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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Michael A. DeRose is MAD

This is for those who are suing Michael A. DeRose.
There is another company owned by him along with Clint and Craig DeRose (his sons I'm guessing).
It's called MAD Family, LLC (Michael A. DeRose). At one time MAD, LLC and Gwyn and Tony, LLC (who the heck ever they are) were in business together buying home across Pueblo.

(I think this brings the total of different companies Michael DeRose is owns or is associated with up to 29 or 30, I've really lost count)

If you go here, agree to the terms and search MAD Family, LLC or MAD, LLC a whole list of properties will pop up. It's almost shocking. There are 42 of them totaling $7,015,800.

Once again this shows the life style this dentist lives. How many dentists do you know that live like this? None that aren't either in or headed to jail.