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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Small Smiles Dentist Pay To Be Production Based Only by January 2011-No Vacation-No Holidays-No Paid Time Off

ATTN- Current and Future Small Smiles Dentists.  This is a News Alert!
You are about to get your chance to get the hell out of this corrupt company.  If I were you, I'd take it and run like the wind.  I'm telling you this so you will have time to start looking for work elsewhere.  I also expect you to leave your bad training and treatment habits behind and never touch a papoose board again, unless its an emergency.  I have a very large database and will be checking for complaints for years to come.
In the next few months you are going to be presented with an ultimatum.  Either sign a new contract or you have 90 days to move on to greener pastures.
For those of you who are seeing new ads on the Internet for dentists, BEWARE, it's a bait and switch, read on for clarification.
For all  'sponsored' foreign dentists who are here and enslaved to FORBA, it's time to decide, stay or move back to your mother country.  I would go home.  If you stay with FORBA chances are you will be in deep doo doo with the government before too long.  You won't be able to open your own practice and the market is about to be flooded with out of work dentists.   The dental mills are on their way out… and that leaves you no where to go… A 'Dentist Without A Country' so to speak.
Those of you who are locked in because of student loans, here is your chance to change your ways and find another job and if it were me, I would have done it yesterday.  It's only my opinion, but it's an informed opinion.
Here is what is about to happen:
Currently FORBA VIP's are making the rounds to each clinic with their power-point presentation.  First thing you want to realize is they are going to make this sound fantastic for you, but it is NOT.  They are about to sell you a bag of bullshit, just as they've sold their services to all those poor children and their parents.  FORBA speaks with forked tongue, not sometimes, but always.  You surely know by now you are not working for the most above board company in the world.
In this presentation they are going to tell you it's all on you from now on.  You probably already know this, since FORBA forced you to sign the Corporate Integrity Agreement, they chose to sign with Health and Human Services. 
You are going to have no base salary, no holiday pay, no paid time off, no weekend pay, and NO vacations.  You are about to be paid only a percentage of your production, somewhere between 17 and 24 percent. 
This is FORBA's way of washing their hands clean and hanging you out to dry.  Not to worry, Dr. Stephen Adair will hang you out to dry in a New York minute or quicker if FORBA needs him to do so.  He will say whatever they tell him to say to hang any problems or issues that come up on Y.O.U.
(remember, Dr. Stephen Adair is a NON-practicing dentist, put a drill in his hands and he wouldn't know what to do with it, but he, like me, can sure write or talk about it.  The only people who are impressed with him are other nonpracticing dentists, and they are as useless as screen door on a submarine.)
Remember why FORBA and its Small Smiles clinics have been able to make a billions by it's quantity, not quality care. 
FORBA is going to tell you that they are having to do this because of the Compliance Agreement they signed with the government.  That is not true and I suggest you read the agreement, here. 
If patients don't show up, you don't make any money.  If FORBA fails to bill correctly or fraudulently you get screwed.  Who do you think they are going to say submitted the fraudulent billing, yes, Y.O.U. 
If you think they are breathing down your neck now for production, imagine what is about to come your way.
You will be required to stay at the clinic whether patients show or not.  You will only get paid once a month and that will be what FORBA says you made.  You will also be 'on call' at all times.  Just as if you owned your own private practice.
They are going to tell you they are being forced to do this because of all the expenses they are incurring from having to hire so many public relations companies and law firms.  What they won't tell  you is how much they pay various lobbyist.  Remember they are incurring these expenses because they have stolen millions and millions and millions of dollars of our tax dollars, that includes your tax dollars!  Nothing like getting screwed twice and not even a kiss.
These changes are going to hit Colorado and Indiana first in a 15 clinic startup plan.  FORBA will roll it out for the rest of the company this fall and be completely in place at all clinics by January 2011.
When they come to visit you, ask questions and lots of them.  They are shifting all the responsibility on your shoulders while they call you daily and demand more production. 
You will no longer be able to treat per your education and medical judgment.  You will be required to apply statistical treatment methods on ALL patients.  Other than knowing how to use the equipment in the facility, you won't need to know a thing about dentistry.  They will tell you exactly what you can do and what you can't do, no judgment or patient evaluation needed. Just follow the flow chart treatment.
Of course they are going to paint a wonderful picture with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, and make no mistake sugar plums are all that are in any of their heads…
If they can't sell this to you, they go belly up.  Be on guard! Be job hunting and save your soul from damnation and nullify your contract when asked and do it with glee!