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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nothing But Liars! Yes, Kool Smiles, Small Smiles and others

I'm going to tell you, Kool Smiles, Small Smiles and any other dental mill that tell you how they have no rules against letting you be with your child while they torture them are LIARS!  Plain and simple!  And there is no need to complain to your state Dental Board or legislators about any of it, because they don't care!  They know it's happening and they refuse to stop it.  Many of us have been reporting on this since's 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   In my opinion if you go to a dental clinic and all you come away with is the dentist's first name...  ie..Dr. Polly...  Run  like the wind.  They don't want you to know who they really are!  Folks, the people who work in the clinics think you are the scum of the earth and don't have enough sense to get out of the rain. 

Here is the latest complaint about Kool Smiles:

At the time I thought about posting of our horrific experience with Kool Smiles but decided to keep it to myself. BUT SINCE YOU ASKED........went for cleanings on a 9 and 14 yr old...9 yr old cleaning went fine...14 yr old was traumatized..the lady cleaning her teeth had A. a very heavy accent and very hard to understand...B. a paper mask over her mouth...C. a plastic face shield...making it hard to hear her. I watched through the little two way mirror thing they have to watch your kids...(they recommend parents don't go back and baby their children unless absolutely necessary) after watching the hygienist break out the electronic cleaner thingy and torture my daughter who at this time was writhing around in pain...I went through the office and hall to see what exactly was the problem. She was yelling at my daughter to hold still and when asked why she would use that on a child she said they were behind schedule and it would be faster to use the electronic thing. While using that she ran up my daughters gums and cut it so it was bleeding badly and scaring my daughter . We went elsewhere to finish the cleaning.
My 9 yr old that was there was told to pull 3 of his own teeth while he sat in the chair. 2 were very loose so he pulled one out. The second one was not as loose so they used a tool to help but it was choking him while they were working on it. When the tooth came out, it fell in his mouth and he swallowed it. When I questioned why they were pulling the third one that was not even the slightest bit loose the tech said "oh it must be decayed" which it wasn't so I asked for the Doctor and asked the same question ....believe it or not she said the same thing and when I told her to look in his mouth and view the xrays on the light board she recanted and said "oh I see it's because it's a baby tooth with one underneath so instead of waiting we could just pull it" I expressed my opinion of the place to her and the office manager, as well as a few eavesdropping customers, took my son by the hand and left.