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Friday, August 15, 2008

Small Smiles In New Albany Still Treating and Mistreating Children; Collecting Medicaid Dollars Once Again!

New Albany Small Smiles Clinic Still In Business. The sign simply says Dentist Clinic, but the new name actually is Albany Access Dentistry as I've reported on here before.

Thank goodness more parents are suing Forba/Small Smiles! Their Legal Eagles of King and Spalding should be quite busy right about now.

Of course Forba is going to say they no longer own this clinic but that simply is an out right lie. They know they own it, I know they own it and others know damn well they own it!

If you do a 'who is' for who owns and administers the Albany Access Dentistry website you will see that it's FORBA. Yeah, they registered that name just days following the Albany clinic being shut out of the medicaid program in NY.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that Small Smiles/Forba always seems to find a way to skirt the laws of every state in which they operate. But something tells me this is all coming to a swift end very soon. These reports are not going away, and I certainly am not going away, not as long as Forba insists on abusing children for profit!