Thursday, January 03, 2013

In the wake of Sen. Nelson’s Bill introduced in Texas, two of the worst DSO’s rush to self-promote

December 21, 2012 Texas Senator Jane Nelson introduced SB 151 to require, among other things, DSO’s to stop hiding behind fake owners as they do now. A few months ago, several DSO’s formed a coalition in preparation for their fight in Texas. Evidently, they want to remain in hiding.

Today two DSO’s who are members of the coalition of DSO’s issued a press release; throwing down the gallant so to speak. It’s a great piece of fiction you must read:

prnewsAUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- National Recognition Includes TCDSO Members in its Inaugural "Hire Power" List of "Real Heroes of the American Economy"

The Texas Coalition of Dental Support Organizations (TCDSO) - whose members provide non-clinical business support services to Texas dentists - today congratulated four of its members - Great Expressions, Heartland Dental, Pacific Dental Services, and Smile Brands - who were recognized on Inc. Magazine's "Hire Power" list of "Real Heroes of the American Economy."

Inc.'s inaugural list of 100 Hire Power Award honorees recognizes businesses that are making a substantial contribution to the nation by "adding jobs and rebuilding the economy."

Of note, two TCDSO members - Pacific Dental Services and Heartland Dental - were included in Inc.'s list of the "Top Ten Heroes of the American Economy." They were featured as creating the 4th and 6th most new jobs in America in 2012.

Great Expressions and Smile Brands were similarly featured as creating the 25th and 31st most new jobs in the nation.

"The inclusion of four DSOs in Inc. Magazine's list of top job creators highlights the significant role that dental support organizations (DSOs) play in building stronger local economies and serving as a dependable employer in communities across the state," said Bill Noble, TCDSO spokesperson. "The administrative support services that DSOs provide to dentists are in high demand because they enable dentists to focus their time on patient care, and that demand translates into job creation that is helping rebuild our economy," Noble continued.

In Texas, TCDSO members are responsible for the generation of more than 2,700 direct jobs and $140 million in annual payroll. Member DSOs have also generated over $120 million in capital over the past four years.

For more than 30 years, Texas dentists have benefitted from non-clinical administrative support services that allow them to devote more time to the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective dental care for their patients and less time on administrative duties. Like the medical support services provided to physicians by MSOs for decades, dental support services include facility maintenance, supply procurement, scheduling support, as well as accounting and marketing services.

"The value of DSOs in Texas extends beyond the services our members provide to dentists and their patients and into the hundreds of local communities they serve," Noble continued. "Texas DSOs and the dental practices they support provide thousands of good-paying jobs in Texas for dentists and other dental care professionals and staff. In a still uncertain economy, DSOs maintain an effective, consistent business model that bolsters employment and contributes to the local tax base and economic health of our state."

"Our members' inclusion on Inc.'s list of the biggest job creators in America is indicative of increasing recognition that the DSO model works and brings value not only to dental professionals, their staff and patients, but to the surrounding communities as a reliable employer and economic driver here in Texas," Noble concluded.

Texas Coalition of Dental Support Organizations' mission is to support dentists in the efficient delivery of affordable, high-quality dental care to millions of Texans annually. Members include Affordable Care, Aspen Dental, DentalOne Partners, Dental Group Practice Association (DGPA), Great Expressions, Heartland Dental Care, Pacific Dental Services, Inc., Smile Brands Inc. (Castle Dental and Monarch Dental) and Western Dental (SmileBest Dental). Visit TCDSO online at or connect with TCDSO on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

SOURCE Texas Coalition of Dental Support Organizations

To think, today I was giving serious consideration to closing up shop; people have no idea all the complaints and critiques this blog invites into my daily life. All of which do nothing to enhance it I might add.