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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Would you fill your child’s mouth with a mixture of embalming fluid and crude oil or photo developing fluid? What about adding some rat poison? Neither would I.

Disclaimer - I am no dentist. I am no Chemist. I am no Writer. 
Yesterday there was a report about the direct relationship between low-level radiation exposure from dental x-rays and brain tumors. The article tried to reassure us that the tumor were “usually” benign, though, so don’t worry.

It’s starting to look like the children that can’t be maimed with brain tumors, may well be killed off with cancer.

What am I talking about?

“Formecresol”, sold under the brand name Formo Cresol.

I mention the rat poison because of the fluoride controversy, since rat poison is all but 100% fluoride, at least one state has out lawed it’s use in drinking water!  More on Fluoride here. Hawaii addressed this back in 2003.

But back to the Formacresol. Formacresol is a mixture of Formaldehyde (embalming fluid) Cresole (used in Sharpie markers) and glycerin. (Formocresol: 48.5% formaldehyde, 48.5% cresol, 3% glycerin.) Buckley's Formocresol: 19% formaldehyde, 35% cresol, 17.5% glycerin. It is used as a “medicated dressing” within the tooth chamber after the pulp has been removed.

In 2011 Formaldehyde was listed as a “known human carcinogen- i.e. it’s known to cause cancer in humans.

The National Institute of Health says this drug has NOT been found to be safe and effective by the FDA, nor has it’s labeling been approved. Link here

In January 2010 the FDA issued a recall on several lots of Formo Cresol manufactured by DSHealthcare, Inc. d/b/a as Sultan Health Care, Hackensack, NJ. The lots were sold by Henry Schien and Super Dent.

There are other bactricides to use inside the tooth that do the exact same thing as formacresol, only safer and better, but guess what? Formacresol is cheaper! Guess what the dental mills who are supposedly saving the teeth of the poor children are using? Here is a search for substitutes.

Although Formacresol remains within the standard of care, it has been debated about its safety for years, and each year that passes, more and more are calling for its ban, kind of like the amalgam fillings thing.

There are a lot of issues that happen from formacresol, including “necrosis of the crestal bone, allergic reactions, and it causes sever burns on the skin, mouth and throat. Many times the pain a patient still suffers after a root canal could well be from formacresol!  See here 

During the recent media blitz on sedation dentistry for children, namely the one on March 12, 2012 on The Denver Channel. Dr. Mark Koch said he was about to treating 16 out of 20 baby teeth on a patient. Janine Consantini said that the day before they had a child who had something done to every tooth in his head.

I’m wondering if anyone is assessing or tracking the children who have been treated by the mass treating Medicaid dental mills and their patients increase in cancer? This formacresol is being place on an open blood source, via a soaked cotton pellet and left there, then a crown placed on top of it and there until the it’s absorbed into the child’s body and/or the tooth falls out. If no one is looking at this, I ask why not!

Is it the same reason no one is tracking these sedation deaths? 

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