Thursday, February 09, 2012

Culture of silence is ending

It is unacceptable when people of authority allow their own interests and greed, influence the treatment of children; be it teacher, doctor, dentist, or therapist.

Nothing less than jail should be acceptable for each person involved. Are we beginning to see a slight advancement in this area? I hope so.

Financial profits of the greedy and executives at private equity firms are over riding professional standards of care in corporate medicine, especially dentistry and troubled teen youth centers.

When a top pediatric dentist in America, Dr. Steven Adair,suggests to dentists working for a corporation where he is an officer, the chief dental officer and head of the advisory board, that using a pillowcase to tie a child down for dental care, as to speed treatment, it is not exactly a high point! ( see Superman Cape) Does Dr. Adair teach this to hid student in Georgia?

Many times it's the same slithering snakes, who move from venue to venue, with the assistance of companies like McBee and Associates, a Medicaid revenue finder for medical professionals.

The culture of silence is ending and presently a handful, and growing, group of brave, strong, and outspoken people are being heard I for one am determined to bring this to an end, at least in the dental profession.

No longer can these abused go unnoticed and unquestioned. The Internet has made information about corruption available for the world to be advised.