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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Small Smiles Dental Centers Liquidation Sale? That’s the latest word I’m getting

Many fake owner dentists have been removed from service, Dr Chu in Phoenix for example has dropped out of sight. Employees have been asking questions for some time and despite denials from company officials, clinics are closing across the county by February 7, 2012.  The Toledo center closed the Friday before Christmas.  (employees found out by seeing the emails between corporate and Dr. Olivia Croom-stupid woman)

The rest of the clinics are up for sale.  Their corporate owner-Church Street Heath Management-Small Smiles Holdings- is trying to pawn the clinics off on individual dentists. Surely CSHM is not stupid enough to offer them financing or management services!  Surely any individual dentist is not stupid enough to take it!  Ask the one dentist who truly does own a piece of his center’s pie.  (Not sure, but I believe that is Dr. Michael Crites.)

Financing should be very difficult for any dentist who might want to purchase any of the clinics since the true income for each center will be difficult to obtain, if not impossible.

In cases where Church Street Health Management does hand over the numbers, they will be based on inflated revenue by the corporation's requirements of overtreatment, up coding (x-rays for example) and out right fraud that continues to this day.

To get an accurate idea of what any center's true income is impossible. Not one of the Small Smiles dental centers has ever operated in a honest professional manner, following any guidelines based in anything other than their own greed; first the DeRose family-Eddie, Michael and Dan, then in fall 2006 the Carlyle Group and First Islamic Bank k/n/a Arcaptia.

As for dentist who work there or have worked there in the past, look for lawsuits to follow you for years to come.

For those who did your best to represent your profession well and treated your patients properly , you should have nothing to be concerned about.

For those that fell under the spell and drank the Kool-aid; assisted in the fraud and abused children, you will get what you deserve. People always do.

For the innocent support staff who will lose jobs, get your resume's out now and I would double think mentioning Small Smiles as a past employer and personally I would not be applying at the other mills, Small Smiles is just the first domino to fall.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Small Smiles Dental closing one of it’s Oklahoma City dental centers.


I’m hearing is only temporary, hope to reopen in the fall.  I hope that is NOT possible by the time fall gets here!

Isn’t Oklahoma where that waterboarding dentist, Megann Scott worked?