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Friday, March 02, 2012

Remembering Marrisa

It was one year ago today that Marrisa Kingery went to Dr. Henry Mazorow of Lorain, Ohio and days later became the second patient killed by his irresponsible behavior.. Earlier this year, Dr. Mazorow’s insurance company settled with Marissa’s family for $1M.
Pictured is Marissa and her still grieving grandmother, Mona.
Think of them today.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Marissa Kingery death settlement

This report says the Executive Director of the Ohio Dental Board “approved” the settlement.  What is God’s name did she have to do with anything, other than some responsibility into Marissa’s death in my opinion. 

How did such a conversation go anyway?  Did she say, “yeah, that’s a fair price”!!!


By Jack Shea Fox 8 News Reporter

6:14 p.m. EDT, October 28, 2011


The family of a Lorain County girl, who died while undergoing oral surgery, has settled a wrongful death lawsuit against the dentist who performed the surgery.

On December 21, 2010, 13-year-old Marissa Kingery, of Elyria, stopped breathing while having teeth removed at the Lorain office of Dr. Henry Mazorow.
An autopsy later concluded that Marissa's death was accidental, the result of complications from anesthesia administered before the surgery.

The lawsuit filed by the girl's family was settled by Dr. Mazorow's insurance company for one million dollars, to be shared by her parents and their civil attorney.

The Ohio State Dental Board helped negotiate the settlement, and then approved it.

Dental Board Executive Director Lili Reitz told Fox 8, "Our job is to ensure that dentists who are not safe, or who pose a threat, either remediate in the areas where they're deficient, or no longer practice."

[It’s a damn shame Ms. Reitz didn’t feel the same when Mazorow killed the other patient in 1997.  Sounds real noble Ms. Reitz, but your words are empty!]

On September 1, after consulting with the dental board, Dr. Mazorow agreed to retire at the age of 81.

[It took from December 2010 until September 1, 2011 for Mazorow to be forced into retirement?!  Also after 5 years, his record will be wiped clean as Ms. Reitz pointed out earlier this year!]

The case of Marissa Kingery was not the first time Mazorow had been sued for wrongful death. In 1997, 57-year-old Rosemary Johnson died from similar complications while undergoing surgery at the doctor's office. The case was settled out of court for $550,000.

Fox 8 News tried to talk to Dr. Mazorow about what happened to Marissa Kingery and Rosemary Johnson, but were unable to reach him.

Reitz said says the case illustrates the difficulty of regulating dentistry.
"What I have a hard time accepting is our limitations, and our limitations are the license of the individual, and whether or not that person should be, to hold a license, and if so, what needs to be done to ensure that they're safe."

[What’s so damn difficult about it, Ms. Reitz? ]

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dr. Mazorow to retired after killing second patient-Marissa Kingery


It’s a damn shame he’s retiring and not having his dental licenses revoked as it should be.


Friday May 27, 2011

ELYRIA — Dr. Henry Mazorow, the dentist performing oral surgery when a 13-year-old patient became ill and later died, has announced he will voluntarily retire from practicing effective Sept. 1.

Marissa Kingery died from the lack of oxygen to the brain, Cuyahoga County Coroner’s Office spokesman Powell Caesar said. Powell could not provide further comment about the results, but did say the death was accidental.

Kingery, of Elyria, was having baby teeth removed in Mazorow’s office on Dec. 21, 2010, when she was rushed to Mercy Regional Medical Center. She was later taken to Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital in Cleveland and placed on life support, but never recovered. She died Jan. 3.

Mazorow, who has an office at 209 W. 21st St., Lorain, appeared before the Ohio State Dental Board this week and announced he would be retiring, according to dental board records. While his official retirement date is set for Sept. 1, he has also agreed to limit his dental practice by not administering any form of general anesthesia or conscious sedation to any patient in the interim.

According to the voluntary retirement form, Mazorow made the decision to retire last month.

Mazorow announced he would stop using general anesthesia in January following Kingery’s death, his attorney Ron Mingus has said. Mingus could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Mazorow has been practicing since 1956. There are no disciplinary actions on his record.

Mazorow’s office declined comment yesterday.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Statistics Show Dentist May Be Too Old; Marissa Kingery Death

Mazorow says he's not too old, evidently he's wrong!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dr. Mazorow Back Treating Patients. Is Ambulance in Parking Lot?

Please read the comments.  Marissa's grandmother is in so much pain. 
It has just 22 days since 13 year old Marissa Kingery, stopped breathing, became unresponsive and later removed from life-support in Dr. Henry B. Mazorow dental office.  Some say Marissa had been stopped breathing for 8 minutes before paramedics were called.
It's only been 5 days since her young body was lowered into a  6 foot deep dark hole in a cold and frozen cemetery by grave diggers after her loving family said their final goodbyes.

Has this slowed Dr. Mazorow?

No.  This old man continues to see patients.  He's not skipped a beat.  His staff hasn't even been had enough time to recover from watching a child die right in front of their very eyes.  [Please, God, tell me his support staff does not include an 80 year old wife as well.]
Senile?  Dementia?
Maybe Dr. Mazorow is senile or suffers from dementia and doesn't remember killing Marissa.  That would explain the madness demonstrated.
Senility is all I can think of that would explain why an 81 year old man, having had two dental patients die under his care, get up the next day and head to the office.
Dr. Mazorow was 68 when Rosemary died in his care
Thirteen years ago, Dr. Henry B. Mazorow settled a wrongful death suit for causing the death of 57-year-old Rosemary T. Johnson.  The cost for that killing was $550,000.
Five years later, all evidence of any Dental Board reports, investigations or hearings were sent to the incinerator.  [I doubt they were shredded at that time]
That same year, Dr. Mazorow was 68 years old and Marissa Kingery of Elyria, Ohio was born. 
Dr. Mazorow was at least three years into his retirement and drawing his monthly social security.  Yet he was still heading to the office sedating patients and putting lives at risk. 
Had he stopped at his retirement age, he could have stopped practicing dentistry without any deaths. [Unless there are others we are unaware of or there is a more sinister reason]
High Hopes Dashed
It was reported that he had agreed to stop performing general anesthesia and IV sedation surgery on patients and there was a collective sigh of relief across the country.
Hearing that news, gave high hopes that his mind had cleared enough to recognize it was time to step away from the drill. 
However, that is not the case.  He continues to treat patients awaiting a ruling on the actual cause of Marissa's death.    Is Dr. Mazorow swimming in Egypt? [Denial]
Apparently, Dr. Henry Mazorow believes he and/or his staff had little to do with killing Marissa.  He appears to be staged at the starting line and ready to continue with his reckless ways as soon as his attorney feels it's safe.
The coroner states the tentative cause of death was "lack of oxygen to the brain" and is awaiting results of other tests.  Hopefully someone will be testing Dr. Mazorow relatively soon. 
It's reported that the Ohio Dental Board is performing an investigation, but those of us who follow these deaths realize there is a 99.999999% chance nothing will happen and in 5 years any paper trail that an investigation was even initiated will disappear in a shredder, never to be seen again.
I hope the Ambulance is sitting in the parking lot or at least installed a hotline directly to his office.  As can be heard in the report "Marissa Not His First" you can hear the EMT's say they are there all the time. 
Marissa Not His First
January 11, 2011 Chronicle-Telegram
January 12, 2011 The Oakland Press

Monday, January 10, 2011

Marissa Kingery Was Not Dr. Henry Mazorow's First Death

Most shocking in the 911 call where you hear the dispatcher say they "go there all the time".
So how often do they go?  Who else has almost died?  Is someone checking this out?

Link to story and video

Other court cases where Dr. Mazorow was the defendant:
They can all be found here

98 cv 120669 Johnson v. Mazorow 1998
97 cv 160444 Crandall v. Mazorow 1997
00 cv 185118 Healy v. Mazorow 2000
98 cv 120705 Tower v. Mazorow 1998
95 cv 119901 Pryor v. Mazorow 1995
95 cv 114395 Onysyk v. Mazorow 1995
03 cv 134176 Hembree v. Mazorow 2003
02 cv 131752 Kowalczyk v. Mazorow 2002
01 cv 130029 Bailey v. Mazorow 2001
01 cv 129370 Hembree v. Mazorow  2001

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Another Child Dies At The Hands Of An 80 Year Old Dentist – 13 Year Old Marissa Kingery

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s another very sad day here at Dentist The Menace.  Another child has lost her life due to an incident involving dental treatment at a dentist office

On January 3, 2011, Marissa Kingery, the only child of Amber McEwen and Jason Kingery was pronounced dead after two weeks in an unresponsive state at a hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.
Marissa started December 21, 2010 anxious and nervous about the dental procedure according to her mother. 
No doubt Marissa was on her Christmas break from school and excited because every child’s favorite holiday was just a few days away.  With presents already purchased and some under the Christmas tree Marissa Kingery was headed to the dentist.  In the end, there would be no Christmas for Marissa and no happy holiday for her parents.
That fateful morning, as any mother would, Marissa’s mother reassured her daughter and told her not to worry, “it will be OK.” It wasn’t ok.
Marissa’s father drove her to the appointment with 80 year old,Dr. Henry B. Mazorow.  Her appointment that day was to remove two baby teeth and one impacted permanent tooth.  It is not yet clear if sedation was really necessary. 
Something went terribly wrong under 80 year old, Dr. Henry B. Mazorow’s care.  An ambulance was called and she was rushed to the local hospital and later transferred to Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, where she was unresponsive and placed on life support...