Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Virginia Regulatory Commission asking for public comment on Dental Rule change to help save lives - Dentists Appose The Rule Change

The Virginia Regulatory committee is asking for public comment on a rule change that would require dentist to train in the 6 links of survival for emergency preparedness. 

I sit here shaking me head astonished. For some reason I'm still surprised, dentists are opposing this. Every person opposing the rule change are dentists, their patients are supporting it! The dentists are citing reason after reason but basically it's too "burdensome" or "costly" on their asses! Their patients are citing their lives need protecting!

8 Children have died in the last 12 months
20 Children since 2007
Is a first-aid kit too much trouble and costly as well??

It's simply training in the 6 links of survival~!