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Friday, May 23, 2008

Colorado Children a Bit Safer: Two DeRose's No Longer Torturing Them

Well it appears that children in Colorado are a tiny bit safer. Dr. Michael Anthony DeRose's Dental Licenses (Number DEN-5133) has retired those licenses to torture children at least in Colorado, not sure about other states and dad has let his licenses expire.

However if states are staying on top of things he shouldn't be allowed a licenses in any state! But so far, (and I'm sorry about this guys,) state Dental Boards are not exactly the sharpest bit in the drawer.

Now,ole, Ed, (the master mind behind the Torture Children For Medicaid Dollars Scheme) has let his licenses (
DEN-2931)in Colorado lapse. They expired in February and bless his heart, he didn't renew them. God Bless Us Every One.

HOWEVER::::::: There are still DeRose's in the dental community with active licenses in the state:

Louis A DeRose-Dentist-License number DEN-104507-Wheatridge, CO
Kerry Jean DeRose-Dental Hygienist-License number DH-201929-Pueblo, CO

Louis or Kerry seem to have any "actions" against them in Colorado at this time but I sure would be interested in what these two think of Ed and Michael, and most of all I'd like to hear how they've kept their names out of all of this, cause ole Dan sure hasn't!

Maybe Ed and Michael can head on over to Bahrain and open up some clinics, like in palace compound or something. Treat them'thar royal kids....

but be careful folks, William Mueller still has his licenses.... be on the lookout.