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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Michael G. Lindley, Al J. Smith, Brad Gardner, Rodney Cawood and Mike McCulla of Church Street Health Management/Small Smiles Dental Centers have let children die on their watch before it appears

A Pattern of abusing children for profit going back to the 1980's. 
Chad Youth Center deaths in 2007
Former Chad Employee Speaks Out
Quote from Tennessee Hall of Shame
Death ruled a homicide at youth center
Chad administrator McDuffie assured DHS that Chad was a "nurturing and positive environment." He said the facility had hired more staff and made children's safety a priority. The former owners of Chad also said it was a safe and therapeutic place for children when they handed over the keys to Universal Health in October 2005. "Our goal was to effect treatment in as nonphysical a way as possible," former chief executive officer Michael G. Lindley said. Al Smith, another former top executive with Chad's former owner, said: "Did untoward events happen? Absolutely. But was it a culture? I don't believe so."
DHS staffer Haiying Xi reported, a youngster had been cut on the chin in a restraint, requiring stitches. Chad had not reported this to regulators, DHS learned. Finally, DHS official Stephen Rosenberg wrote to Chad. "The investigation could not determine any pattern for the use of illegal physical restraints," Rosenberg wrote.  But children died.
Neil Campbell and Michael Lindley
Above Neil Campbell and Michael Lindley (right) pictured at NAPHS in 2003

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tenet Healthcare (NME) Corporate Integrity Agreements Look Much the Same.

Tenet Healthcare Corporation, formerly National Medical Enterprises (NME) accused of committing fraud by admitting thousands of psychiatric patients who did not need it. Over a period of 3 years had it’s offices raided, settled lawsuits in the amount of $2.5 million, paid $380 million and plead guilty of 8 criminal counts by two of its facilities. This company too, agreed to a 5 year Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) on September 27, 1996. Tenet also owned the Redding Medical Center, in California that delivered unnecessary heart surgeries to over 600 patients. They paid the federal and state government $54 million in fines and admitted no wrong doing.

In 2004 Tenet paid another $395 million to 769 patients to settle the lawsuits that followed. You can read about each of the scandals in the books Coronary – A True Story of Medicine Gone Awry, by Stephen Klaidman and Money-Driven Medicine by author Maggie Mahar.  Mentioned in both books, is James Robert Moriarty, of Moriarty-Leyndecker, who is leading up the civil suits against Church Street Health Management and it’s string of illegal Medicaid dental clinics.

2006 Tenet paid total of $900 million in fees to resolve more claims of defrauding Medicare. Tenet was also the owner of the Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans where a doctor and two nurses were arrested on charges of second-degree murder in the deaths of four patients after Hurricane Katrina.

Tenet Healthcare's 1996 CIA compared to the 2010 Church Street Health Management’s CIA, look much the same. Very little of the boilerplate form has changed since 1996.