL – Dental Care Alliance (DCA) announces the affiliation of Towncare Dental Partners (TDP).

“Towncare is an outstanding, well regarded company, and we are excited to have their team join DCA and expand our administrative resources to better support the needs of our affiliated dental professionals,” says Mitch Olan Co-CEO/COO of Dental Care Alliance. “Both DCA and Towncare place the same emphasis on quality care, provider support and patient satisfaction.”

The Florida-based companies have similar operating philosophies and more than 40 years of combined experience supporting the dental profession. The combined company will now manage the administrative services of 145 dental practices in 8 states.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

February “Children’s Dental Health Month”– Parents and School Personnel Beware!

It’s almost that time of year again; February “Children’s Dental Health Month” or as I’ve come to call it “Chop Shop Victim Month”.  Like so many things, what started out with good intentions became a way for the crooks and unsavory dental mills to increase patient volume.  I suspect with their business model taking such a financial hit this past year, patient shopping is high on their list of priorities.

Here’s how it works. 

Schools and daycares in low income areas are called by the dental mill and asked if they would like to have a free dental screening day. All it is, a dental assistant doing a quick visual in each child’s mouth, no instruments used.

Friday, January 18, 2013

TEXAS LEGISLATURE: Health care bills aim to reduce fraud

TEXAS LEGISLATURE: Health care bills aim to reduce fraud

By Matthew Waller Scripps Texas Newspapers
Published Wednesday, January 16, 2013

go sanangeloAUSTIN — Texas lawmakers are looking at ways to cut down on billions in fraud and waste in Medicaid, health funding for the poor, they announced Wednesday.

The question is whether the proposed laws will discourage medical practitioners from operating or accepting Medicaid as payment, a Texas Tech professor said.

Medicaid fraud and waste cost Texas $6 billion from 2004-11, lawmakers said Wednesday.

Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, and chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, plans to tackle that number with two pieces of legislation aimed at reducing Medicaid fraud and improving Medicaid services based on quality of care.

"It's depressing," Nelson said of the reports of Medicaid fraud. "I feel like we're playing Whac-A-Mole. We have one problem uncovered, and we try to deal with it, and then we see another one emerge. … We have to assume our responsibilities and head off some of these problems before they begin. … It's infuriating to hear report after report of the kind of abuses that are taking place."

Earlier this month, for example, the attorney general announced a $36 million settlement with pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Endo on claims that the firms overcharged Medicaid for drugs.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Texas Vows to crack down on dental Medicaid fraud

I’m guessing Texas is not exactly the best market anymore for the Medicaid dental mills and DSO’s in general.

Bio | Email
Posted on January 16, 2013 at 6:48 PM
Updated yesterday at 9:55 PM


AUSTIN — State Sen. Jane Nelson (R-Flower Mound) put it simply Wednesday, speaking to a group of reporters at a news conference in Austin:

"It is infuriating to hear of the kind of problems that are taking place... problems that are particularly serious in Medicaid dental, orthodontia and transportation for Medicaid patients," she said.

For the past two years, News 8 has been investigating the Texas Medicaid Dental program and hundreds of millions of dollars the state has spent on orthodontics under Medicaid.

Sen. Nelson specifically mentioned the parents of Medicaid children who had been solicited by "marketers" bearing free gifts and cash, the subject of several News 8 stories.

Senate Bill 8 is designed to cure some of those abuses.

"It strengthens the prohibitions against solicitation of Medicaid clients," Nelson said. "We heard story after story about that. We are going to prohibit that and make sure it doesn't take place."

So far, the bill does not specifically prohibit handing out gifts and cash to parents to induce them to take their children to certain dentists. Nelson says hearings over the next two months will flesh the bill out.

The legislation also articulates the Inspector General's role in uncovering and reporting fraud, and bans a dentist from participating in Medicaid if found guilty of fraud.

The bill moves Medicaid Transportation into managed care, and directs the Department of Health and Human Services to reduce inappropriate ambulance use.

Even though the specifics of this bill haven't yet been hammered out, there's already huge opposition to it. That's a sign, Nelson says, that as it is, some dentists are making lot of money.


Over 11,500 comments just 24 hours after Yahoo news picks up the story of child’s mouth of metal in Arizona.

January 17, 2013 10:55 AM CSTyahoonews

Since being picked up by Yahoo News, “Arizona mother gets shock after daughter’s trip to dentist” now has over 10,000 comments since it’s post on Yahoo, 22 hours ago.










AZ Child 2









Photos courtesy of and 3 On Your Side

3 On Your Side Reporter Gary Harper:

Gary Harper Bio

Follow: @GaryHarper3TV

3 On Your Side
5555 N. Seventh Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85013
602-207-3333 (phone)
602-207-3477 (fax)

If Dr. Richard Chaet is what is representing Pediatric Dentistry in Arizona no wonder there are so many dental abuse stories coming from that state. At least 1 in 3 that I received come from there.

A Quote from the story and Dr. Richard Chaet, “ Chaet explained that while Savannah's dental work is shocking to look at, it was probably necessary. "This is a child who is obviously very high risk for decay," he said, noting that crowns will save other teeth from deteriorating.

Seriously Dr. Chaet?  Well then for heavens sake let all American’s all get crowns on every in their head to prevent “deterioration”.  Then we won’t need assholes like yourself!

Better yet, let’s all run down to Aspen and have every tooth jerked out of our head and get a crappy set of dentures slapped in!  That would work too wouldn’t it?

Can anyone say, “Agency Capture” well it’s been captures in Arizona and if nothing else this story revealed that much!


Sadly this is probably the best that could be done to repair what the monster dentists did to this beautiful child. 

the fix

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Phoenix child abused by an crooked dentist.

As readers of this blog knows, it’s much more serious than this story has lead anyone to believe. Dr. Richard Chaet is a huge part of the problem and should be ashamed!

This reporter drank the Kool Aid and note the greedy dentist’s who did this didn’t get his name mentioned. I bet the reporter isn't buying what Dr. Chaet is selling any longer.



by Gary Harper

Bio | Email | Follow: @GaryHarper3TV

See all 11 photos »

PHOENIX -- A Valley mom took her daughter in for some routine dental work, but the mom said there was nothing routine about the procedure.

At first, Alecia White thought a mistake had been made so she tried to get some answers. When White didn't, she contacted 3 On Your Side.

White has two beautiful and healthy children, Zach and his little sister Savannah.

"They're my everything," she said. "They're my entire world."
On a recent trip to the dentist, White discovered that little Savannah had four cavities. So, White allowed the dentist to fill them.

"They took her back and I was allowed to go back when they sedated her and after she was sedated, they had me go back out to the waiting room," White said.
White brought her groggy, little girl home when the procedure was done and let her take a nap. However, when Savannah woke up and White looked in her mouth, she saw that every single tooth, top and bottom, were capped with stainless-steel crowns.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dentist acquitted of Medicaid fraud cannot pursue a defamation claim against prosecutors.


Defamation claim dismissed over prosecutors' press release

January 10, 2013
By Jessica Dye

NEW YORK, Jan 10 (Reuters) - A dentist acquitted of Medicaid fraud cannot pursue a defamation claim against prosecutors whom he claimed falsified information in a press release announcing his indictment, a Brooklyn federal judge ruled Thursday.

Brooklyn dentist Leonard Morse was ultimately acquitted of the fraud in 2007. He then sued current and former members of the New York attorney general's office over the indictment and the press release, which announced he had been charged in a "million dollar Medicaid fraud."

In a ruling from the bench, Chief U.S. District Judge Carol Amon said Morse had not shown the press release was false, a necessary element of a defamation claim, as well as two other claims Morse brought in connection with the release.

"A showing of falsity is critical for these claims," Amon said in granting the attorney general office's motion to dismiss the claims.

Sentinel Capital Partners has played big role in DSO cancer spreading across the states

In an article dated January 4, 2011, AltAssets published a story about Sentinel Capital Partners.  It had been announced Sentinel Capital had acquired Chase Doors on the same day it unloaded ReachOut Healthcare. If I remember correctly this is where Morgan Stanley stepped in, with the help and assistance of R. Kirk Huntsman. 

As what usually happens in these type of things, a little history is given; that is where the bodies are found buried.

January 4, 2011


Lower mid-market private equity firm Sentinel Capital Partners has acquired US door manufacturer Chase Doors, on the same day that it announced the sale of dental support service ReachOut Healthcare America.

In both cases, financial terms were undisclosed.

Chase Doors, founded in 1932, produces specialty door systems employed in a variety of industrial and commercial settings including corrosion-resistant doors used for hazardous material handling; cold storage doors used in walk-in freezers and refrigerators; double impact traffic doors used in supermarkets and restaurants; and strip and roll-up doors used in warehouses.

The company’s revenues are evenly distributed across new construction, remodeling and replacement, and maintenance in the retail, industrial, pharmaceutical, food processing and markets.

“One of Sentinel’s areas of focus is branded, niche manufacturing businesses,” said Scott Perry, a vice president at Sentinel.

“Our previous investments in the niche manufacturing sector have given us a keen understanding of how to foster growth for businesses like Chase and financial guidance that positions our team to enhance Chase’s current market position while continuing to grow.”

New York-based Sentinel’s investments in other specialty niche manufacturing businesses include pressure regulator provider Engineered Controls International, industrial lubrication equipment maker Alemite, and Fasloc, which produces roof support systems used in underground mines.

  • ReachOut, which the firm has just sold, provides a diagnostic, preventative, and restorative dental services to underserved children in schools and foster programs, the aged and disabled in residential facilities, and to US Army National Guard units.
  • Sentinel made its initial investment in the company in 2007 in partnership with its two founders.
  • In 2008, ReachOut acquired its largest competitor, Mobile Dentists, acquiring Georgia-based Help A Child Smile in early 2010.
  • Today, (January 2011) ReachOut operates in 25 states and provides dental care to more than 425,000 underprivileged children, seniors, and military personnel each year.

“It has been extremely rewarding to work with the ReachOut and Mobile Dentists management teams,” said David Lobel, managing partner at Sentinel.

  • “ReachOut is now firmly established as a powerful growth platform that delivers critical dental care to large and underserved segments of the population. We are proud to be affiliated with a business that not only has done well for its investors, but also provides a greatly needed healthcare service.”
  • “We are fortunate to have enjoyed considerable success investing in the dental industry and will continue to seek new dental investment opportunities in the future,” said Paul Murphy, a partner at Sentinel.
  • In the past, Sentinel has taken stakes in Castle Dental Centers, sold to Bright Now! Dental in 2004, and Metro Dentalcare, sold to American Dental Partners, in 2007.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Plea Agreements Reached by Two Dentists Admitting to Fraud




Dentist admits fraud charges

By Gordon Dritschilo
Staff Writer | January 12,2013

A Rutland dentist has admitted to billing the government for fake procedures.
Dr. Peter Gray pleaded guilty Friday in Rutland criminal court to four of the 23 charges against him — two felony fraud charges and two misdemeanor charges of false pretense — in a Medicaid fraud case.

The remaining 19 charges are expected to be dropped at sentencing.
Gray’s plea agreement with the Vermont attorney general’s office calls for a sentence of six months to six years in prison, suspended with probation except for 110 days of home confinement. Sentencing is scheduled for late February.
“The resources being what they are, this provided a certainty of a felony conviction and provides protection for the public,” said Assistant Attorney General Linda Purdy.

While Gray will not go to jail under the deal, Purdy said, home confinement is considered a form of incarceration.

“It’s really not as nice as it sounds,” she said, noting that the conditions of his confinement must be approved by the Vermont Department of Corrections. “Nonviolent crimes, money crimes like this, people do not get incarcerated.”

Purdy also said there were “collateral consequences,” such as a five-year prohibition against working in any practice that receives Medicare, Medicaid or Tri-Care funds, and the likelihood that the Vermont Board of Dental Examiners, which has already seen fit to suspend Gray before, could take action against him.
Gray is also required to pay $50,000 in restitution. Purdy said the state had put a hold on roughly $80,000 in Medicaid claims Gray made and that the restitution will be taken from those funds.

Gray’s attorney, Kerry DeWolfe of Barre, did not immediately return a call seeking comment Friday afternoon.

The charges were the result of a 2010 investigation in which prosecutors said Gray repeatedly bilked the Medicaid system by billing for phony procedures. Investigators said Gray claimed to be removing cysts from patients when he was unnecessarily removing healthy tissue.

Gray has another case pending in Rutland criminal court — a lewd and lascivious conduct charge stemming from a claim that he took advantage of a female patient who was under anesthesia. Purdy said the fraud case should have no bearing on the lewd and lascivious case.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Question to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

I demand an explanation why not one dentist is in jail for kidnapping children right off the street and taking them for medical treatment - without a parents consent - before being released.
At the very least the van driver should be jailed!
I'm sure there must be a good legal explanation or surely someone's ass would be in a jail cell down there. Also I'm curious in what other instances is it legal to kidnap children in the Great State of Texas!!
Please point to the law that allows for the kidnapping of minors for medical treatment.

Also is there a minimum age or social status on legal kidnapping for medical treatment. For instance would the kidnapping of Richard Malouf's child for medical treatment be as acceptable as it is for Juan Valdez's child? This is a question that needs to be asked and citizens deserve an answer!

Thank you very much,
Debbie Hagan

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Phew (Pew) Institute latest greatest

In 5 plus years of watching the dental profession continuously reach all new lows, the Pew Institute never disappoints in its complicity. 

Every year, in January and February – sometimes well into March – The Phew (Pew) Institute issues some research or report - usually landing them an audience on Capitol Hill – in which they give reason and need for the latest and greatest scam cooked up by the dental community. This year is no different.

For the last several months I’ve been inundated with information about the “Sealant” scam and how it’s being used to inflate profits while endangering dental health of children. While many may believe this blog is laser focused on papoose boards and stainless steel crowns, don’t be fooled, I hear about ALL kinds of scams!

While I’m going to leave the reporting of the “Sealant Scam” to the professional news people, I’m going to say there is one and the Phew Institute is once again showing evidence of how it they give the scam a façade of legitimacy. Amazing how every time Pew and the scams correlate.

The Phew Report for 2013

Many States are Missing an Opportunity to Prevent Tooth Decay and Reduce Medicaid and Other Health-related Costs


January 8, 2013
Pew’s 50-state report finds that most states are not doing enough to use a proven strategy for preventing tooth decay, unnecessarily driving up health care costs for families and taxpayers. 

Introduction: Grading the States

In both 2010 and 2011, the Pew Children’s Dental Campaign released reports grading all 50 states and the District of Columbia on children’s dental health, relying on eight evidence-based policies that cover prevention, financing, and workforce issues. However, this year, Pew’s 50-state report focuses on prevention, examining states’ efforts to improve access to sealants for low-income kids.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Texas tries to crack down on dental chains that put profits ahead of patients


CPIBy David Heathemail
January 8, 2013

A leading Republican in the Texas legislature, who says she’s outraged by allegations that corporate dental chains put profits ahead of patients, has introduced a bill that would allow the state to regulate chains and forbid them from forcing dentists to meet revenue quotas.

A joint investigation by the Center for Public Integrity and PBS Frontline last summer found that two of the largest dental chains owned by private-equity firms, Aspen Dental Management and Kool Smiles, put pressure on its dentists to meet production goals, prompting complaints of overbilling and unnecessary treatments.

Both companies deny this. And a coalition of dental chains in Texas contends that their dentists have total control over patient care. But the chief sponsor of the bill remains skeptical.

“Several reports, including the Frontline program, have uncovered outrageous activities involving the illegal enticement of patients, especially among our Medicaid providers and often involving dental service organizations,” said Republican Sen. Jane Nelson, who chairs the Senate’s Health & Human Services committee.

Nelson did not name a specific chain. Aspen Dental does not accept Medicaid and has no offices in Texas. But Kool Smiles has clinics throughout Texas, and public records show that the state Attorney General has been investigating Kool Smiles for Medicaid fraud.

Read the entire story at Center for Public Integrity

Friday, January 04, 2013

WARNING to Scotland County, North Carolina Health Department

Apparently Scotland County, North Carolina and it’s Health Department hasn’t gotten the memo about Reachout Healthcare America, Morgan Stanley Private Equity and Elliot P. Schlang, DDS.

What I’m concerned about is this “partnership” between Reachout Healthcare America (RHA) and the Scotland County Department of Public Health. Teaming up with an income motivated private equity firm and ANY department of public health seems to be a VERY bad idea!

Someone needs to warn the county about who they are jumping in bed with. At the very least they should be warned about the astronomical number of  cancer causing X-Rays these children will be subjected to; you know the staff has to make that daily production goal!



Mobile dental clinic returns

by Staff report

01.04.13 - 12:01 am

The mobile dentist program — Smile North Carolina — will return to Scotland County three times over the next three months.

The Scotland County Department of Public Health will host the first session on Jan. 9. The dental team will be at the county health department AT 1405 West Blvd. in Laurinburg from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and 1 to 3 p.m.

There are also visits planned for Feb. 13, and March 12.

Children from 12 months to 18 years of age are eligible for the preventive dental services provided by this program.

“The Smile Program will continue to collaborate with our agency to provide dental care to children under 18 years old” said Cardra Burns, WIC program director at Scotland County Department of Public Health.

Smile North Carolina teams include a licensed dentist and registered dental hygienists. The team will provide and complete all paperwork as a state mandated requirement for the dental exam and provide permission forms in English and Spanish and letters to the parent for every child.

Dental referrals are provided by Smile North Carolina if additional dental work is needed.

Most dental insurances, including Medicaid, cover 100 percent of the services that are provided by Smile North Carolina. For those children without dental coverage, charity care services are available with a parent’s signature on a charity care application. No proof of financial status is asked, health officials said.

Smile North Carolina has been coordinating dental care to children, families, and communities for almost 15 years and is OSHA and HIPAA compliant.

Burns said about 132 Scotland County children have received dental care since June 2012.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

In the wake of Sen. Nelson’s Bill introduced in Texas, two of the worst DSO’s rush to self-promote

December 21, 2012 Texas Senator Jane Nelson introduced SB 151 to require, among other things, DSO’s to stop hiding behind fake owners as they do now. A few months ago, several DSO’s formed a coalition in preparation for their fight in Texas. Evidently, they want to remain in hiding.

Today two DSO’s who are members of the coalition of DSO’s issued a press release; throwing down the gallant so to speak. It’s a great piece of fiction you must read:

prnewsAUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- National Recognition Includes TCDSO Members in its Inaugural "Hire Power" List of "Real Heroes of the American Economy"

The Texas Coalition of Dental Support Organizations (TCDSO) - whose members provide non-clinical business support services to Texas dentists - today congratulated four of its members - Great Expressions, Heartland Dental, Pacific Dental Services, and Smile Brands - who were recognized on Inc. Magazine's "Hire Power" list of "Real Heroes of the American Economy."

Inc.'s inaugural list of 100 Hire Power Award honorees recognizes businesses that are making a substantial contribution to the nation by "adding jobs and rebuilding the economy."

Of note, two TCDSO members - Pacific Dental Services and Heartland Dental - were included in Inc.'s list of the "Top Ten Heroes of the American Economy." They were featured as creating the 4th and 6th most new jobs in America in 2012.

Great Expressions and Smile Brands were similarly featured as creating the 25th and 31st most new jobs in the nation.