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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Pediatric Dentistry’s Revolving Door

We hear a lot about the “revolving” door in Washington, but seldom does anyone talk about the revolving door within agencies and professional organizations.  The same organizations that write the rules, regulations, tests, and guidelines that effect each of us in a more personal way. The same organizations that states and lawmakers trust to protect the public from harm. Chances of corruption are 100% when there are no checks and balances.

Their Publications and Studies

Looking are various websites including the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), you find publication after publication, study after study, dating as far back as the early 1990’s to the present.  Just about all of them are, rewritten and republished studies that are merely mashups of their own previous written articles and studies.

Here is just one of hundreds of examples :

Journal of Dental Education – Vol. 68, Number 1

General Dentists’ Perceptions of Educational and Treatment Issues Affecting Access to Care for Children with Special Needs. 
Written by:
Paul Casamassimo, DDS, MS;
N. Sue Seale, DDS, MS;
Kelley Ruehs, DDS

Casamassimo PS. The great educational experiment: has
it worked?
Spec Care Dentist 1983;3:103-6.

Seale NS, Casamassimo PS. Access to dental care for
children: profiling the general practitioner who treats
young and low-income children.
J Am Dent Assoc

If you get to looking at all the professional opinions, publications, studies, and continuing education courses concerning pediatric dentistry, the same names are there over and over.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry - Media Information


American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry - Media Information

I can’t believe I missed this in 2010! She’s walking in Steven Adiar’s shoes while she’s suppose to be monitoring his child abusing, Medicaid defrauding company, Church Street Health Management. Adair used to be the Editor.  I’ve heard about how her “monitor” visits go at the Small Smiles Centers. She’s either not looking or turning her head! But that’s what you get with self-policing. It really amounts to more layers of cover-up protection. Disgusting!

AAPD Appoints New Editor-in-Chief
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), the recognized leader in children’s dental health, appointed Dr. N. Sue Seale as Editor-in-Chief of Pediatric Dentistry and Journal of Dentistry for Children effective January 1, 2010.

Seale is a Regents Professor of Pediatric Dentistry at the Baylor College of Dentistry, Texas A&M Health Science Center in Dallas, Texas. She received her dental degree in 1970, her certificate in pediatric dentistry in 1972 and her Master of Science in Dentistry in 1979 from the Baylor College of Dentistry. Since 1974, she has been a full-time faculty member in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the Baylor College of Dentistry and was Chairman of the Department from 1986-2009.

Seale has served in a variety of leadership roles, including serving as a past president of the Texas Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and on the Board of Trustees of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. She received a Distinguished Alumni Award from the Baylor College of Dentistry Alumni Association and was elected to the Baylor College of Dentistry Hall of Fame in 2010. In 2001, the AAPD named her Pediatric Dentist of the Year. Seale was also a recipient of the AAPD’s Merle C. Hunter Leadership Award in 2003. Seale is a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

“I am excited to take on this new role and look forward to participating in the changes that will take place in our journals over the coming years as we strive to meet the changing needs of our readers,” said Seale.

Seale’s areas of interest include pulp therapy for the primary and young permanent dentition, dental education and access to care.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Top 5 Ways Small Smiles Dental Centers has violated their Corporate Integrity Agreement

I knew they would disregard each and every word of the Corporate Integrity Agreement.  I said so right here, the very day it was announced.  As for the $24 million paid to the Federal government, and just over $2 million to the state of New York, to them it was going to be nothing more than the cost of doing business.  Pay to play-simply another business expense.  Hey, do they get to deduct that from their income tax return?

The current CSHM crew took over the operation of the Small Smiles dental clinics after they purchased all of them in the fall of 2006-actually they hired the old bunch to do it for a while. 

The arrogance shined like a beacon from the start. The investigation by the Justice Department started in the fall of 2007, just about the time Alberto Gonzales resigned.  All the while, thumbing their very long-and continually growing-nose directly at the entire United States Department of Justice, the US Attorney General and about 23 state Attorneys General and the public at large. No settlement was announced and signed until January 2010.   During which time, they didn’t slow down, skip a beat, miss a step-or any other idiom you want to use.  The child abuse and Medicaid fraud continued-business as usual. 
I originally planned to take all 65+ of the Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) that Church Street Health Management (CSHM)- formerly FORBA – signed in January 2010 and mark all the ways, I knew for sure, CSHM had violated said agreement.
I had not got past Section III before I was overwhelmed. No, that’s not right, I was pissed off! Why? Because of the continued arrogance.
So I decided to pick out my top five
1.  Continue with bonus program that is based on “production” or in CSHM speak, “Collections”  To this day, everyone gets bonus if they meet “collections” goals, and it gets bigger if they meet set intervals, no max they can make.  See below.  BTW the Lead Dentist gets 12.5 times the said amount.  Lead Dental Assistant gets 1.5 times set amount.
Munci bonus structure June 2011
2.  They are not supposed to base any compensation that would create an atmosphere for overtreatment and fraud, i.e. no % based pay.  Well, continuing with the bonus program didn’t thumb their nose to the CIA enough, no, they created a whole new contract for new and current dentists called “Collection Based Compensation”.   It’s all set out in a 30+ page contract that most CPA’s can’t figure out.
3.  Compliance Officer is not supposed to be the Chief Financial Officer – so they put the SVP of Financial Operations, Lorri Steiner in that position.  No, she’s not the CFO, but c’mon!
4. Appoint Compliance Liaisons at each center who are not afraid to report compliance breach to the board of directors, the compliance officer or anyone else.  So, what dose CSHM do, they make the Compliance Liaison the Office Manager!  Guess who gets a nice size bonus if all things go well at the center and they make their production goals, yep, the Office Manager!!!

5.  Hire an Independent Monitor to “monitor” their misbehaving.  So what does CSHM do, they have amazing made sure that N. Sue Seale, DDS, a great buddy and colleague of their Chief Financial Officer, Steven Adair, is the “pediatric dental professional” to check in on things with the Independent Monitor.   Reports to me are Sue and Steven come to some of the centers together and are quite cozy!

There you have it, my top five.  Well, the top five I picked out in the first few pages of the CIA anyway.