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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Drs. Michael and Rebecca Tarver: A Serious Threat to Children? I think so!

The latest report out of Ocala, Florida reveals some of the dangerous practices taking place inside Churchill Dentistry, formerly known as Polliwog Dentistry.  I can’t believe there haven’t been a host of dead children due to these two quacks.

Here are a few items pulled from the latest article:

  • "…Churchill Dental billed Medicaid and the Medicaid recipient for the same service and also delegated their duties to dental assistants who sedated patients,"
  • “…Tarver would tell parents that he had to apply the sealant to the patient's teeth and Medicaid doesn't reimburse him for the procedure.”
  • “…Tarver would use a dental tool called a gold flame bur on the top of the child's teeth where natural grooves and cracks were present and would remove "pieces of healthy tooth…Tarver would then fill the space with a resin composite and bill Medicaid as if he had "filled a one- to two-surface cavity. Parents would later complain because they had received a bill from Medicaid, which charges recipients $25 per tooth for each resin filling, though Tarver had told them their children had no cavities.”
  • “…both dentists would sedate every patient with hydroxyzine, which is used as a sedative to treat anxiety and tension, and with other medications for assistants would weigh patients and report the weight to one of the two dentists, and then one of them would say how many milligrams to administer…sometimes 12 to 15 children were being sedated. The average number, she said, was 10. For most kids, blood pressure and oxygen levels were not checked during sedation, the former office manager said, yet all their charts reflect blood pressure and oxygen readings that were "almost the same."
  • “…Those who didn't respond to hydroxyzine were given Versed, a brand version of midazolam, used to "produce sleepiness or drowsiness and to relieve anxiety before surgery or certain procedures," the report states. Dr. Michael Tarver would inject it into the child's mouth.”
  • “…the dental assistant — estimated that the office would treat 60 patients a day. It was open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday with only the two dentists.”

Read the entire shocking story here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Polliwog Dental f/k/a Churchill Dentistry Raided By Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

OCALA - Investigators were executing a search warrant at a pediatric dental office in Ocala Wednesday morning.

As part of a Medicaid fraud investigation, officials with the Florida Attorney General's Office and other investigators were at Churchill Dentistry, at 255 SE 17th St., the former Polliwog Dental.

Capt. John W. Nicks Jr., of the Florida attorney general's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, declined to give other details about the investigation. He said agents would take whatever has evidentiary value in connection with their case, including anything from computers to papers….

…Ocala Police Department officers were telling patients that the office was closed. Dr. Rebecca J. Tarver, who works there, was not at the office Wednesday morning. Nor was her husband, fellow dentist Dr. Michael Tarver….

Read the entire story at

Monday, November 18, 2013

Florida Dental Board allows Dr. Michael Tarver access to children after Florida Department of Health says he’s too dangerous

Apparently the Florida Board of Dentistry is more concerned about “saving face” of one of their licensees—Dr. Michael Addair Tarver— than they are about the  safety of the public, most notably, children.

At a board hearing on November 15, 2013, the board voted to reinstate the dental license of Dr. Michael Addair Tarver and agreed to a proposed settlement  with a few changes. Reports say the Dental Board members agreed to “reduce the fine imposed by 1/2;  from $15,000 to $7,000 and to removed a stipulation whereby Dr.Tarver must publish a 2,500 word article. (don’t worry, Dr. T, I think the the 2,500 word article is covered)

In September 2013, the Surgeon General and Secretary of Health, John H. Armstrong, MD, FACS, issued an Emergency Suspension Order for the dental license of Dr. Tarver after an investigation of serious allegations of patient endangerment and malpractice.  (see Background below)

According to the Ocala Post article, Tarver admitted he would sedate children if they misbehaved!  This is far past outrageous!  It’s criminal!!!  What next will happen that sends the message it is acceptable to sedate a child for misbehaving?!  Teachers?  Daycare providers?  Parents?  Grandparents?  Does this not scare anyone but me?!

Tarver must also complete continuing education on Ethics and keeping Dental Records.  By reading the Emergency Suspension Order, Tarver knows all about record keeping, since he was able to go into the computer an altered many of them.  Maybe this required CE class is about how to restrain the urge to alter patient records when investigators come knocking.  Reports also say he must be “monitored” by another dentists, someone other than his wife. 

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Former employee of Dr. Michael Tarver says his wife, Rebecca, is not any better with children



Saturday, September 7, 2013

Polliwog Owner Michael Tarver Still Denies Allegations

Ocala, Florida — The allegations continue to stack up against Michael Tarver,  the owner and operator of Polliwog Dental.

The latest developments in this case do not really surprise parents whose children have attended the pediatric dentistry.

Ivy Castillo, a parent who has taken her five year old to the dentistry said, I have experienced first-hand the ‘Dr. Jekyll’ side of ‘Doctor’ Mike.” Adding, “My son told me a couple days later that during this routine cleaning, they made him drink the ‘icky Spiderman juice’, which I have come to learn was their sedative to ‘control’ my child.

Ocala Post has been flooded with horrifying stories of less than mediocre dental care provided by Michael Tarver.

In an E-mail we received from an employee who does not want to be identified, she wrote, “Dr. Mikes wife is not any betterShe was there when her husband man handled those kids.”  She went on to write, “I can understand a wife wanting to stand by her husband, but this is ridiculous.”

Rebecca Tarvers-profile-sm


Rebecca Tarver, DDS, wife of Dr. Michael Tarver.



One parent, who also does not want to be identified in order to protect her children wrote,

All 4 of my children went to Polliwog because they took Medicaid. From the get go the staff was rude and unorganized. The biggest issue was my six year old son and nine year old daughter at the time, came home with big cheek bruises and unwarranted work done. My son who has healthy teeth, was told every time I went he needed fillings. It’s funny but my two older girls (12 & 15) never had issues, I think because they were old enough to speak up or tell on them. Every time my kids went for any work, even a cleaning they told me they would need to give them the happy juice. I am so glad someone finally listened to all of us!”

The allegations against Tarver range from, placing his hands over children’s noses and mouths, over dosing children with the kiddie cocktail“, altering medical records, to actually inflicting physical injuries to young children.

Tarver continuously maintains he is innocent, using Medicaid parents as an escape goat by claiming their children are just misbehaved.

Tarver was questioned by authorities in regards to allegations that he put his hands over a child’s nose and mouth, causing the child to lose consciousness. Tarver’s  response again deflects to the child’s behavior. Tarver stated he remembered the “extremely misbehaved” child, passing blame on to the small child.