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Saturday, December 02, 2017

Why is Mark Birner of BDMS/Perfect Teeth, a DSO in Colorado, leading his name and dental licenses to Affordable Care, a DSO in North Carolina?

On May 30, 2017, an entity was registered in New Jersey called, Dr. Birner, PA.  The Manager being Mark Birner.

The “Incorporator” was Sonia Surasky, a paralegal for Affordable Care dba Affordable Dentures and Implants, headquartered in Raleigh, North Caronlina.

The mailing address for Dr. Birner, PA is 156 West State Street, Trenton, NJ, home of State Street Partners, a lobbying firm!

Dr. Birner, PA

In a legal case recently filed in New Jersery against Affordable Care (which I will get into later),

Affordable Care -Dr. Birner PC

Affordable Care says it assigned its lease to certain clinics in New Jersey to Dr. Birner, PA.on June 5, 2017.

Excerpts from Exhibit B:


What’s this? A Management Agreement between Dr. Birner, PA and Affordable Care?



Sounds to me that Dr. Birner, PA has complete control of the Premises yet Affordable Care is still the landlord of the dental practice. Huh? I think this is not just double speak, it’s triple speak.


WHAT? But the dentist has spent nearly $200,000.00 to purchase the equipment, furnshings, and other assets”.


Ah Ha!  Mark Birner, owner of Birner Dental Managements (a DSO) operating as Perfect Teeth, is lending his name and dental license to be the “designated dentist” who supposedly leases the premises where yet another dentist operates an Affordable Dentures clinic.

Just my opinion of course but looks to me like the Association of Dental Management Organization is more like a cartel. 



Tuesday, January 03, 2012

So you want to work for a corporate dental chain? What should Dr. Beth do? 2012-1-3 14-7-20



Beth A. Dorain, DMD
Lafayette, Colorado

Employer: Perfect Teeth
Management Company: Birner Dental Management Service, Inc – Mark Birner, DDS-President

I am working for a corporate chain.  I do not like it, and I thought they were jerks.  The CEO called to yell at me about October's low production.  (FWIW, there were many legitimate reasons for the low production in October.)  Not worth listing here.  Production more than doubled in November.  The next day, he called to say he was going to change my compensation to purely a percentage of production.  After the first phone call,  I was 100% certain that I was going to quit in short order.  So, I went ahead and signed it.

Now, I've come to realize that I make 30% of insurance reimbursements and patient's co-pay.  The problem is that they take a lot of DMOs with capitation checks.  I spend a lot of time doing exams, fillings, etc. and discovered that there is no re-imbursement for those procedures.  The compensation for the work comes in the cap check.    But, they will not give me ANY percentage of that cap check.  I did not realize that I was doing exams, fillings, etc. FOR FREE.  In many cases, the fillings are $0.00 or the co-pays are ridiculously low. 

For example, I did three anterior root canals on one patient.  The total reimbursement for it was $120.00.  So, I made $36.00 for the three root canals. 
Is it even legal for this organization to expect me to work for FREE.
My contract does say (excludes capitation check)
I'm getting a lawyer!!!!!!!!

I did forget to mention one very important detail, one month after I signed the Addendum, I did get another offer which I accepted.  However, I am supposed to give my current employer 90 days notice (which I did on December 15.  That keeps me in "jail" until mid March.  I am hoping to not honor those 90 days due to the language of the original agreement.