Saturday, January 15, 2011

Former Kool Smiles Employee Says She Is Attacked With Direct Energy Weapons

OMG!  This is freaky and from a past employee of Kool Smiles.  She swears she's being electronically attacked by the government.


This doesn't mean anything. But, I wanted to prove that the state my grandmother grew up in and did a lot of community service for bascially gets me no where. My grandmother has awards from the governor and the mayor of Kentucky along with article's where she was featured in The Courier Journal numerous times and I have emailed the news paper so many times asking for help and I have been ignored. Steve Bashear the governor of Kentucky has done nothing to help me and the police have laughed in my face and over the phone when I tell them I am assaulted with driect energy weapons and that I have been stalked, harassed and threatened.

My aunt was hired at The Galt House with a referral from Paul Bather (State's Rep) so, I know the Galt House has political tie's. If I had known that I would become a torture victim for having pride and not having sex with a married supervisor, I would've never filed a sexual harassment suit against the hotel. I dropped the suit in April 2008 only to be tortured with direct energy weapons and gang mobbed while working for Kool Smiles (in July 2008-January 2009) until I quit. And at school from March 2009-November 2009.

I continue to be assaulted with Direct Energy Weapons