Friday, October 26, 2018

Smiles 4 Kids Dental Clinics Under Investigation in Washington State

Smiles 4 Kids is “managed” by Lone Peak Management Group (LPMG), located in Colorado. Tailwind Capital.  In January 2017, Tailwind Capital purchased a controlling interest in LPMG for $55M.  Waller Law Group represented LPMG.  In press releases at the time, it was stated LPMG had nearly 50 clinics in 12 states.  As of March 2018 I counted 59 clinics and 73 known business entities. But as always, I could be wrong. (smile)

Let me just say this is only the tip of the iceberg about this company.

Below is the excellent report, by Alison Grande, that aired October 25, 2018 on KIRO7 News.

Whistleblower: Local pediatric dental chain reusing disposable tools
By: Alison Grande
Updated: Oct 26, 2018 - 6:19 AM

The Washington State Dental Quality Assurance Commission is investigating after a whistleblower complaint accused a local pediatric dental chain of re-using dental tools.

Lisa Walker quit her job as the office manager at the Smiles 4 Kids at Allenmore Hospital in Tacoma after she says the dentist overseeing the businesses, Dr. Justin VanBibber, told her to re-use disposable Isolite mouthpieces.

"That we re-use the Isolites, he asked that I put them in the cold sterile and re-use them on patients and I refused," said Lisa Walker.

The Isolite Mouthpiece package is clearly labeled "Disposable. Do not re-use. Re-use can result in the transmission of infections, pathogens."

Isolite mouthpieces are used to keep the airway clear during a dental procedure. "It suctions out the blood, the saliva, pus, tooth decay, you name it -it keeps the airway free of debris," described Walker.
"The worry for my kids and it was my worry for all kids is that,  I mean we have hepatitis B, hepatitis C, there's HIV, I mean there's numerous numerous diseases and long-term illnesses that can be contracted through blood."

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