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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Montana grandmother promises to “Stop the Ogres”

This comes from a grandmother in Montana who will be testifying before the state Legislature. She made a promise to her granddaughter and she plans on keeping it. Read on -


Putting a Stop to Ogres
She hopped everywhere as a toddler. Her bright eyes twinkled, her exuberance for life apparent. At her second birthday party, her guests followed her lead, hopping through a lively game of musical chairs. Then one day the hopping stopped and the bright eyes fixed in a dulled stare at something we could not see. Her skin took on a whitish pallor. Her once infectious laughter was replaced by a nervous clacking of her teeth. Instead of a smile, all she could muster was a top lip curled under in an upside down u - the bottom lip sucked in. 

Her young mother, unaware, had allowed the child to undergo passive restraint
dentistry in a torturous 5 hour episode. Eight baby teeth were capped with a shiny
silver colored metal. Four top front teeth were given a whitish facade on the front.
All done behind closed doors at Providence Medical Center in Missoula, Montana.
During the five hour procedure the two year old child was wrapped into a strait
jacket like device, her mouth was propped open with a mechanical dam, and the
procedure conducted despite her pain and terror. Although she regained a normal skin tone and laughs and smiles in a normal way, she has never regained the confidence or the exuberance she was born with. The child has never been the same.