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Monday, August 02, 2010

Ohio Regional Manager Needed At FORBA - July 2010

One just has to love this post for a position with FORBA.  They are planning expansion and now needing regional managers...  Ok, whatever.

Regional Manager, OH

If anyone does apply be sure to ask about contract changes in their future.  Consider permitting an attorney look it over before you sign it, since they are famous for 'imprisoning' employees.  

Check out the Non-Compete section if any, you may be locking yourself out of a job within hundreds of miles if you find you do not like the job.  Then what will you do?  Will you have to uproot your family;  better think about it.

Look closely at any Confidentially Agreement, remember they may require you to keep secrets that should NOT be kept.
Be especially vigilant; watch out for any
Non-Disparagement clauses!  Not good!  I would say in most circumstances it is a gigantic red flag, and I would run like the wind.  It is like signing away your First Amendment right to free speech at a time where it could be the  most crucial.
Also, ask about the contract they are going to need you to sign where you have to answer to the government.  It is their Corporate Integrity Agreement, and it is a doozey.

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