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Friday, May 23, 2008

Small Smiles Still Growing In Kansas: HUH??

I see on Small Smiles website they still don't list clinics in Kansas, yet as we know they are certainly there. Oh wait, FORBA says they don't have clinics in Kansas! Huh?

Yes, there are a couple of Small Smiles in Kansas and at present they are under fire. They say the dentists who is actually working at the clinics "own" the clinics and has a financial interest in the clinic, but that is simply not the truth.

Even though there are no Small Smiles clinics listed at there are job openings listed across the internet to come help give children the smiles they deserve in Kansas Small Smiles. eek Here is one listed 21 days ago for front office help

Here is a link showing a campaign donation from a Pueblo, Colorado Dentist, Dr. Mohammad Akzar to a Kansas State Representative's campaign in 2006 in the name of Small Smiles of Wichita Health Care.

Oddly enough
Reza Akbar is the name of the dentist who says they own Small Smiles of Wichita. Hmmm

Here is the first blog on this

Now one would think these are maybe two different people but lookie here.... Kansas Dental Licenses Number 60330 is a one Mohammad Reza Akbar. So that champaign contribution listed about from Mohammad Akbar from Pueblo Colorado IS Reza Akbar. Dr. Akbar also is licensed in Colorado, number DEN-8903. Wonder how Dr. Akbar feels being a scape goat for Michael DeRose?

....and to think they tried to fool me with those Islamic names...
Ha! Not a chance! Wonder if Dr. Akbar's papers are all in order, isn't this an Iranian name?wink I get so confused....