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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My secret meeting with Todd R. Cruse of Small Smiles Dental-Church Street Health Management

On September 20, 2010, I received an email from Todd Cruse, Church Street Heath Management’s SVP of Development and Government Affairs.

“I’ll be in Kentucky next month. Any interest in having a cup of coffee and conversation?’

After a couple of days I finally responded, “I do apologize for taking so long to respond.  I've been seeing to my daughter and granddaughter.  I was about to reply to your suggestion today when I received a phone call from my attorney telling me Thor Urness wanted my attorney to call him. Upon hearing that, I thought I should wait to hear back from this conversation that Thor requested.  However, I've not heard back.  Until I hear what Thor wanted, I'm not comfortable granting your request for coffee and conversation. However, I do enjoy a good cup of coffee and am open for conversation.”

Thor Urness is the Nashville attorney who Church Street Health Management hired to harass me in the Federal Court system since November of 2008.

Todd responded back, “Thank you for your response. If at some point you become comfortable and would like to have that cup of coffee just let me know.”

By September 29, Thor had never returned the call my attorney had made to him, so I emailed Todd and we made arrangements to meet up for that “coffee and conversation” he so desired. 

Todd said in his return email, “I believe that Thor was following up on the posts that you have since removed so I don’t think Pat will be hearing from him. I am flexible as to where to meet. I have to run up to Bowling Green on Thursday to pick something up - Any interest in meeting me there. I believe there is a Starbucks right on 231 off of I-65 (Scottsville Rd I believe?).Thanks for reaching out.”  He closed the email with “TRC”.

I agreed and the meeting was set for 10 am Thursday October 7, 2010.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

FORBA's Todd Cruse of Nashville, TN Donates To New Mexico Congressman

Call me stupid. Ok, wait, you would have to get in line to do that but anyway...

Wonder why Todd Cruse in Nashville would contribute a mere $250 to a congressman's campaign. Especially knowing how they work and all, surely he wouldn't expect much in return for that.

But the bigger question is:

Why would Mr. Cruse donate to Ben R. Lujan, a New Mexico Congressman.

You can see for yourself here.


Oh wait! Here it is, straight from Ben's website:

Commissioner Luján has also fought for improved health care for New Mexico consumers by investigating the health-insurance industry's denial practices and spearheading development of legislation that expands access to insurance and closes loopholes. The industry had been using these loopholes to unfairly deny medical claims and void policies.

"Closes Loopholes" ROTF LMAO ROTF LMAO

Think about that a minute, the King of Loopholes, donating to a guy who boasts he 'closes them'. LMAO!

OMG, not a day passes I don't get some kind of 'pee' my pants hearty laugh with this group!

And get this Michael Lindley, FORBA's CEO donated to Ben as well. I guess Mikie makes more than Todd, because Mike donated $1, 000.

I guess Mike and Todd want to join the fight and help close all those 'loop holes'! LMAO!

Next thing ya know, Todd will be on the witness stand again.

But here is the REAL reason: A loan from the state of New Mexico to open a Small Smiles there.

Click Here for the story.


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