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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Inside the mind of a corporate dentist who is paid based on production.

Here is what happens to a dentist working at a dental mill when they don’t produce. Names and dates have been changed.
I believe this is a letter from a “lead” dentist at a dental mill clinic sent to their “regional manager". It’s apparent production is the only goal and is precisely why getting a bonus and/or a piece of the pie for compensation is more than wrong! It’s criminal! This is exactly why under Quality of Care Corporate Integrity Agreements, employee compensation or bonuses are NOT to be based on “production” goals.
Dear Regional Manager,
This letter is in regards to the production levels of Dr. F. As you know the clinic was approximately $500 away in production from the $300/3000 Bonus for the month. This is one of MANY examples of Dr. F not completing the majority of the treatment on the patients she sees on a daily basis. The patient, RH, was seen on 12-1-2010 by Dr. F and the only treatment done was a facial composite on the #C and the rest of the treatment to be performed was dismissed because the patient was nervous and he wanted the dental visit to be easy.
The clinic missed out on the possible $425.96 of production because he wanted to make the visit EASY? I find this very upsetting because I strive to work at my full potential and lead by example to my fellow doctors and employees to work hard regardless if I want to make a dental appointment easy.
If I wanted to make the appointment easy for every nervous patient, I believe a strong majority of our parents would be upset that they would have to continuously keep coming back because the patient was nervous. RH was my patient today and I completed the majority of the treatment except the extractions (per mom) and yes the patient was initially nervous, but did great for the injections and treatment. In conclusion, my question is how many more patients are to be dismissed or partial work completed because they were nervous and how many production goals must be compromised because of Dr. F’s lack of effort?
Dr. X Ray Fraud
As you can see, Dr. X Ray Fraud would have done all the extractions had mom not spoken up and refused.