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Thursday, August 25, 2011

American Dental Partners, Inc and Tooth Doctor for Kids Spreading from Arizona to Texas

Another dental mill is opening more Texas dental clinics since it appears the Texas State Dental Board of Examiners has opened the doors to the illegal practice of dentistry by corporations and dental Medicaid fraud.  Yes, Texas is open for business indeed, Mr. Perry. 
a  toothdoctor for kids
A Tooth Doctor for Kids/Braces For Less with 5 locations in Arizona and 7 locations in and around Houston and 2 locations in San Antonio Texas is coming to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. 
With 9 locations already at work in Texas, Tooth Doctor for Kids has six more locations scheduled to open between August 2011 and late fall 2011, as seen here on their website.
Their website says they offer; Dental checkups, Cleanings, and x-rays; Dental Fillings and Crowns; Sedation; Sealants; Fluoride Treatment; Space Maintainers.
What is hard to find on their website is the name of the dentists treating the children and if those dentists are general dentists or pediatric dentists.  Website design and clinic d├ęcor is the main misleading marketing to parents, implying the dentists spent an extra 2 years of dental school to become pedodontists when they did not.