Friday, January 28, 2011

Clinic "Owner" Pay Checks


Here is what a typical paycheck for a dentist who is labeled as an "owner" of one of these Medicaid dental mills.  This would be for a 2 week/80 hours pay period.

Jane Doe    
Regular Pay             $7500.00
Administrative Fee $5000.00
(depending on how many clinics they lend their name to)
Bonus                       $3750.00 (meeting productions goals and file audits)

Think the "administrative fee" is really "license rental" payments?

DOJ Report To Judicial Committee–FRAUD


January 26, 2011

Assistant Attorney Generals Tony West and Lanny Breuer appear before the Judiciary Committee with a recap of funds recovered on behalf of the taxpayer in 2010.  You can read the full statement here.

Needless to say, Church Street Health Management f/k/a FORBA Holdings and their Small Smiles dental clinics settlement came up in the statement.  It was one year ago this month that Small Smiles settled an investigation which began in late 2007 with the Feds for $24 million, as well as settled with the state of NY for another $2 million.

Watch full session here, session begins at 28 minutes in, so move slider bar forward.

Senator Leahy says he wants to see these people go to jail, he compares it to a person who steals a car, who goes to jail.

Senator Grassley wants answers about settlements, who agreed to them and if they are nothing more than the cost of doing business.

Me too, Senator Grassley, me too!

Mr. West said when it comes to Corporate Fraud, they wanted to make it a financial deterrent for corporations committing fraud.

Sen. Leahy wanted to know what was being done to put them in jail!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pasadena Texas Dentist Sentenced–Health Care Fraud

Former Dentist Sentenced for Health Care Fraud

Surrendered license to Texas Dental Board

Published : Tuesday, 25 Jan 2011, 4:32 PM CST

PASADENA, Texas - A former dentist operating out of Pasadena has been sentenced to a year and a day in prison for health care fraud on Monday.

What Did the Former Dentist Do?

David Lloyd Gonzales Jr., 47, was accused of fraudulently billing Medicaid for dental work he did not perform, according to a statement from the U.S. Department of Justice . The work included:

  • Root canals
  • Crowns
  • Fillings
  • Extracting impacted wisdom teeth

Gonzales Jr. was suspended from the Medicaid program in 2005. He was later tried and convicted on Aug. 2010 of 22 counts of health care fraud, and aiding and abetting health care fraud.

He surrendered his dental license to the Texas Dental Board following his conviction.

Other Punishments in Store for Former Dentist

In addition to prison time, Gonzalez Jr. must also:

  • Serve three years of supervised release
  • Pay a $2,200 fine for special assessments ($100 for each conviction)
  • Pay $103,000 restitution to Medicaid

Gonzalez Jr. has been permitted to remain on bond pending his transfer to a prison facility.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Benefit To Assist Family of Marissa Kingerly, dead victim of Dr. Henry Mazorow

me and riss


Marissa’s grandmother, Mona, sent me this lovely picture of her and Marissa.

From the Morning Journal



LORAIN — Friends of 13-year-old Marissa Kingery’s family are having a benefit to help her family with expenses due to her tragic death.

“Marissa was our babysitter, and we thought the world of her and my children thought the world of her,” Christina Lilly, who is organizing the benefit with her husband, said. “It’s absolutely devastating. We just wanted…

Concealing Ownership? Good Idea? No

According to the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE) it was March 2010 before William A. Mueller, DDS, one of the founders of Small Smiles Dental Centers was excluded from the Medicaid program.

It was August 2010, before Michael A. DeRose, former DDS and another co-founder of Small Smiles Dental Centers was excluded.  Why? Why did it take so long? 

However, now that each of these individual are excluded, it would be illegal for either to hide under a stack of corporations concealing their ownership and control of any clinic or facility that bills Medicaid for services.  Just saying.

Don't believe me, see NY-AG press release July 16, 2009.

So, your doing a procedure …

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary

It was one year ago today the DOJ and OIG-HHS, as well as the same agencies in NY state, made their announcement of the $26 Million ($24 Feds, $2 NY) settlement agreement with Church Street Health Management f/k/a FORBA Holdings, LLC. 

It was also announced this day one year ago, that Church Street Health Management f/k/a FORBA Holdings, LLC had entered into a 5 years Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA)with HHS; same with the OIG in NY.

Only four more years to go.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I want you; to sue. If not you; who?


iwantyoutosueI’m a believer in the old adage: “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”

It is simply not ok to do nothing to stop this unacceptable treatment of children.

The only way to stop a child from being tied down, smacked around and abused in the dental chair of an abusive dentist clinic in the morning is to do something today.

Sleep at night does not come easy for those who know about this legalized child abuse.  Why? Because we know there are thousands of innocent babies who are going to be strapped in a papoose board tomorrow.  We know they will be hit, yelled at, smacked, bruised, grabbed, and have horrible frightening threats whispered in their ears, if they don’t submit to the abuser.

Watch the video on the right of this blog entry.  That is either your child or one sitting in these house of horrors right now.  Many can’t even watch the video all the way through.  Why?  Because it is like watching a child being raped!

Imagine the horror to a 4 year old child’s psyche hearing "you be still or you will never see your mommy again.”  The only way to come down on the wrong side of a right situation is to do nothing.Imagine the everlasting terror of the 3 year old child who was terrified of the dark.  What did the dentist do to mentally break the child? She tied the child up in a papoose board, turned off the lights left that baby alone for 20 minutes, maybe more.

Heart rates of children reach over 200 beats per minute.  It’s dangerous, it’s deadly. 

Their prey is your child, under age 5 is preferably.  The reason is because the tortures told to parents by the children can be easily discounted by the folks dressed in medical scrubs and white coats. Children’s complaints are far too often dismissed. If your child told you the some adult played with their private parts would you believe them?  You better!  This is no different.

A dentist who used to work at one of these dental mills asked this:
How many 1-3 year olds have to be papoosed and have the heart rates pushing 200 beats per minute with petechiae (small blood vessels burst from trauma; around the face, gums, ankles, arms, and stomach where they are being held too tightly) formed on the face one and cyanosis (bluished lips and mucus membrane) before one dies. Papoosed or not, one major factor not being address is that with a child stressed to this point, in order to treat them, you have to hold the heads still.  When this happens the patient has no control over their airway.  When water is sprayed they fell like they are choking which gets them more excited which feeds on itself and makes them want to move more which takes more force to hold and so on and so on.  When all that was needed was to stop treatment!

Had people banded together years ago,this type of treatment of children would not have become such a cancer in dentistry.  The only treatment for this social cancer I see is for people to take it to the courts. Until this abuse is brought from the shadows and into the light with it’s not likely to become a criminal act worthy of a jail sentence anytime soon.

These dentists and their supervisors need to be in jail. However, until this abuse is brought from the shadows and into the light by victims and parents, it’s not likely to become a criminal act worthy of a jail sentence anytime soon.That is why your participation is so very important. 

It is so important to join a list of victims.

Learning one child has been mistreated is one thing.  Bringing to light hundreds of thousands have been treated like this and the the abuse continues is something else!

It’s natural to hate to get involved in controversy.  We all do it.  It’s natural to want to keep the peace so to speak. We don’t want to offend friends or family who feel differently or have another view of a situation.  It’s usually fear or embarrassment that keeps up quiet.  It’s those same emotions that make us vulnerable to exploitation too.
We have been told things like:

  • Don’t fan the flames
  • Don’t poor gas on the fire
  • The more you stir it the more it stinks
  • Leave sleeping dogs lie

Hogwash!  These abusive dentists are exploiting these beliefs to bring harm to children; your children!

Plea for the children

If you could ask your child, they would tell you to do something to stop this.  They would not want their friends to suffer this treatment. Children trust parents and guardians to protect them.  Since you couldn’t protect them yesterday, because you didn’t know, please show them you are doing everything you can to protect them tomorrow.  Sitting idle is not doing that.

Doing nothing to stop an atrocity is an atrocity.

By not taking action, what are parents telling their children?
Submit to your abuser?
You don’t matter?
It’s ok to be abused?
Don’t rock the boat, no matter who abuses you?

I certainly hope not!

Q & A

Question: How many children have been abused over the last 10 years, hundreds of thousands?
Answer: Oh, yes!  Probably more.

Question: How has this cancer been allowed to take root in the dental community?  Because no one spoke up? 
Answer: Yes, if you want the simplest answer.

Question: Could anyone have stopped your child from the abuse they suffered at the hands of these abusive greedy dentists?
Answer:  Yes.  If the parents of the child who the dentist abused the day; the week; or the month before had come forward and filed a lawsuit against Dr. Dove, your child would have been spared the terror.  This terror is something  they will carry with them for years to come. This is something I know about personally.  You never completely trust anyone again.  Ever.

Question:  Why did so many stay silent?  Is it “I don’t want to get involved syndrome?”  The same syndrome that allows people to stand on the street and watch a helpless person be beat to death?
Answer: Yes, sometimes that is exactly the reason.  However, many times its because they don’t know where to turn.  It also can because parents are afraid their child is going to end up on the witness stand in some courtroom full of strangers.  Maybe they are afraid the media will be at their door and they will be displayed all over the local news.

Question: Is this a realistic view? 
Answer:  I don’t think that is realistic.  Civil lawsuits - individual cases or class actions - are filed in your local courts by the hundreds, how many can you name?  The courts are very protective.  This really comes down to negotiating a settlement between the attorney representing the children and attorney’s for the dentists malpractice insurance company.  The local news reporters are more respective than people give them credit I think.  If they were even to take an interest-maybe a slow news day-they ask.  If you want to speak on camera you can, but the chance they will be chasing you down and putting microphones in your face is zero.  The Casey Anthony fiasco gave the wrong impression, it’s NOT like that at all.

Question: How can hammering their malpractice insurance company end the abuse?
Answer:  I think It’s as simple as those who have their car insurance canceled.  At first the premiums go through the roof, then the company will drop you completely.  Without malpractice insurance, he can not practice.  The abuse is not going to stop with a few complaints to the dental board, its going to take hitting them in the pocketbook.  Hitting them hard!

The only way to stop the abuse of a child tomorrow is to take action today.  You do have the power in your hand to safe a child.Question:  Won’t I end up on some black list and unable to find proper dental care for myself or my child?
Answer: I wouldn’t consider it likely.  Other dentists would have to search several county and federal court databases for every patient they see to find if you had sued a health professional.

Question: How can it make a difference for children in a state across the country if I sue my dentist where I live?
Answer:  Maybe not all all, but more than likely you can make major impact.  The more who join a larger suit the better the chances of making a difference from sea to shining sea.  One complaint is one thing, 100 complaints gets the attention of the powers that be.

Not  often do people have the opportunity to change the future.  When you get that chance, take it.

I pray people  make a better world for the children of tomorrow, and I mean in the morning, not years from now.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dentistry For American's "Insourced" Via Dental Corporations


It's a bit tricky "outsourcing" dental treatment, but no one said it could not be "insourced". 

With turnover rates of close to 50% the dentists pool must be running a bit dry.

Actual turnover rate for Lead Dentists is around 19%, but they are making well over $200K, most $300k and more.  Turnover rates for associate dentists are 46+% and with other staff it runs about 40%.  Those figures speak volumes about these dental mills with jobs as scares these days.

There is a website that tracks employers who "sponsor" people to come to the US under work visas.

The sight, Immigration Help, is loaded with everything you need to know from health insurance to popular boy and girl names.

Curiosity got me and I had to see how many dentists were imported in 2009.  I was a bit shocked there were so many; about 600.  I didn't look into this, but it appears each company can import one dentist.  I'm guessing that is why each clinic is registered as a separated entity.  Another reason Corporate Dentistry is NOT a good idea and illegal in most states. 

Of course, being illegal hasn't stopped these dental mills from operation or putting imported dentists to work.  Imagine for a minute,…

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Former Kool Smiles Employee Says She Is Attacked With Direct Energy Weapons

OMG!  This is freaky and from a past employee of Kool Smiles.  She swears she's being electronically attacked by the government.


This doesn't mean anything. But, I wanted to prove that the state my grandmother grew up in and did a lot of community service for bascially gets me no where. My grandmother has awards from the governor and the mayor of Kentucky along with article's where she was featured in The Courier Journal numerous times and I have emailed the news paper so many times asking for help and I have been ignored. Steve Bashear the governor of Kentucky has done nothing to help me and the police have laughed in my face and over the phone when I tell them I am assaulted with driect energy weapons and that I have been stalked, harassed and threatened.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ads For Executives Reflect Corporate Ownership of Small Smiles Clinics

You can't read this, but it's a posting for a job with FORBA, [clearing throat]I mean Church Street Heath Management. [The link will take you to the job posting]

The job ads published by these dental mills have always been such a great source of information, inspiration and my bloviation. 

CSHM is looking for a SVP, Operations.  Remember what I told everyone about those corporate titles.  Be careful!  Actually you should "beware".  To be considered an "executive" of a company can open yourself up to things beyond your wildest imagination. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dr. Mazorow Back Treating Patients. Is Ambulance in Parking Lot?

Please read the comments.  Marissa's grandmother is in so much pain. 
It has just 22 days since 13 year old Marissa Kingery, stopped breathing, became unresponsive and later removed from life-support in Dr. Henry B. Mazorow dental office.  Some say Marissa had been stopped breathing for 8 minutes before paramedics were called.
It's only been 5 days since her young body was lowered into a  6 foot deep dark hole in a cold and frozen cemetery by grave diggers after her loving family said their final goodbyes.

Has this slowed Dr. Mazorow?

No.  This old man continues to see patients.  He's not skipped a beat.  His staff hasn't even been had enough time to recover from watching a child die right in front of their very eyes.  [Please, God, tell me his support staff does not include an 80 year old wife as well.]
Senile?  Dementia?
Maybe Dr. Mazorow is senile or suffers from dementia and doesn't remember killing Marissa.  That would explain the madness demonstrated.
Senility is all I can think of that would explain why an 81 year old man, having had two dental patients die under his care, get up the next day and head to the office.
Dr. Mazorow was 68 when Rosemary died in his care
Thirteen years ago, Dr. Henry B. Mazorow settled a wrongful death suit for causing the death of 57-year-old Rosemary T. Johnson.  The cost for that killing was $550,000.
Five years later, all evidence of any Dental Board reports, investigations or hearings were sent to the incinerator.  [I doubt they were shredded at that time]
That same year, Dr. Mazorow was 68 years old and Marissa Kingery of Elyria, Ohio was born. 
Dr. Mazorow was at least three years into his retirement and drawing his monthly social security.  Yet he was still heading to the office sedating patients and putting lives at risk. 
Had he stopped at his retirement age, he could have stopped practicing dentistry without any deaths. [Unless there are others we are unaware of or there is a more sinister reason]
High Hopes Dashed
It was reported that he had agreed to stop performing general anesthesia and IV sedation surgery on patients and there was a collective sigh of relief across the country.
Hearing that news, gave high hopes that his mind had cleared enough to recognize it was time to step away from the drill. 
However, that is not the case.  He continues to treat patients awaiting a ruling on the actual cause of Marissa's death.    Is Dr. Mazorow swimming in Egypt? [Denial]
Apparently, Dr. Henry Mazorow believes he and/or his staff had little to do with killing Marissa.  He appears to be staged at the starting line and ready to continue with his reckless ways as soon as his attorney feels it's safe.
The coroner states the tentative cause of death was "lack of oxygen to the brain" and is awaiting results of other tests.  Hopefully someone will be testing Dr. Mazorow relatively soon. 
It's reported that the Ohio Dental Board is performing an investigation, but those of us who follow these deaths realize there is a 99.999999% chance nothing will happen and in 5 years any paper trail that an investigation was even initiated will disappear in a shredder, never to be seen again.
I hope the Ambulance is sitting in the parking lot or at least installed a hotline directly to his office.  As can be heard in the report "Marissa Not His First" you can hear the EMT's say they are there all the time. 
Marissa Not His First
January 11, 2011 Chronicle-Telegram
January 12, 2011 The Oakland Press

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Marissa Kingery Death– Ohio Dental Board Destroys Records After 5 Years!!

From The Chronicle-Telegram

ELYRIA — Dr. Henry Mazorow, the 80-year-old oral surgeon under investigation in connection with the death of 13-year-old patient Marissa Kingery, has agreed to stop practicing — at least on a temporary basis, according to a representative of the Ohio State Dental Board.

Mazorow has not seen patients since the medical emergency involving Marissa three weeks ago, according to Lili C. Reitz, the dental board’s executive director.
“He’s agreed not to see patients for the time being,” Reitz said.
Reitz said that the board had been informed of the earlier death of 57-year-old Rosemary T. Johnson, who died Oct. 21, 1997, while having six teeth removed by Mazorow.

She said no disciplinary action was taken against Mazorow, who has been practicing since 1956, after Johnson had a reaction to the halothane anesthetic and suffered a fatal cardiac arrhythmia.
“It was reported, but the board...

Carlyle Group invests in UK dentisty

January 2011
A new force in dentistry is being created by Carlyle, the US private equity group, which has bought two of the biggest UK dentist chains and merged them into a group with almost 450 practices.

Carlyle said on Friday it would acquire Integrated Dental Holdings from the private equity arm of Bank of America Merrill Lynch and merge it with Associated Dental Practices.”

Read more by at the Financial Times website

Monday, January 10, 2011

Marissa Kingery Was Not Dr. Henry Mazorow's First Death

Most shocking in the 911 call where you hear the dispatcher say they "go there all the time".
So how often do they go?  Who else has almost died?  Is someone checking this out?

Link to story and video

Other court cases where Dr. Mazorow was the defendant:
They can all be found here

98 cv 120669 Johnson v. Mazorow 1998
97 cv 160444 Crandall v. Mazorow 1997
00 cv 185118 Healy v. Mazorow 2000
98 cv 120705 Tower v. Mazorow 1998
95 cv 119901 Pryor v. Mazorow 1995
95 cv 114395 Onysyk v. Mazorow 1995
03 cv 134176 Hembree v. Mazorow 2003
02 cv 131752 Kowalczyk v. Mazorow 2002
01 cv 130029 Bailey v. Mazorow 2001
01 cv 129370 Hembree v. Mazorow  2001

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dental Sleep Medicine? What's Next, Vasectomies and Tonsillectomies?

I've been thinking today and when that happens it usually doesn't turn out well.
I got to thinking about all the procedures dentists are now allowed to perform. 
townietop50corpdent11311I was reading the Top 50 Game Changers over at Dental Town and Corporate Dentistry made the list, as did Sedation  and Sleep Medicine. 
Sleep Medicine?townietop5011311
How did we get from tooth and gum heath to cosmetic injections such as botox and other facial esthetics and now sleep medicine?
'Botox Dentist' even has a facebook page so it must be important, right.
And yes, like sedation dentistry, there is a quick seminar to teach everyone how to get it done.  You can even order up a training DVD.
But Dental Sleep Medicine?
Admittedly I don't keep up with all the disciplines being awarded in the world of dental medicine, but it's getting to the point the profession is going to have to come up with a different name. 

Church Street Health Management–From Arcapita's Website 2011-1-9 18-8


I know I'm not the only one to notice, nobody says they "own" the clinics anymore. 

I've made a complete copy of their blog  There is not one word there that says anyone owns any clinic.  Everyone is always a "lead dentist".  Well, until it comes to the income, then FORBA wants to claim that, or the lawsuits, then those lead dentists suddenly become owners.  Cracks me up sometimes. 

Even in the local news video they posted, no own is introduced as "owner" of the Small Smiles clinic here in "fill in the name of the city".

All these Small Smiles dental clinics are either "affiliated with" or "associated with" Arcapita or Church Street Health Management, aka FORBA.

I'm sure they all hate the fact those initial press releases when Arcapita "purchased" these clinics were wiped off the web, sorry guys.

I get what they are thinking, they don't want their name on documents like this.

As you can see, and everyone working for Small Smiles and Church Street Health Management should take note of, everyone will be named in lawsuits. 


The cost of hiring an law firm to initially take the case will be very expensive.  Responsible or not, you've been named in a lawsuit.  Everything for you changes at that point.  And I mean everything! 

Think your family won't be effected, wrong.  Think your kids won't be effected?  Wrong.

Try going out on your own with a pending lawsuit hanging over your head.  Try doing much of anything with this kind of lawsuit hanging over your head. 

I hope everyone is looking over what kind of documents you've signed. 

Church Street Health Management (CSHM) is not going to protect you from the above.  They are hanging  you out to dry, in the end, you will be in this all alone. 

Everyone will need their own attorney.  Don't be stupid and think FORBA aka Church Street Health Management (CSMH) and their vast number of law firms and attorneys are going to protect you.  Look out for yourself.

If you work for Small Smiles and Church Street Health Management, I would think you can expect to see your name on one of these someday in the future.   

For those at other dental mills, be taking notes. 

Boo!  Run! 

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Church Street Health Management Paid Just Over $121,000 To Massachusetts Lobbyist

Lobbyist report

Another Child Dies At The Hands Of An 80 Year Old Dentist – 13 Year Old Marissa Kingery

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s another very sad day here at Dentist The Menace.  Another child has lost her life due to an incident involving dental treatment at a dentist office

On January 3, 2011, Marissa Kingery, the only child of Amber McEwen and Jason Kingery was pronounced dead after two weeks in an unresponsive state at a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.
Marissa started December 21, 2010 anxious and nervous about the dental procedure according to her mother. 
No doubt Marissa was on her Christmas break from school and excited because every child’s favorite holiday was just a few days away.  With presents already purchased and some under the Christmas tree Marissa Kingery was headed to the dentist.  In the end, there would be no Christmas for Marissa and no happy holiday for her parents.
That fateful morning, as any mother would, Marissa’s mother reassured her daughter and told her not to worry, “it will be OK.” It wasn’t ok.
Marissa’s father drove her to the appointment with 80 year old,Dr. Henry B. Mazorow.  Her appointment that day was to remove two baby teeth and one impacted permanent tooth.  It is not yet clear if sedation was really necessary. 
Something went terribly wrong under 80 year old, Dr. Henry B. Mazorow’s care.  An ambulance was called and she was rushed to the local hospital and later transferred to Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, where she was unresponsive and placed on life support...

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Patients Loose Thousands Due To Allcare Dental Sudden Closing


Tens of thousands of patients are extremely upset tonight as they have lost hundreds of thousands by the sudden, unexpected closing of Allcare Dental.

Patients showed up at Allcare dental centers across the country this week only to find the doors locked.  A phone call to the company returned nothing but a busy signal.

Patients are furious and have been told that unless Allcare were to file bankruptcy it is unlikely they will recover their money.

Allcare Dental and Dentures' Better Business Bureau rating had dropped to a D- in the last few months. 

Heck, that's nothing, FORBA Holding and it's Small Smiles Dental Centers rate F. 

This is why you never pay for services until rendered and another example on why these drive thru dental and denture clinics must NOT be allowed.  State dental boards must get off their tuchus and enforce the laws on the books.  The laws are there for a reason, and this is one of them.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Allcare Dental Closing Doors

allcare-dental_20110103200052_320_240Looks like Allcare is shutting the doors, leaving hundreds of employees without jobs. 

The closing was suddenly announced without warning, leaving employees in shock.   The announcement came on New Year's Eve of all things. 

It flat ran out of money.

I'm sure it had nothing to do with the poor quality of care and thousands of complaints.

They even shut down their website.  However they did set up to assist patients they left hanging.


One down, hundreds more to go.  I can remove those files from the file cabinet.  However, will still be tracking their dentists  for complaints.

Marissa Kingery-Another Child Dead From Dental Treatment

On January 3, 2011, Marissa Kingery, the only child of Amber McEwen and Jason Kingery was pronounced dead after two weeks in an unresponsive state at a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.  Marissa had been sedated for treatment by Dr. Dr. Henry B. Mazorow.

....more on this to come

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Mosque Street Health Management

Shouldn't FORBA's name change have been more like Mosque Street Health Management?

Church Street Health Management just seems odd, considering....don't you think?

Just saying.

Thanks J for point out the irony is

Altair Intelligence helps Small Smiles target customers–Go Altair!

Altair Customer Intelligence Extends Strategic Partnership
Strategic use of customer intelligence helps bring dental care to children

Altair Customer Intelligence is pleased to announce the continued partnership with Church Street Health Management for 2011. Altair has been providing Church Street Health with strategic database marketing and consulting insight for the past two years. By using Altair’s FiveStar™ process, Church Street Health has leveraged industry leading analytics, modeling, and reporting techniques to sustain continued market growth for their network of associated Dental Centers and improved marketing resource utilization.

“Our mission is to ensure access to quality, professional dental care for low-income, underserved families and those seeking comprehensive care—and we’re better able to do that with Altair,” said Mike McCulla, SVP, Marketing, Church Street Health. “Altair provides the information we need to more effectively maintain our existing customer relationships, and identify and reach out to additional children and their families. Altair is a vital part of our business.”

Under this agreement, Altair continues to deliver a comprehensive solution providing data, selection, modeling, and customized access using its proprietary multi-sourced consumer database that contains 1,000 different data elements on 200 million consumers supporting Church Street’s prospect acquisition. This allows Church Street to select, analyze and review targeted prospects knowing that their marketing efforts are based on informed decisions with the most accurate data available.

According to Steve Collins, President of Altair Customer Intelligence Analytics Division, “This is a deep relationship that continues to grow and contribute to Church Street’s marketing success. Our data, speed, and flexibility is what sets us apart. We are thrilled Church Street has chosen Altair as their partner.”

About Church Street Health Management
Church Street Health Management assists children and families in accessing dental services in areas that have historically had limited availability of dental providers. With an associated network of 72 Dental Centers in 22 different states and the District of Columbia they ensure that more than 700,000 children a year receive the dental care they deserve.

About Altair Customer Intelligence
Founded in 2001 and led by veteran direct marketers, Altair has become the leader in Customer Intelligence, providing superior direct marketing resources through better access, analysis, strategy, and reporting. Altair is dedicated to helping businesses get more from their marketing investments by supporting extraordinary companies through a better use of Customer Intelligence for more informed decision-making. Altair has developed an expertise in helping companies gather, analyze, and use internal and external data to make better business decisions. Their extensive industry and marketing expertise gives customers unfettered access to information for improving their business and marketing goals.
More information is available at