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WANTED - Kool Smiles Dental Centers Pictures

If you have a Kool Smiles near you, I’d very much appreciate if you would stop by and take a picture of their front door and send it to me.


David Milton Lewis, DDS- Barred from practicing dentistry until allegations are resolved. He’s accused of unnecessary root canals and offering rewards for referrals!

Board accuses Sacramento dentist of unnecessary work

By Darrell Smith The Sacramento Bee
By Darrell Smith
Published: Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012 - 12:00 am
Last Modified: Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012 - 11:20 am

A Sacramento dentist has been suspended by the Dental Board of California on allegations of performing unneeded root canals and fillings on the healthy teeth of at least 17 of his patients and collecting insurance payments for work he did not do.

David Milton Lewis was barred by the state board from performing dentistry until the case against him is resolved, officials said.

In addition to causing damage to patients' healthy teeth, the board alleged Lewis submitted numerous bogus insurance claims and offered cash rewards to United Parcel Service employees for referrals.

According to allegations filed by the dental board, Lewis targeted UPS employees because Delta Health Systems, the firm's dental insurer, covered 100 percent of dental treatments with no maximum payment or co- payment.

According to board filings, insurance investigators believe Lewis began performing the unnecessary work as the recession worsened in 2008, with claims soaring from an average of $154,000 a year before 2009 to about $870,000 per year afterward.

A hearing is pending against Lewis, who has a practice at 4350 Marconi Ave.

Read more here:

Parents complaining about Kool Smiles Dental and have been for years I might add–socks over their hands, tied down and blindfolded.

This is the crap you get when you get Private Equity firms, or as I call them, “Lenders for Criminals” are involved in medical care. It’s about the bottom line, not whether treatment is needed, nor is it delivered in professionally acceptable standards!! It’s illegal on so many levels and so far, we’ve not seen an Attorney General with the balls to stop it!

Hey, all you AG’s out there, I’ve got a back up set I’ll loan you! Give me a call! 

Parents Complain About Kool Smiles
By KGNS News

Story Created: Feb 28, 2012 at 10:12 PM CST
Story Updated: Feb 29, 2012
A dental office with a local branch could be in a lot of trouble.
Parents complained about what they call ‘unprofessional treatment’ their children received at Kool Smiles.

They described their kids having their hands covered with socks and tied up while a dental procedure was being done.
[I suppose this is somehow deemed better than Dr. Steven Adair’s Superman Cape idea!]
Some even complained of having procedures done without the proper sedatives.
[I’ve been told over the years, when giving nitrous, they only turn on the oxygen to give the appearance of giving nitrous to parents, bill for nitrous but save on nitrous.  I’d like an audit of amount of Nitrous billed and the amount of Nitrous purchased at each clinic!]
Now a San Antonio law firm says all Kool Smiles locations in south Texas are being investigated.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feds link orthodontist to Medicaid fraud scheme

By BOBBY CERVANTES Copyright 2012 Amarillo Globe-News. All rights reserved.

February 29, 2012 - 12:18am

Feds link orthodontist to Medicaid fraud scheme

Patients and former employees likened the Amarillo Medicaid fraud scheme to “herding cattle.”

Amarillo orthodontist Dr. Michael Goodwin scheduled up to 400 Medicaid patients a day and frequently billed the government for work he never performed, according to court records.

In late May and early July, authorities seized $244,235.67 from five JP Morgan Chase commercial and personal bank accounts associated with Goodwin, his wife and his business.

Goodwin billed the government a total of $1.67 million in fraudulent claims from April 2008 to April 2011, according to a federal forfeiture complaint the government filed Monday seeking to keep the seized money.

Goodwin, who also has an office in Indiana, has not been charged with a crime. His Amarillo office at 3629 Wolfin Ave. was closed Tuesday and messages were not immediately returned.

Goodwin and his wife, Patricia, did not file a claim to the seized money, according to the complaint.

Florida State Congressman Michael Bileca drowning in dental companies. He’s a CPA, not a DMD!

MichaelBileca2What would a Florida State Representative have his name on so many dental companies? Congressman Bileca is on the following either as a member of the LLC, Executive of the Corporation or the Registered Agent. He’s also the treasurer of the Dental Group Practice Association, that nasty little group whose goal is convince Private Equity firms to invest their every last dollar in corporate dentistry as they have defined it.  (FFL seems to be a huge sucker for this one, or they run DGPA..hmmm)

Among the odd things on this list, is there are ONLY dental companies. Not, lawn care companies, not roofing companies, not your general smorgasbord of companies one would expect if he were just their “registered agent”.
Got a complaint about this; don’t write your state representative, he knows all about it.  Contact the Florida State Dental Board:
Department of Health Board of Dentistry
4052 Bald Cypress Way
Bin C-08
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3258
Phone: (850) 488-0595
Fax: (850) 921-5389

Dentist gets plea deal in Medicaid fraud case | The News Journal |


WILMINGTON -- Prominent Wilmington dentist Marieve O. Rodriguez admitted to 10 misdemeanor counts of filing false Medicaid reports on Monday in exchange for state prosecutors dropping 19 felony counts of health care fraud.

Rodriguez will also pay a $100,000 fine, repay $72,000 to the state's Medicaid program and $50,000 to cover the costs of prosecution.

The case against the operator of Gentle Care Family Dentistry on Gilpin Avenue in the city had been scheduled to go to trial this week.

Shortly after the charges were filed against her in August 2010, Rodriguez was allowed to keep operating her practice, though her ability to prescribe medications was suspended by state regulators. Under the terms of the plea deal, Rodriguez will now have to close the practice and will lose her license for at least a year.

Monday, February 27, 2012

What does Michael Dell and Kool Smiles Dental have in common?

Dentistry, that’s what. Dental Care Partners to be exact. Scary! What’s scarier?  Having a Florida State Representative up to his neck in the corruption of Private Equity owned and operated dental clinics!
Dental Group Practice Association (DPGA)f/k/a National Dental Practice Management Association (NDPAM)
Founded 5-14-2007
Sole Incorporator – David Slezak
Founding Members:
Great Expressions 25882 Orchard Lake Road Farmington Hills, Michigan 48336 )

Heartland Dental – Rick Workman*

Midwest Dental – Jeff Moos (Friedman Fleischer & Lowe (FFL)

The Players
David G. Slezak – Sole Incorporator of (DGPA) (non-profit) May 14, 2007
2008- Present VP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Dental One Partners, Inc.
2003 – 2008 VP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Dental Care Partners, Inc.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bankrupt Small Smiles Holdings, LLC list of 1205 Creditors


See the Rest of the list here

Local Dentist Allegedly Caught Doing Drugs Before Treating Patients « CBS Pittsburgh

Local Dentist Allegedly Caught Doing Drugs Before Treating Patients « CBS Pittsburgh

EDGEWOOD PA (KDKA) — The KDKA Investigators have uncovered charges against a local dentist.

Police arrested 52-year-old Dr. Anthony Monteleone on Wednesday in the back parking lot of his office.

They say he was caught snorting lines of suspected cocaine and then going inside Katsur Dental and Orthodontics in Edgewood to treat his patients.

Undercover agents grabbed Monteleone after they witnessed him using what appeared to be cocaine.

“There was a police officer observing what appeared to be drug use,” Edgewood Police Chief Robert Payne said. “It was outside the car.”

Chief Payne, who made the arrest, asked Dr. Monteleone if he had a problem. The doctor, according to the criminal complaint, admitted to using marijuana, Xanax and cocaine.

“He admitted using various drugs over a period of time,” Monteleone said.

Edgewood police acted immediately on a complaint filed Wednesday morning by a witness who alleged Dr. Monteleone was using cocaine and then going back to work on patients.

“We need to protect those people that are certainly patients coming over and expecting to get service from someone who isn’t impaired,” Payne said.

Police found Xanax and a small amount of Marijuana in Dr. Monteleone’s car.

“People are going to doctors and dentists and expecting to have someone work on them that isn’t under the influence of drugs or impaired in any fashion,” Payne said.

Monteleone is charged with possession of a controlled substance and disorderly conduct. KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin reports a check of Monteleone’s criminal history revealed prior drug charges, tax evasion charges and conspiracy charges.

Kool Smiles buying up “complaint” referenced domain names.


Looks like Kool Smiles is preparing for war. Note NCDR,LLC owns approximately 225 other domains! 

C’mom…that’s funny!

Funniest part is the contract email address:

Not so, “private registration”…

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dentist charged with fighting elderly patient

Dentist arrested after brawl with 80 year old woman!

msnbc video: Dentist charged with fighting elderly patient

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Dental Dreams moving into South Carolina under the name–Family Dental

Dental Dreams has opened 3 clinic in SC under the name Family Dental. I suppose they are poised and ready to take former Small Smiles employees and patients, especially since it is right across the street.

Fraud is a renewable resource, I'm reminded. Family Dental is in Greenville, Rock Hill and Columbia. All are staffed with foreign dentist as the other mills. These folks have to go to work somewhere or go back to the mother land. Sad they have gotten into such a pickle.

Family Dental Locations;

6134 White Horse Rd / Greenville
2022 Cherry Rd, / Rock Hill
2941 Two Notch Rd/ Columbia (just across the road from Small Smiles Dental Center)

2941 Two Notch Road

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who is Small Smiles Dental Chief Restructuring Officer?

So who is Martin McGahan, Church Street Health Management’s Chief Restructuring Officer?  Well he’s a director with Alvarez and Marsal – Private Equity Services and more. 

Here is Mr. McGahan’s bio from their webstie.

Martin McGahan
Managing Director

Email Martin McGahan

Martin McGahan is a Managing Director with Alvarez & Marsal Healthcare Industry Group in Atlanta. He brings more than 15 years of healthcare operations and finance experience to the firm.

Mr. McGahan works with healthcare organizations to drive operational and financial performance improvement. In addition, his expertise in corporate finance, restructuring and the raising of capital-including public, private sources of both debt and equity-enables his clients to strategically re-engineer their balance sheets for long-term stability and growth.

Mr. McGahan is presently advising several companies in both the healthcare services and pharmaceutical / bio-technology industries. He is currently serving as Restructuring Advisor to a major provider of Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Housing. He is also advising a Clinical Research Organization on operational restructuring and capitalization alternatives.

Waller Lansden received retainer payments from Church Street Health Management totaling $400,000 between September 28, 2011, and February 17 of this year.

Read at AM Law Daily

Church Street Health Management

The embattled operator of roughly 70 Small Smiles dental centers in 22 states filed for bankruptcy in Nashville on February 20, listing assets of $895.3 million against liabilities of $303.4 million, according to Bloomberg.

Several years ago, an ABC News investigation accused Small Smiles of mistreating children, something the company vehemently denied. But Small Smiles did reach an agreement with the Justice Department in 2009 to pay $24 million over five years to settle charges that it had billed Medicaid for unnecessary dental procedures performed on low-income children, according to the Nashville Business Journal.

Bankruptcy court filings by Nashville-based Church Street Health Management, the parent company for Small Smiles, show that Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis chair John Tishler ($550 per hour), corporate partner Don Moody ($450), and restructuring partner Kathleen Stenberg ($370) are representing the company in its Chapter 11 case.

Waller Lansden partners are billing between $290 and $600 per hour, of counsel between $150 and $650, and associates between $190 and $335, according to court records, which note that the firm has represented Church Street since 2006 and is thus familiar with the company's operations.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Church Street Health Management: Forced into money laundering because of religious reasons? WTH!

On page 4 of Affidavit of Martin McGahan he starts in about the Sharia Law practices of the Bahrainian billionaire banker and it basically says, we had to set up dummy corporations to operate these dental clinics and dummy corporations to run the money through because of religious beliefs!  OMG!

It’s also interesting I might add, that the very law firm who advised that this scam was completely legit is representing them in the bankruptcy.  Wonder whose interest has their top priority.  Just saying… 

Waller – Lansden

This basically comes down to:

A bunch of us shady people got together, found a couple of bankers, the Caryle Group and a Bahrainian billionaire, gave the DeRose family $435 million to get out of the sandbox and let them in for a while.  They tortured hundreds of thousands of children, raided our Medicaid system, and ran up huge bills at various supply companies and law firms. They got caught,and fined and monitored. That cut down on the “take” from Medicaid. Seeing declining profits they scrapped out as much cash as possible thru compensation and leaving creditors hanging, the taxpayer raped and are telling a court in Tennessee that it was their religious beliefs that cause this to happen. PLUS, they want to buy their own company back through more dummy corporations, but not pay their creditors, continue raping the taxpayer and torturing children saying it’s in the best interest of the the children to let them continue raiding the Medicaid coffers. 

I about flipped out when Martin tried to say the business plan was good!  He more or less blamed it on owning the $24 million in settlement with the US Government.  Not sure how he figured that since they’ve only paid back $9M in the last two plus years!!!


Comment: MDavis

Again, I'm back to what's really demonstrated in the McGahan Affidavit.

Seemingly, there's a united front of the true owners of CSHM, The Carlyle Group, Arcapita Bank, & American Capital, masking themselves as First Lien Creditors. This powerful Troika shouldn't hold together, because of very diverse interests.

Firstly, Arcapita Bank's Annual Report goes on for page after page, about their corporate ethics & compliance w/ strict Shari'ah Code. Well, since they can't lend money as a creditor & collect interest, they are an OWNER. They bought equity in CSHM. They will be a prime target of Creditors. But, who got Arcapita Bank into this scheme?

Examining the types of businesses Arcapita Bank invests in, those involved w/ swindles of government money aren't too much there. Ahhh... but let's look at The Carlyle Group. Yes, the very same Carlyle Group w/ heroic founder David Rubenstein, who gives so generously. Yes, the same Carlyle Group which "assisted" the government of Abu Dhabi buy into their investments w/ Mubadala Development Company, which one might assume to be Compliant w/ Shari'ah Code. LOL!

The Carlyle Group seeingly loves government money. Yes, Medicaid money from CSHM (d/b/a Small Smiles). Medicare money from HCR Manor Care and Heartland Nursing Homes. And even, state pension money from the NY State Common Retirement System. Unfortunately, these issues all surround alleged fraud & abuse of government Taxpayer money. They also surround multiple civil malpractice actions. Well, at least persons w/in The Carlyle Group are well-connected in Washington circles, to run political & legal cover. This fact alone must have appealed to American Capital & Arcapita Bank.

So, in the most recent Annual Report of American Capital, they reported an elevated equity share in CSHM. Who motivated American Capital to assume this additional risk, w/ a company (CSHM), which had Compliance problems w/ the USIG's Office, and a laundry list of legal problems. Gee, do I again smell The Carlyle Group?

Investors in CSHM got hoodwinked, by other Investors. So no, I doubt this Troika will hold. Besides, certain Parties like Todd Cruse and Dan DeRose have a history of talking to the Feds, as evidenced in the John Ford (Mister 15%- because of his skim of government projects in TN) Federal Case.

So, who is gonna talk to the Feds first, and talk about what, in exchange for what?
Michael W Davis, DDS

Maybe Small Smiles Dental Center “Owners” Should-Sell-Sell-Sell

Dentists who supposedly own the 67 Small Smiles dental centers that Church Street Health Management says they personally don’t own, could just start selling off your assets, right?.

In the Church Street Health Management-Small Smiles Dental Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filings Martin McGahan, in a sworn Affidavit, stated:

“The dental centers are owned by licensed dentist” (p.2)

He further states CSHM simply:

“…provide “dental practice management services” to 67 dental centers serving low income and underprivileged families in 22 states…”(p1) and have, ..“As of the Petition Date, the Debtors, through EEHC, Inc. (“EEHC”) had
approximately 72 full-time, 2 part-time, and 2 “as needed” employees (collectively, the  “Employees”).” (p.3)

I suppose you owners could find another company to do your payroll and other bookkeeping, since Church Street Health Management is a bit pricey:

Kool Smiles facing claims of alleged mistreatment, excessive...

Not a good week for interstate corporate Medicaid dental mills is it?

Kool Smiles facing claims of alleged mistreatment, excessive... |

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Church Street Health Management-Small Smiles Dental Centers Chapter 11 Bankruptcy “Potential Parties In Interest” List - Who They Owe

I’m thinking this list is the very very short list and will grow!!

Church Street Health Management Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

List of Potential Parties In Interest

ACAS Equity Holdings Corp.

Adventure 3 Properties, LP

Advocate Networks, LLC

AlA Limited

Al Smith

Can a criminal organization file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Morgan Joseph TriArtisan LLC has been hired by Church Street Health Management to oversee the sale of assets it claims to not own-referred to herein as “mystery assets”- remember, CSHM has always maintained it is simply a management company hired by independently owned Small Smiles dental centers to “manage” the day to day operations. LIE LIE LIE

In the Affidavit of Martin McGahan, he lied like a dog on page 2. The dental centers are NOT owned by individual dentists and CSHM has admitted as much.

CSHM will pay Morgan Joseph-referred to as “Investment Banker”-$75,000 a month, plus expenses, to provide financial advice, assist in capital raising,  and/or the sale, of CSHM’s “mystery assets”.  This should be fun to watch!

I’m thinking that is far from a fair fee; David Copperfield demands much more to perform magic tricks.

I believe the last company to assisted in the sale of this illegal operation (the DeRose’s sale to Arcaptia and the Nashville crooks) failed to do their due diligence.

Here is an excerpt from the Retention Agreement between CSHM and Morgan Joseph- (link to the full agreement at the end)

[FYI-employees weren’t told until this morning. But told there was nothing to worry about, money would be coming soon. LMAO! ]

Church Street Health Management Files for Bankruptcy With Plan for Sale - Bloomberg

I’m not really a betting person, but I’m guessing, the Small Smiles at Church Street Health Management are now down to wee little bitty smiles.  No, I’m sure they are down right frowns and have been for a while now. 
Want to take a guess where there is a ‘Big Smile” ? 
Maybe Interstate corporate dentistry is NOT exactly the investment Private Equity firms think it is! 
Read on…  documents related to the case at the end.
Church Street Health Management Files for Bankruptcy With Plan for Sale – Bloomberg
Church Street Health Management LLC and four affiliates, providers of management services to 67 dental centers, filed for bankruptcy as part of a plan to sell the businesses.
The companies had assets valued at $895.3 million and debt of $303.4 million, according to Chapter 11 documents filed yesterday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Nashville, Tennessee, where Church Street is based.
A sale in bankruptcy is the “best option to maximize the value of the assets for stakeholders and to safeguard the welfare of the patients,” Martin McGahan, Church Street’s chief restructuring officer, said in court papers.
Affiliates Small Smiles Holding Co., Forba NY LLC, EEHC Inc. and Forba Services Inc. also sought court protection from creditors. Small Smiles is the parent of a group of companies that provide management services to dental centers serving low- income families in 22 states.

Documents Related to Small Smiles Dental Center’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


Some of the highlights of the Top 20 Creditors are:

Creditor Amount Owed
US Govt toward $24 settlement $10,714,233.36

Michael G. Lindley

Alfred J. Smith $674,545.81
Henry Schein, Inc $568,478.11
Shary Retail, Inc, $542,125.00
Seeway Asst Mngt $326,162.00
Shearman and Sterling, LLP $310,700.20

So, has this captured the attention of the other Interstate children Medicaid dental mills?  You bet!  Visitors to this site today come from several other corporate mills, including Ocean Dental out of Stillwater, OK. 

Comment MDavis:

Yes, the Affidavit of Martin McGahan is particularly troubling in its veracity, or lack there of.

"In many cases, SSHC or CSHM has guaranteed the dental centers’ performance under those leases or assumed obligations under existing guarantees." That is the action of an OWNER, not a distanced management service organization (MSO).

On page 2, "The dental centers are owned by licensed dentists." Sorry, that simply doesn't pass the smell test either. These bogus figurehead dentists were paid an addition sum, to pose as "Owners" for State Regulatory Boards. We also realize from Case Law in Orthodontic Centers of America, Inc No. 07-30430 (Fifth Circuit (Texas) 12-30-2008) that the Court found these typical management services (from MSOs) constituted the practice of dentistry.

On page 3, "The Debtors do not own any real property." Even if the real estate is leased, the dental equipment has a tangible value, and dental equipment doesn't come cheap. This dental equipment is no longer owned by the former owner "Old FORBA" (the DeRose, group). The bogus "Lead Dentists" don't own it. It's an asset of value to Creditors.

On page 4, there is mention of Shari'ah Law. This was to conform w/ the investment of Arcapita Bank. Well guess what? Under Shari'ah Codes one can't make loans, and generate profits though interest payments. An investment banking firm, i.e. Arcapita Bank, may buy into a business, then later sell off the business, hopefully generating a profit. This makes the Party buying in, a Partner in the business. They share risks, liabilities, & potential profits. So, we're now talking about potential fiscal liabilities of Partner, Arcapita Bank, and not simply CSHM.

Page 4 & 5 get more into the "dance" of compliance w/ Shari'ah Codes. Ever read the Annual Report of Arcapita Bank, & the pages directed to their strict compliance w/ Shari'ah Codes? It certainly looks like they go to lengths, to avoid issues which they seemingly hold highly ethical. Does it break w/ Shari'ah Code to be involved in business, which harms small children & defrauds the taxpayer? Heck, just read the Release of the US Justice Department, w/ the $24 Mil Settlement.

Page 7 gets into who they want to establish as First Lien. In other words, CSHM goes bankrupt, and the real owners, the investment bankers of Arcapita Bank, The Carlyle Group, and American Capital are first in line to collect. That doesn't pass the smell test either. Do you believe a Bankruptcy Court would buy into that? Representatives of these Investment Companies openly sat & served on the Board of CSHM. They were involved in business decision making, or were positioned to do so, even if they attempt to pass the responsibility.

Page 10 "The Company is party to a Management Services Agreement (“MSA”) with each dental center for which the Company provides management services (collectively the“Dental Centers”). Pursuant to each MSA, the Company provides the Dental Centers with management services such as billing and collection, bookkeeping, accounting and tax services,dentist and staff recruitment, payroll services, human resources, information technology support,equipment and supplies procurement, leasing, repairs and capital improvements, and assistance with compliance, legal issues, governmental affairs, and licensing and permitting. In exchange for providing these services to the Dental Centers, the Company receives a management fee from which it funds its operations." This is all the activity of Practice of Dentistry, and OWNER of a Dental Practice. “Dental Centers”). Pursuant to each MSA, the Company provides the Dental Centers with management services such as billing and collection, bookkeeping, accounting and tax services, dentist and staff recruitment, payroll services, human resources, information technology support,equipment and supplies procurement, leasing, repairs and capital improvements, and assistance with compliance, legal issues, governmental affairs, and licensing and permitting. In exchange f r providing these services to the Dental Centers, the Company receives a management fee from which it funds its operations." This is all the activity of Practice of Dentistry, and OWNER of a Dental Practice. They spell it out, in attempt to circumvent reality.
More later.

The attorneys will have fun over this nonsense.
Michael W Davis, DDS


Comment Debbie:

Just think, there is 35 more pages of this BS for this document. Ole Martin failed to mention, at least so far as I’ve gotten through this, that it’s management services are in exchange for 100% of the profits, and we give the owners of the clinics a flat fee of $1250 for each clinic!  It’s that just a upside down and backassward way of saying, we own and operate dental centers and the dentists are our employees! Guess, the word management has taken on an all new meaning….  No, I just mange that car in the driveway for the bank.  Yep, that works for me if any liability issues were to come up.  LOL

Comment: MDavis

If I were a Creditor, I'd also do serious background check into real estate assets, especially the early clinics established in CO, NM, & AZ, by the DeRoses. I would not assume, at face value, all the real estate is leased. It may be leased through yet another dummy corporation, of The Carlyle Group, Arcapita Bank, & American Capital.

Yes, this takes the effort of going to County Records & Deeds. Anyone familiar w/ this blog will soon recognize certain names & titles, to have an eye open for.
In my time, I've met certain Judges, who've presided over Federal Bankruptcy Court. IMHO- they won't broker liars or BS. And, they've seen every scheme in the book. They've got a HUGE case workload, and have no time for manipulators & cheats.

The Martin McGahan Affidavit is a HUGE risk, by The Carlyle Group, Arcapita Group, & American Capital. If right from the get-go, these parties appear the schemers, which they are, the Judge is likely to get POed. And believe me, one doesn't want to be on the wrong side of a POed Federal Judge.
Michael W Davis, DDS

Dr. Todd Bjur–Savannah Fake Dental Center Owner

Nothing brings me greater pleasure much more than when Church Street Heath Management puts one of their "fake owner" dentists on TV. I dare someone to ask him if he really owns his Small Smiles dental clinic and if he practices dentistry with the patients interest in mind, or Arcapita Bank's best interest in mind.

According to documents filed with the Georgia Secretary of State, Dr. William Nash, DDS is the CEO, Dr. Danial Spears, DDS is CFO and Dr. Todd Bjur is Secretary.  In reality none of these guys own this clinic or any other in Georgia but receive $1250 each pay period for allowing his name to be used on state business forms.  Forms, likely he didn't even sign but were rubber stamped with his signature.  He and Dr. Danial Spears were both paid this amount. It's a mystery why Dr. William Nash would put his name on these documents

Watch this at WSAV Savannah GA

Not a soul looks happy to me. But I see a lot of stainless steel crowns!

First off, it doesn’t look to me that all these children need free screenings.  Second, it’s not free…  nothing is.  Rest assured the taxpayer is picking up this dime, which is all well and good, IF… and that is a HUGE if…  It’s needed.  Looks to me like at least one of these children were regular patients.  Just saying..





A trip to the dentist is a visit that's often dreaded by children and their parents. 

For children, a dental checkup can be a pain in the mouth. For parents, it can be a pain in the pocketbook.

"It's expensive," said Hilda Calderon, mother of 7-year-old Crystal Calderon.

Calderon got a break on Monday morning when Texas Smiles Dental Center offered free dental screenings in recognition of National Children's Dental Health Month. 

They called it "Healthy Smile, Happy Child Day".

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Private Equity's slave trade in America.

This may come off as racist, but it is not. I say this because its true, inhumane and needs saying.

Our dental offices are beginning to look like nail salons!

Private Equity firms are bringing foreign trained dentists to assist them in stealing every last dollar they can from our Medicaid system. They are doing this by training the unwitting immigrants to over treat and under protect children, preferably under age 5, in our poorest communities, through Medicaid dental chop shops.

Private Equity firms, such as the Carlyle Group and others are brain washing the foreign professionals into believing they are serving the poor here in the US.

Little do the poor souls know they are being brought here to assist Private Equity firms in raiding the US treasury. Not until it's too late, do they realize what has happened; they are not here to bring a better tomorrow to our children as well as themselves.

This seems to be a business model the greedy in America are unwilling to stop.

Just because they are flown in on a jet instead of a wooden ship crossing the ocean does not make it different.

Today instead of plantation owners it's executives of Private Equity firms, but still the same ole shit.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Kool Smiles facing alleged claims of mistreatment, excessive... |


By Kandolite Flores

EL PASO, Texas —

Kool Smiles Dentistry for Kids is the target of  San Antonio attorneys who are soliciting claims against the dental offices for allegedly using force on children or providing unnecessary treatment.
KFOX14 took a look into the claims.
TV ads sponsored by the attorneys are dark and allude to dental nightmares for children.

They are attention-grabbing and prompted KFOX14 to ask parents via Facebook about their own Kool Smiles experiences.
We received nearly two dozen positive responses, including Penelope Alba, who has been taking her two children, Greg Diaz and Ada Alba, to Kool Smiles for years. She said her kids love Kool Smiles.

Dr. Mark Jerman–Ohio-indicted on prescription fraud.

A Franklin County grand jury indicted a "Top Dentist" on Monday after he allegedly wrote false prescriptions to employees and friends.

Mark Jerman allegedly wrote false prescriptions for hydrocone pills, according to Franklin County prosecutor Ron O'Brien.

According to O'Brien, Jerman, 45, allegedly wrote prescriptions to employees and friends who were not treated as patients.  They would allegedly fill the prescriptions and bring the drugs to Jerman.

Jerman was named to a list of "Top Dentists" in the December 2011 edition of "Columbus Monthly."  His arraignment was scheduled for Dec. 16.

[It can’t be more evident that “Top Dentist” criteria standards are very low at the “Columbus Monthly” publication in Ohio.  This is humiliating for them, or at least should be.  I don’t even want to know who was “Bottom Dentists” !]

From Jerman Family Dentistry webstie:
Dr. Mark grew up in Central Ohio. He graduated from Upper Arlington High School in 1984. In 1990 he graduated from The Ohio State University in Economics. After several years working in the dental industry for Patterson Dental Supply, Dr. Mark decided to fulfill his dream of becoming a dentist like his father. He attended The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1999.

During his 10 year career in dentistry, Dr. Mark has taken many hours of continuing education courses to ensure he is providing the most advanced dentistry available to patients.

Dr. Mark and his wife, Debbie, live in Upper Arlington with their two children, Taylor and Jason. Family and friends are very important to Dr. Mark. He also loves golf and when it's warm and he is not in the office, he is on the golf course. Dr. Mark is a member of the American Dental Association, the Ohio Dental Association, the Columbus Dental Society, Columbus Dental Veterans and the Seattle Study Club.

Update: February 17, 2012

John Futty

The Columbus Dispatch
Thursday February 16, 2012 12:39 PM
A Worthington dentist was placed on probation for two years and fined $500 today for feeding his
addiction to pain pills by writing prescriptions that were filled by employees and friends.
Mark S. Jerman, 45, pleaded guilty in Franklin County Common Pleas Court to five counts of
illegally processing drug documents.

Judge Guy Reece imposed the sentence, which was recommended by the prosecution and defense.
The judge said he would send Jerman to prison for eight months if he violates the terms of
his probation, which include continuing treatment for his addiction. Reece also suspended Jerman’s driver’s license for six months but will allow him to drive for work or treatment.

Jerman, of Burbank Drive in Upper Arlington, has a dental practice at 510 High St. in

Jerman’s dental license remains active, but the Ohio State Dental Board is likely to take
disciplinary action at its next meeting on April 11, said Lili C. Reitz, the board’s executive

In the meantime, Jerman could reach an agreement with the board that would suspend his
license while he undergoes treatment, Reitz said.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Virginia Regulatory Commission asking for public comment on Dental Rule change to help save lives - Dentists Appose The Rule Change

The Virginia Regulatory committee is asking for public comment on a rule change that would require dentist to train in the 6 links of survival for emergency preparedness. 

I sit here shaking me head astonished. For some reason I'm still surprised, dentists are opposing this. Every person opposing the rule change are dentists, their patients are supporting it! The dentists are citing reason after reason but basically it's too "burdensome" or "costly" on their asses! Their patients are citing their lives need protecting!

8 Children have died in the last 12 months
20 Children since 2007
Is a first-aid kit too much trouble and costly as well??

It's simply training in the 6 links of survival~!

Dental Treatment Deaths - 20 Dead Children Since February 2007

Deamonte Driver dies in February 2007, from a brain infection due to a cavity. 

Since then there have been at least 20 children die during or just after dental treatment.  Those are just the ones we know about.  It is my personal belief there are three others in 2011.

The pediatric dental community stormed the halls of Congress demanding better access to dental treatment. In the process of trying to do something good, as what many times happens within the Halls of Congress, a good intention has gone terribly wrong. 

Children are dying at a lightening speed, children are being over treated with high reimbursement procedures where the money lands on Wall Street and state budgets are off the charts.  But NOT a soul, NOT ONE, from the Pediatric Dental Community has made their way to the halls of Congress demanding something be done to stop the deaths from the dental treatment its self.  1 can die from lack of treatment, 20 can die because of treatment, and we can't even get a 2 minute segment on the morning talk show to run a story sitting in their vaults.


ABC News has had a segment filmed and completed for well over a year.  It was to be shown on Good Morning America.

NBC News started to film a story about this in mid December 2011, the postponed it. Likely didn't plan to run it at all.  Then the next day or two, a couple of teens dies during Christmas break.  They decided to bring everyone back to NYC and film the segment the first week of January.  Not seen it yet!!

3 year old Juan Quiej's and 6 year old Kyneicha Pagan death by Dr. Patrick Bamgboye, DDS - Both children Papoosed!

NEWARK — An Irvington dentist who was disciplined by the state after a 6-year-old girl died during a routine procedure eight years ago is again under investigation following the death of a second child in his care last week.

Patrick Bamgboye, 64, was still on probation for the earlier incident when 3-year-old Juan Quiej and his mother arrived at Dental Health Associates last Wednesday.

Juan, who was there to have cavities fixed, was restrained in a cocoon-like papoose to limit his movement and administered a local anesthetic, his mother said.

[FYI to investigators - There was a death much like this in NM a few years ago. Dr. Mathew Nolen, since deceased was working for Dr. Eddie DeRose at the time in the Small Smiles Dental Clinic]

Shortly afterward, the boy went limp, his lips turning blue. He had stopped breathing. He was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

- Dr. Patrick Bamgboye-Another dentist has killed two children - One in 2004 and another one last week

Two sets of parents are demanding a criminal investigation into the same dentist in New Jersey. 

A child from both families suddenly died after routine visits to the dentist.
"He was my dream.. My future. The light of my life," said Jose Quiej, the patient's father.

Little Juan Quiej was just three years old and suffered cardiac arrest during a routine dental procedure. His mother watched helplessly as Juan slipped away.

"I started shaking and crying," Antonia Chajchalac-Garcia, the patient's mother said, "To this day, I don't know what happened or why."

She brought her son to Dental Health Associates in Irvington, New Jersey.
The procedure was conducted last week under local anesthesia by Patrick Bamgboye.

His dental license was suspended after a six-year-old patient died under somewhat similar circumstances in 2004.
"This is shocking, and they should have done something in the first place," said Farah Torres, the patient's mother.

Kyneicha Pagan had cerebral palsy and suffered a seizure.

But, his license was suspended for, "Failing to obtain an appropriate medical history, failing to adequately assess the patient's medical condition, and failing to ensure all emergency equipment was available."
Dr. Bamgboye, the board concluded, "Has engaged in repeated acts of negligence."
State regulations allowed the dentist to resume practicing under probation.
Joseph Ginarte is now representing both families.

Has your child suffered injury due to the unnecessary orthodontic Medicaid treatment in Texas?

I'm hearing a firm in Texas is interested in Texas Orthodontics cases.  Here is the contract information.

4203 Montrose, Suite 150
Houston, Texas 77006
713-528-0700 or 800-677-7095

Moriarty-Leyendecker on Facebook

Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement yeilds record breaking amounts

HHS released their annual report today on their efforts to control Medicare Fraud and the amount they recovered in Fiscal Year Ending 2011.  They are reporting a record amount recovered a whopping $4.1 billion dollars. Of course every year is a "recording breaking:" amount. 

I'm not so sure this is anything to brag about, I'm leaning toward NOT!

I'm thinking if every year I was returning a record number of cows to the barnyard, I would not qualify for a bonus. I'm just guessing, but I think I would be fired for continually letting a record number escape.

Just saying...
$2.5 billion was recovered in 2010
$1.63 billion was recovered in 2009
$1 billion was recovered in 2008
I'd like to see that number down to all but $0!  

February 14, 2012

Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Efforts Result in Record-Breaking Recoveries Totaling Nearly $4.1 Billion

Largest Sum Ever Recovered in Single Year
WASHINGTON –Attorney General Eric Holder and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today released a new report showing that the government’s health care fraud prevention and enforcement efforts recovered nearly $4.1 billion in taxpayer dollars in Fiscal Year (FY) 2011.  This is the highest annual amount ever recovered from individuals and companies who attempted to defraud seniors and taxpayers or who sought payments to which they were not entitled.
These findings, released today, in the annual Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program (HCFAC) report, are a result of President Obama making the elimination of fraud, waste and abuse a top priority in his administration.  The success of this joint Department of Justice and HHS effort would not have been possible without the Health Care Fraud Prevention & Enforcement Action Team (HEAT), created in 2009 to prevent fraud, waste and abuse in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and to crack down on the fraud perpetrators who are abusing the system and costing American taxpayers billions of dollars.  These efforts to reduce fraud will continue to improve with the new tools and resources provided by the Affordable Care Act.
“This report reflects unprecedented successes by the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services in aggressively preventing and combating health care fraud, safeguarding precious taxpayer dollars and ensuring the strength of our essential health care programs,” said Attorney General Holder.  “We can all be proud of what's been achieved in the last fiscal year by the Department’s prosecutors, analysts and investigators – and by our partners at HHS.  These efforts reflect a strong, ongoing commitment to fiscal accountability and to helping the American people at a time when budgets are tight.”  more here
Prior Year Reports

Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control (HCFAC) Fact Sheets

Prevention and Public Health Funds for your state


September 23, 2011

Moving Aggressively on Improper Payments

Today, the Washington Post ran a story about an Inspector General report that showed that from 2006 to 2010, the Office of Personnel Management paid $601 million to retirees who are dead.
Unfortunately, paying people the wrong amount or paying the wrong people – what we call “improper payments” – has been happening in the Federal government for far too long, and it is just plain wrong. It’s why, as faithful readers of OMBlog know, the Obama Administration has moved aggressively against improper payments and wasteful government spending since day one.
President Obama set a goal of preventing $50 billion in improper payments and recapturing $2 billion in erroneous payments. The Administration has taken important steps towards achieving the President’s goals, which have yielded early results.
In 2009, the President ordered agencies to identify programs with the worst records in this area and to select a senior official to be held accountable for coordinating agency program integrity efforts. The Administration set up a public website to track progress on reducing these payment errors and hold leaders accountable and called for action against government contractors for failing to report significant overpayments received on government contracts in a timely way.
In 2010, the President directed that Federal agencies use technology to attack this problem and return billions of erroneous payments to American taxpayers. As the Vice President announced in June 2010, we have expanded the use of cutting-edge fraud mapping tools to gather enormous quantities of information in real time, analyze the data, and connect the dots to identify indicators of possible fraud or error. ...more here



Monday, February 13, 2012

Dentist admits filing false Medicaid reports | The News Journal |


WILMINGTON — Prominent Wilmington dentist Marieve Rodriguez admitted to 10 misdemeanor counts of filing false Medicaid reports today in exchange for state prosecutors dropping 19 felony counts of health care fraud.

In addition Rodriguez, who operates Gentle Care Family Dentistry on Gilpin Avenue, will pay a $100,000 fine, repay $72,000 to the state’s Medicaid program and $50,000 to cover the costs of prosecution.

She also agreed to have her license to practice medicine suspended for a year and to not participate in the state’s Medicaid program -- should she get her license back -- for at least five years.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Culture of silence is ending

It is unacceptable when people of authority allow their own interests and greed, influence the treatment of children; be it teacher, doctor, dentist, or therapist.

Nothing less than jail should be acceptable for each person involved. Are we beginning to see a slight advancement in this area? I hope so.

Financial profits of the greedy and executives at private equity firms are over riding professional standards of care in corporate medicine, especially dentistry and troubled teen youth centers.

When a top pediatric dentist in America, Dr. Steven Adair,suggests to dentists working for a corporation where he is an officer, the chief dental officer and head of the advisory board, that using a pillowcase to tie a child down for dental care, as to speed treatment, it is not exactly a high point! ( see Superman Cape) Does Dr. Adair teach this to hid student in Georgia?

Many times it's the same slithering snakes, who move from venue to venue, with the assistance of companies like McBee and Associates, a Medicaid revenue finder for medical professionals.

The culture of silence is ending and presently a handful, and growing, group of brave, strong, and outspoken people are being heard I for one am determined to bring this to an end, at least in the dental profession.

No longer can these abused go unnoticed and unquestioned. The Internet has made information about corruption available for the world to be advised.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

WR man charged with practicing dentistry without a license - Crime & Courts -


A dentist who surrendered his license in 1993 was indicted Tuesday on allegations he practiced dentistry without a license in 2011.

Chester Kyle Little, 58, of Warner Robins, is accused of performing dentistry from June 30, 2011, to Aug. 25, 2011, at an office located at 2533 Hillcrest Ave. in Macon, according to an indictment filed Tuesday in Bibb County Superior Court.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Babies for braces? News 8's Medicaid investigations continue | Dallas - Fort Worth


DALLAS - No one would say being a single mom is easy. Especially being a single, teenage mother.
But the State of Texas appears to be encouraging teenage girls to become pregnant so they can receive free dental care under Medicaid.

Our investigation last year found hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money spent for free braces on kids' teeth under Medicaid. That spurred a federal investigation, because cosmetic braces aren't supposed to be paid for under Medicaid.
If that is an example of good intentions gone bad, Latricia Banks and her mom, Patricia Jones, may exemplify a good idea gone terribly wrong.

For them, home is a tiny, wooden house in the shadow of Dallas' skyscrapers, which they share with Latricia's 82-year-old grandfather. It is a household held together with love, not money. Medical and dental care came mostly through Medicaid.
A little more than two years ago, Latricia's mom got a postcard in the mail, like many people in the neighborhood.  Access Dental was offering to provide free braces for qualified children like Latricia, then 17 years old.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Pediatric Dentistry’s Revolving Door

We hear a lot about the “revolving” door in Washington, but seldom does anyone talk about the revolving door within agencies and professional organizations.  The same organizations that write the rules, regulations, tests, and guidelines that effect each of us in a more personal way. The same organizations that states and lawmakers trust to protect the public from harm. Chances of corruption are 100% when there are no checks and balances.

Their Publications and Studies

Looking are various websites including the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), you find publication after publication, study after study, dating as far back as the early 1990’s to the present.  Just about all of them are, rewritten and republished studies that are merely mashups of their own previous written articles and studies.

Here is just one of hundreds of examples :

Journal of Dental Education – Vol. 68, Number 1

General Dentists’ Perceptions of Educational and Treatment Issues Affecting Access to Care for Children with Special Needs. 
Written by:
Paul Casamassimo, DDS, MS;
N. Sue Seale, DDS, MS;
Kelley Ruehs, DDS

Casamassimo PS. The great educational experiment: has
it worked?
Spec Care Dentist 1983;3:103-6.

Seale NS, Casamassimo PS. Access to dental care for
children: profiling the general practitioner who treats
young and low-income children.
J Am Dent Assoc

If you get to looking at all the professional opinions, publications, studies, and continuing education courses concerning pediatric dentistry, the same names are there over and over.

Engine trouble eyed in plane crash - The Pueblo Chieftain: Local News


Posted: Saturday, February 4, 2012 12:00 am

Engine trouble eyed in plane crash By NICK BONHAM | ​ The Pueblo Chieftain | 0 comments

An engine problem appeared to have caused the Thursday night slide-off of a Learjet at Pueblo Memorial Airport, a preliminary report by the Federal Aviation Administration said.

DeRose Learjet 35 photographed when owned John Denver

The plane "lost power in right engine during take-off and ran off side of runway," the report said.

Due to weather conditions, investigators with the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board won't arrive in Pueblo until early next week, said Mark Lovin, airport director, on Friday.

No one was injured in the Thursday night crash. The private plane was occupied by the prominent DeRose family of Pueblo. The group was taking off in poor weather conditions to Las Vegas to watch the Super Bowl. Lovin, however, has said it doesn't appear the weather was a factor.

The report said the plane sustained "substantial damage" in the crash. The name of the pilot has not been released.

The DeRoses were on Learjet ID number N31WS, which was once owned by singer John Denver, according to

"John Denver took delivery of this Lear in 1975. He named it WindStar 1. He created WindStar Aviation. His father, Dutch, was the chief pilot," the website said.

Records show the Learjet is now owned by Extra Point LLC, in Delaware. The plane's most recent flight was from Centennial to Pueblo on Jan. 27.

The Learjet was removed from the side of the runway late Thursday night and is being stored at the airport for investigators.

The airport was closed following the incident but was reopened Friday morning.

Engine trouble eyed in plane crash - The Pueblo Chieftain: Local News

Friday, February 03, 2012

DeRose Learjet crashes at airport - The Pueblo Chieftain: Local News

This morning I awoke to hear news about the big snow storm in the Rockies.  Next thing that was talked about was the flight cancelations and so forth.  Then it was mentioned a private jet had already slid off the runway in Pueblo due to the fierce snow storm.

Pueblo! The sudden adrenaline rush woke me on up, since I was still in bed half asleep. When I hear Pueblo, I think DeRose.

Being the meanie I am, I thought, “Oh, please let that be a DeRose jet.” 

Then the newscaster said, “luckily no one was injured.” Again, being the meanie I am I thought, “dang”. That little devil on my shoulder shows up every now and again, ya know.  (it does for everyone, I just might admit it more…lol)

That was the end of the report and the newscaster moved on.

The devil side of me disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.  I came to my senses and thought, there has to be dozens of private jets in Pueblo.Then, just moments ago a reader sent me a link to the following story!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Time is money–ever wonder how much?

So why does your dentist strap your child in a papoose board as soon as they get their hands on them, instead of taking the time to go through the acceptable standards set out by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry? (Listed in detail below).

Answer - M.O.N.E.Y.

How much?

Every MINUTE saved is $6-$8.

For a Private Equity firm, or other Wall Street bank or investment firm, wasting $6-$8 a minute is UNACCEPTABLE!  For a greedy dentist who cares nothing about your child, only about his/her 5 million dollar home and private jet it’s also UNACCEPTABLE.  (see below about these numbers)

From the AAPD Guidelines for Behavioral Management

AAPD Guidelines Page 4 - Regardless of the behavior guidance techniques utilized by the individual practitioner, all guidance decisions must be based on a subjective evaluation weighing benefits and risks to the child. The need for treatment, consequences of deferred treatment, and potential physical/emotional trauma must be considered.

Decisions regarding the use of behavior guidance techniques other than communicative management cannot be made solely by the dentist. They must involve a parent and, if appropriate, the child. The dentist serves as the expert on dental care (i.e.,the timing and techniques by which treatment can be delivered). The parent shares with the practitioner the decision whether or not to treat and must be consulted regarding treatment strategies and potential risks. Therefore, the successful completion of diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Acceptable Techniques

1st – Tell-Show-Do Tell-show-do is a technique of behavior shaping used by many pediatric professionals. The technique involves verbal explanations of procedures in phrases appropriate to the developmental level of the patient (tell); demonstrations for the patient of the visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile aspects
of the procedure in a carefully defined, nonthreatening setting (show); and then, without deviating from the explanation and demonstration, completion of the procedure (do). The tell-show-do technique is used with communication skills (verbal and nonverbal) and positive reinforcement.

New Medicaid Dental Rules in Texas is Potential Windfall for Wall Street–Anyone Surprised? Not me!

I made an entry here a few weeks ago about Kool Smiles telling their patients they have to choose a doctor, not their clinic under the new rules. I wondered how that would work, since the dentist’s don’t stay too long at the dental mills. Chances of seeing the same dentist twice (unless it’s the next day) slim to none. 

Here’s a comment on that from a Texas dentist I thought deserved being front and center.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Welcome to HCE LLC–Your Medicaid Profit Scout 2012-2-1 19-52-59Company is part of McBee and Associates,



About Us

Learn how HCE can improve your profitability by
obtaining eligibility—especially with the most
difficult cases

Headquartered in Manhattan, with offices in Nassau and Westchester counties

HCE LLC provides Medicaid eligibility services to the New York metropolitan area and lower Hudson Valley. The firm’s clients range from independent health care providers to major medical systems. 2012-2-1 19-54-11HCE maintains a consistent reputation for superior results and client-focused services, and has done so for the past seventy years.

HCE is focused exclusively on Medicaid eligibility services. The firm’s knowledge of and experience with the intricacies of the New York Medicaid system is unmatched. HCE professionals have dedicated their careers to Medicaid eligibility, with most having at least ten years of experience in the field. This depth of knowledge and expertise results in superior return of Medicaid dollars to our clientele.

HCE LLC has expanded into opening a new source of additional revenue for hospitals through the federal grant program, Section 1011 that provides reimbursement for uncompensated ED care for undocumented aliens.

Welcome to HCE LLC