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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ever wonder just what caliber of dentists the ADA considers distinguish enough to be a District Trustee?

Thomas FloydHere is why their judgment should not be trusted.  

Maybe you remember Dr. Thomas Floyd from his mug shot? No? 

Well, maybe the news reports below about the distinguished gentleman (sarcasm) will jog your memory. Or educate those who are familiar with Dr. Thomas Floyd.

Below is an announcement by the ADA stating what a glorious event the “Medicaid Challenges and Strategies Symposium” of 2008 turned out to be, which included the leaders of each of the ADA’s 17 "trustee districts” 


August 04, 2008

Medicaid challenges, strategies examined

By Stacie Crozier

Seventeen private practice dentists—one from each ADA district—who logged at least 1,000 Medicaid and State Children's Health Insurance Program patient visits in the last year gathered at the ADA June 23 to identify challenges and successful strategies for improving access for this population group.

[We all know Dr. Thomas Floyd probably logged that many a week! Wonder what the other 16 dentists “logged”].