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Friday, June 20, 2008

Virginia, Maryland and DC Dental Salaries for Small Smiles and Kool Smiles

I obtained a print out of the number of dentist employed with Small Smiles and Kool Smiles in Virginia, Maryland and the DC area, here's the breakdown give or take 10 or so.

Small Smiles has about 30 dentists.
Kool Smiles has about 60 dentists.

I've seen ads on the Internet where Small Smiles has advertised a starting salary of $144,000 however it may be more like $125,000 at present. Ok, so that is a wage expense for dentists alone of (using the median, of $135, 000) $4,050,000.00 a year. Remember that is just dentists salaries.
Let's look at Kool Smiles and use the same salary, that is 8,100,000.00 a year in dentist wage expense alone.

$12.15 million between these two companies in one area in one year needed just to make dentist payroll! No wonder they have a quota to meet each day... (clearing throat, I mean "conversion rate" as they call it) No wonder they tie 'em up and rush them through. No wonder they get a bit creative in treatment. No wonder they've been caught in some questionable billing of Medicaid.

Just think of the number of filling, crowns, sealants, etc needed each year to make just those salaries alone, not counting all other supporting staff, office expenditures, advertising, countless attorneys, PR firms, Lobbyists, equipment, buildings and utilities, supplies and on and on.

Just imagine that for a minute. That is just in one small area of the county, that is just in 8 Small Smiles clinics and 12 Kool Smiles clinics.

Just think they have 90 dentists right now doing all they can to make those dollars roll in.