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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey FORBA when are you going to put the FORBA clinic in Gary, IN on your site?!

FORBA is still not acknowledging they own, are in control or are associated with the Children's Medicaid Clinic in Gary, IN. Not sure why, since there are ads all over the Internet.

Let me help you:

Children's Medicaid Dental Clinic of Gary, LLC
3506 Village Court
Gary, IN 46408

I realize it may be hard to keep track since it has so many names according to the Indiana SOS's site:

Medicaid Dental
Children's Dental Clinic
Children's Medicaid Dental Clinic

...but come on... it's been there since May of 2002!!!

All you gotta do is check the provider lists and all your dentist who are providers at one clinic amazingly are also providers at the Gary clinic as well!  

I see you have EEHC, Inc registered there as well.