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Friday, August 16, 2013

More non-compliance issues and attorneys plan to blame the children for the abuse suffered by Small Smiles dentists

DTM Avatar-TransparentI have the transcripts from the hearing held in Syracuse on Wednesday (14 Aug 2013) and right out of the gate there seems to be a problem right out of the Nashville office with “compliance”.  I’m sure everyone is shocked, right?

Guess who seems to have a problem with it, compliance, that is?  It would be Ms. Linda Zoeller.  What is the problem you ask?  She is having problems “complying” with a court Order issued several months ago.  (I know, stop laughing.)  Of course she is having trouble.  I know, I know, they don’t understand “comply” “compliance” or any other form of “following the rules”.  Yes, I know, Zoeller is the one who files the thousands of falsified documents for the fake owners and yes, I know she is the “keeper of the rubber stamps” (rubber stamp signatures of “owner dentists”), so of course she is not going to be forthcoming in anything she does.  Non of these folks are, they believe to their core laws, rules, standards and guidelines do not apply to any of them!  And frankly, from what I’ve seen so far, they are right; no one makes them follow any rules.

Well, apparently the folks in Nashville are still trying to hide evidence, and Zoeller is assisting in that endeavor.  (Stop it!  I know you are in tears laughing…  lol).  Zoeller issued an affidavit a few days ago and the attorneys, nor the judge can figure out if she (Zoeller) is saying she is finally in compliance with the court’s Order or not in compliance.  Just from my experience, I’m going with “not”. 

Amazingly Zoeller is having problems producing the performance reviews and and evidence on how they disciplined the dentists who didn’t meet the financial goals of the company.  I can’t imagine why they would want to hide that information!  (sarcasm)  You know they actually sent some files with blank performance review sheets in them!  I take that as a big ole F you!

If I were any of the dentists on trial, I would certainly want them shown to the court.  But I guess before that, those dentists have got to stop with the bullshit singing the corporate song and start worrying about saving their own asses.  Have the dentists not realized yet, these attorneys do NOT have their best interest at heart! 

Zoeller  is one old heifer I’d love to see on the stand and under oath, with a special perjury officer standing beside her.  Or, maybe one of those bark collars that shocks her ass every time she lies.  Oooo…what about a lie detector projected on a screen for the jury to see as she is asked questions.  Gosh, I’d buy a ticket for a performance like that, wouldn’t you?  Yeah, I know we can’t do that, but it sure would be fun.  One this is certain, she would likely blow a lie detector machine in about the first 3 minutes or less. 

Anyway, they have been trying to hide this intel for almost a year,(ok, since the beginning of time)  still no one can  figure out if Zoeller is saying she has produced them all or not.  I have a pretty good idea, don’t you? 

Zoeller basically says she is over worked and they are short handed and in the past year hasn’t had time to pull any files.  LMAO!  Zoeller says she is working 80 hours a week.  Well, damnit, I’m close enough to check that out.  Just saying…

Anyway, the judge plans on issuing an “adverse inference” sanction and is going to require Zoeller  to be at the hearing to answer some questions.  Ooo, I might have to make this one. 

The judge says, “…clearly, my view, based on in large part Miss Zoeller’s affidavit about the efforts or lack of efforts that were made, is that an adverse inference is appropriate here.” 

“… I do think that the failure to produce was willful.”

“…it is very clear from Miss Zoeller’s affidavit that they didn’t take seriously this, the obligation to preserve these records, to obtain and preserve these records during the course of the litigation.”

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bids for Small Smiles centers in by May 4, 2012, auction set for May 11, 2012, hearing for court to approve sale (if any) on May 22, 2012–trying to settle malpractice cases in the mean time.

Here is the latest filings in the bankruptcy case.
I think these so called Management Service Agreements these corporations claim they have with fake owners dentists like the Small Smiles clinics should also be used in other places to skirt laws and social practices.

What’s your thoughts?

Maybe they should replace marriage licenses. What about drivers license? I just manage the car, take care of the upkeep, fuel, taxes, etc.

Even in Church Street Health Managements latest filings on Tuesday of this week, they still contend they don’t own them, just manage them. I beg to differ.


Small Smiles Owner Doctors - A. Smith
Small Smiles ownership program – A. Smith
Fraud at Small Smiles? – The employees say yes.

After what you’ve just heard, don’t you everyone who has filed all the legal document, that are subject to perjury needs some serious jail time for each offense.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Small Smiles still soliciting dentists to come to work–it’s wonderful they say!! ROTFLMAO

I just get so tickled with I get stuff like this.


Here we have a flier that Missy Green sent out of the Small Smiles Colorado office, just this week, trying to solicited dentists to come to work for them! 

My first question is what about the Kochenbergers?  Jake and Jenna, did they give it up being - slave hunters for Church Street Health Management? 

Well, clearly Missy Green is stilling trying to recruit. Wonder how she tells sells to dentists how wonderful it will be working for the company saving the underserved children across America with the company in bankruptcy, even their $435 million dollar investment bank – Arcaptia-in ruins. That’s an audio I’d love to hear!

Right now we have people in some clinics who have not been paid their February pay checks. Some are working for pennies, if anything at all, since there are fewer victims to over-treat. Remember, if you’ve been there more than 6 months you are off the guaranteed salary payroll and strictly on the Collection Based Salary – commissions basically.

Heck, there is no telling how many employees who have stuck it out that will be on the “unsecured creditors” list soon. Remember, anything they owe after the filed for bankruptcy on February 20th could surely end up on that very list. 

I know, some are already on there, but they could be “another day older and deeper in debit” and owing their soul to the “company store”.. Why is that dang song in my head… lol

As one person pointed out, they can’t close the 3 patient a day clinics since those are “assets” they need to sell…  Oh, wait, they don’t own those clinics, right?  ROTFLMAO! 

Gosh, dangit!  I just can’t keep that straight in my head. Own, don’t own, owner dentists, lead dentists, associate dentists…  Never have gotten the exact definition of an “owner” dentist, well, not officially, but I have heard it explained on audio.

I guess the owners of those clinics should just sell the equipment and move on.  The owners don’t even have to worry about breaking the lease do they, since Church Street Health Management has their name on those leases.  ROTFLMAO!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Church Street Health Management–Small Smiles Dental, now Arcaptia Bank files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy…Ahhh….Maaaan,

I’m broken hearted, probably won’t sleep for weeks worrying about how many virgins await these assholes in bankruptcy court hell. Evidently physically and emotionally abusing and traumatizing children isn’t as profitable as Arcapita was told, I don’t reckon. First Islamic Bank, Arcapita, it doesn’t really matter what they name the company, crime just doesn’t pay. ACAS, next? According to the “chatter” in the court room last Thursday in Nashville, ACAS holds “Senior” debt of this boondoggle. (oops, I used that word, “chatter” again.  They don’t like that word…  lol..dangit, if they would quit chatting, there wouldn’t be so much “chatter” now would there!!  Just saying…  Sheila, think about it… think of all the times you’ve been out and about talking this crap…you just never know who is listening!)

imageMan, this filing should be interesting!! Sharia Law; Virgins; Allah; Jihad – no telling what all will be listed.  LOL

The Smile Behind Small Smiles
Atif A. Abdulmalik

Arcapita’s Chapter 11 Petition

Arcapita Files for Bankruptcy Protection as Debt Talks Fail

By Arif Sharif and Tiffany Kary - Mar 19, 2012 10:48 AM CT Mon Mar 19 15:48:28 GMT 2012

image                                           Arcapita Bank BSC, the owner of Irish power utility Viridian Group Ltd., filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. after failing to reach an agreement with creditors on a $1.1 billion loan due this month.

Arcapita, formerly known as First Islamic Investment Bank, and five affiliates sought Chapter 11 protection today in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan, listing more than $1 billion in both debts and assets. Arcapita’s board approved the process “to protect their business and assets and implement a comprehensive restructuring,” the Manama, Bahrain-based private-equity firm said in an e-mailed statement today.

The bankruptcy filing is a “logical step by the company to protect its foreign investments and from individual creditors going after the company’s assets in Europe, the U.S. and Asia,” Serge Lioutyi, a London-based distressed debt trader at Citigroup Global Markets Ltd. said in an e-mail today. It “will help the company focus on reaching a consensual agreement with creditors rather than worrying about individual claims.”

Arcapita is among companies in Bahrain that have sought protection to restructure liabilities after the global credit crisis cut their access to the debt market and as asset prices declined. Awal Bank BSC, a Bahrain-based wholesale bank, filed for Chapter 11 in October 2010, while Gulf Finance House BSC reached an agreement with a group of banks led by WestLB AG on a new two-year $100 million Islamic loan.

Failed Refinancing

The costs to insure Bahrain’s debt against default fell two basis imagepoints to 365 today, according to credit default swap data from CMA, which is owned by CME Group Inc. and compiles prices quoted by dealers in the privately negotiated market.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Waller Lansden received retainer payments from Church Street Health Management totaling $400,000 between September 28, 2011, and February 17 of this year.

Read at AM Law Daily

Church Street Health Management

The embattled operator of roughly 70 Small Smiles dental centers in 22 states filed for bankruptcy in Nashville on February 20, listing assets of $895.3 million against liabilities of $303.4 million, according to Bloomberg.

Several years ago, an ABC News investigation accused Small Smiles of mistreating children, something the company vehemently denied. But Small Smiles did reach an agreement with the Justice Department in 2009 to pay $24 million over five years to settle charges that it had billed Medicaid for unnecessary dental procedures performed on low-income children, according to the Nashville Business Journal.

Bankruptcy court filings by Nashville-based Church Street Health Management, the parent company for Small Smiles, show that Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis chair John Tishler ($550 per hour), corporate partner Don Moody ($450), and restructuring partner Kathleen Stenberg ($370) are representing the company in its Chapter 11 case.

Waller Lansden partners are billing between $290 and $600 per hour, of counsel between $150 and $650, and associates between $190 and $335, according to court records, which note that the firm has represented Church Street since 2006 and is thus familiar with the company's operations.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Sheila Sawyer joining Small Smiles Dental Centers as In House General Counsel–the previous candidate backed out.

Sheila Sawyer is leaving Wallar Lansden, where she was partner.  
“For the past five years, Sheila’s practice has focused on litigation and government investigations and during that time she has been instrumental, acting as our outside counsel, in assisting the Company with numerous state investigations, successfully resolving all of them.”
Sheila will be leading the Human Resources team, with consists of among other, DeRose relatives, Jacob and Jenna Kochenberger.  Combing “legal” and “human resources” should be a hoot.
It’s said, Sheila has been “a fan of, and terrific advocate” for Small Smiles Dental Centers Church Street Health Management. 
Sheila’s start day is July 18 if all goes well.